Balthazar GALZI

Neuilly Sur Seine

En résumé

Dear recrutor,

My studies are ending very soon and I'll be available in July 2015 !

Ok I'm a rookie, Ok I have little experience in copywriting and Ok my professional portfolio is far from being full ! I'm not asking for the moon, just for more experience !
I know that positions are rare and applicants are too many, but if you're looking for a creative multi-tasks copywriter with absolutely no apprehension, then please, put my file on the top of the list ! Digital, print, radio or TV... Give me the briefing paper and I'll do magic !

Traffic manager, art director, creative director or human ressources officer, feel free to contact me for any further information.


Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet


  • MRM // McCANN - Concepteur-rédacteur

    Neuilly Sur Seine 2015 - maintenant
  • PUBLICIS MODEM - Junior Copywriter

    2014 - 2014 - Naming and design of the application (Carrefour App's).
    - Writing of various TV scripts.
    - Writing of articles for the Newsletter of Carrefour.
    - Concept and writing of various banners (statical and flash)
    - Writing for (anti-wasting column,cooking recipes column, NTIC column)
    - Writing of simple & co-branded emailings (World cup event - Start of the new school year - Carrefour bank and insurances - Vania - Le Petit Marseillais etc... )
    - Writing of several articles for Carrefour Winter & Autumn catalogue
    - Concept and design of entrance and exit Totems for the Carrefour stores.
    - Concept and wording of several posts for Carrefour's Facebook account and Nespresso's
    - Writing and concept of various ads for Carrefour's monthly catalogue.
  • Carrefour - Advertising manager- Training period

    Massy 2013 - 2013 -Advertising campaigns at 360° (TV, billboards, press, radio, internet…)
    -Following of the production with several agents (legal department, merchandises department, Publicis Modem, Havas, Gutenberg Network and Canal musique,
    -Studies about competitors and new communication means.
  • EmailVision - Marketing Assistant - Training period

    Clichy 2012 - 2012 - Marketing and Event management in several E-Marketing tradeshows
    E-Marketing 2012 Paris - E-Shop Expo 2012 Brussels - BeCommerce 2012 Paris
    - VIP Event management
    - Research and referencing across multiple websites
    - Updates of the corporate websites
    - Writing of press releases
    - Creation of marketing campaigns via Campaign Commander
    - Creations via Dreamweaver cs6
    - Updates and use of the CRM (
    - Translation of supports and presentations in English and French
  • ITS Group Bénélux - Assistant Account Manager - Training period

    2011 - 2011 - Phone callings and follow-up
    - Selection of candidates through various websites and recruiting platforms and appointments
    - Interviewing assistance with candidates
    - Appointments with clients and hot prospects
    - Updates of internal consultancy files
  • JC Decaux - Strategic Marketing Assistant - Training period

    Neuilly-sur-Seine 2010 - 2010 - Assistance in the drafting group for the internal newsletter of JC Decaux
    - Technical assistance of the launch of a new advertising billboard integrating a 2D barcode
    - Technological intelligence 2.0
    - Assisting the operational marketing (translations – drafting of sales pitch and powerpoints)
    - Survey creations on a specialized software (Askiavista)



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