En résumé

Dear all, I am a young Aerospace engineer (from the French National Aviation University —ENAC— (Toulouse).

Enjoying the field of aviation and aerospace, I have some working experiences in power systems and flight controls that I have detailed below.

At this moment I am working as a Electrical Flight Control Engineer for A380 on behalf of Airbus in Toulouse and I am willing to get a chance to work abroad for a while.

That's why an opportunity in Flight Controls or Power Systems for short or long term contracts will really interests me.


  • Aeroconseil - Electrical Flight Control systems Engineer of A380

    Blagnac 2012 - maintenant Updating standards of Electrical Flight Control Systems on A380 : Modification of functional books ( Side Stick, Pedals, Ailerons, EBHA ... ), writting new specifications, and test programs.
    Providing Airlines Customer services on Electrical Flight Controls.
  • Airbus - Engineering support for powerplant configuration

    Blagnac 2012 - 2012 The MAP powerplant team is responsible for the pylon, nacelle, engine and APU (Powerplant) of several Flight Test Aircrafts.

    During this internship I could provide engineering support to this team by developing two tools in VB language :

    - The first one dealing with propeller balancing of A400M
    - The second one was about with configuration management of A400M, A350 and A380's powerplant systems.

    This long term internship was the opportunity for me to get involved in a real mission dealing with power systems.
    I could learn a lot about engine and aircraft cockpits as much as I could develop some methods and communicative skills.


  • The University Of Texas At Austin (Austin)

    Austin 2011 - 2011 Aerospace Engineering
  • ENAC

    Toulouse 2009 - 2012 Ingénieur

    Techniques aéronautiques option automatique