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    Paris maintenant
  • HEC Paris Executive Education - Facilitator

    Jouy en Josas 2016 - maintenant Facilitating cross-cultural management workshops for executives
  • Educated Singles - Owner

    Nice 2013 - maintenant Owner and CEO of The Educated Singles Club. It is a global community for well-educated singles focused on networking, dating and socialising. You need to have at least a masters degree to join:
  • International School of Management - Professor

    2010 - maintenant Developing and carrying our cross-cultural courses for international MBA students
  • International University of Paris - Assistant Professor

    2007 - maintenant Teaching Strategic Human Resource Management for a culturally diverse group of MBA students
  • Gugin - Managing Partner

    2002 - maintenant I founded Gugin with the mission to help companies around the world achieving results through cultural diversity. We have over the years helped primarily large organisations with:

    • Organisational change Management
    • Cultural Change Programs
    • Post-Merger Integration
    • Cultural Due Diligence
    • Developing Motivation and reward systems

    Examples of Completed assignments:
    • Carried out the organisational integration of 4 IT departments when 4 banks merged in the Nordic countries in 2002. The assignments were to align policies, accelerate the integration of cultures and maintain operational momentum during the transition.
    • Acted as mediator in a multi million € French/Danish joint venture development project in the energy sector.
    • Developed and carried out cross-cultural management training programs for the global leadership Team of a very large US-based IT company.
    • Analysis of organisational effectiveness and developing action plans to improve performance in a number of different organisations.
    • Developed integration strategy for a US-based company after the acquisition of a European competitor.
    • Advised a very large global player in the Telecommunications industry on how to integrate a newly acquired competitor.
  • Computer Sciences Corporation , CSC - EMEA eBusiness Solutions Manager

    2000 - 2002 My responsibility was to bring EMEA wide CSC solutions to the marketplace. I did it by bringing the best practices together forming industry specific solutions.
    It was primarily a task of getting different cultures to work together and being able to understand and play the political game. I managed to build a very efficient team of Business Developers in the different countries. At the same time it was the objective to change the CSC organisation to an industry focus from a country/region focus. In that process we developed and implemented a new set of structures, roles/responsibilities, performance measures and lines of command.
  • Computer Sciences Corporation , CSC - Business Development Manager

    1998 - 2000 Headhunted to CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) to launch and boots CSC Financial Services Group in Denmark, a Management- and System Integration Consulting Practice within CSC. Within 3 years we managed to reach an annual turnover of +15 mill. €. My main objective was to create a high performance team of consultants recruited from the industry. The challenge was to grow the business and still be profitable. We formed an aggressive strategy based on thorough analysis followed by detailed implementation plans.
    The key issue was to develop a team spirit among a lot of new people with different kind of skills and values. I launched a value based appraisal system giving each team freedom to operate within the frame of our core values.
  • Arthur Andersen Business Consulting - Senior Manager

    St. Charles 1996 - 1998 I was headhunted to Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in the Financial Markets Services division with the responsibility to develop this division in Scandinavia.
  • Danish Payment Systems - Project Manager

    1993 - 1996 Continuing my job from IBM as project manager on the dankort system, securing the integration into the PBS organisation and the hand over to maintenance.
    Development Manager
    Initiated and successfully lead a major organisational and technological change management program.
  • IBM - Systems Analyst

    Bois-Colombes 1988 - 1993 Received training in software development, and participated in internal and external projects as software developer.
    Project director (Belgium) (European Banking)
    Director of a multinational and multicultural feasibility study on a common European Banking platform based on IBM technologies. I worked on a 11 months assignment to IBM La Hulpe, Bruxelles. I also started the IBM International Management Training in Belgium and finished in UK the following year.
    Project manager (Denmark) (Debit Card system (Dankort) for PBS)
    One of IBM's project managers on a very large and complex project for PBS (Danish Payment Systems) with several subcontractors in different countries.


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