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Experienced in management of project since 2002. Driven a project as whole of the activities, manager and team leader who effectively meets goals through strong leadership. Coordinate and represent the Owner’s team for Turn Over systems, good competences in quality control and quality acceptance, contract verification and contract control, document control and ensure contracting with outside Construction Company; good planner for any activities proven during commissioning period with a mining project. My career objective is to obtain an opportunity with an organization where i can contribute my expertise and experiences to the growth and profitability of the company.

Mes compétences :
Busness planning
Monitoring and evaluation
Project Management
Turn Over
Doc cotrol


  • Presidency of Madagascar - Head of pole in charge of Madagascar's Modernization Projects

    2019 - maintenant
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MinAE) - Inspector in charge of facilitation and advice, responsible for multi- sector economic activities

    2018 - 2019
  • Primature of Madagascar - Permanent Technical Advisor in charge of the Civil Protection/ MILITARY CABINET

    2015 - 2018
  • MISI Development - Director of technological Optimisation and innovation

    2015 - 2018

    2014 - 2014 • Provide support and resources to the Association or NGOs on the technical and institutional activities
    • Supports mutual aid and solidarity between associations and NGOs
    • Trainer CARO

    2014 - 2014  Development of a project in its whole (logical Setting, financial survey, technical survey)
     Inscription of the organism in the Commission European on line data base PADOR
  • National Assembly - Technical Advisor at the Vice President of the National Assembly

    2014 - 2014
  • • Promoting entrepreneurship and employment for youth and women youth for sustainable development an - Consultant

    2013 - 2013 Development of a guide for the assessment and monitoring for livelihood impacts with communities around protected areas and evaluation of the projects for the four projects, in both axes CAZ and COFAV

    • NODE Program
    • TAMS Project
  • AJDM " Youth Association for the Development of Madagascar " - Vice president

    2013 - 2018 • Promoting entrepreneurship and employment for youth and women youth for sustainable development and promote partnerships with agencies and local authorities / private sectors.
    • Ensure that all activities of the association contributes to the development of Madagascar in the economic, social and cultural issues in a spirit of solidarity;
    • Ensure implemented for the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural and historical heritage;
    • Assist the education, awareness and facilitation of the population for the preservation of the integrity of the environment and public health and education.
    • Assure association execution activities in works of charity and assistance
    • Ensure communication and negotiation between individuals and / or legal , private and / or public, national and international organizations and agencies
  • DMSA, (Sheritt, Sumitomo, SNC Lavalin, Kores) - Master Planner Logistic)

    2011 - 2013 • Planning and following up the entire order situation in terms of arrival date.
    • Following up the movement of the materials and update in the ERP system BAAN
    • Assure the distribution for Transport order and transit corresponding for each area coordinator in BAAN
    • Following up the critical order and up dated the information’s to the Big Manager
    • Optimize BAAN utilization for predict the orders supposed to be ready from Suppliers/in transit for 10 coming days for coordinator following up.
    • Provide a KPI report for transport logistic weekly update to the Logistic superintendent.
    • Liaison with other disciplines with respect to materials and equipment items to ensure on-time deliveries;
    • Coordinate and expedite the delivery of merchandise, equipment and supplies within a company so that schedule may be followed.
    • Work closely with Materials Controllers regarding receipts at project warehouse and ensure the update in the portal system.
    • Confer with supervisors or other personnel to assess progress and discuss needed changes.
    • Examine documents, materials, or products and monitor work processes to assess completeness, accuracy, and conformance.
    • Review documents, such as production schedules, work orders, or staffing tables, to determine personnel or materials requirements or material priorities.
    • Confer with establishment personnel, vendors, or customers to coordinate production or shipping activities and to resolve complaints and eliminate delays.

    2010 - 2011 • Signing-of for the final documents contract award.
    • Represent the company owner for provisional acceptance of all constructions.
    • Ensure that the construction follow strictly the terms of the contracts established.
    • Assign tips for classic or extra work on contracts according to the schedules provided
    • Participate in meetings for the construction or planning to ensure the execution of provisional acceptance or technique.
    • Providing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) weekly report to the TOP Manager
    • Review, verify and validate the documents final contract award from the contractor both administrative, technical or specific.
    • Coordinates the update of he database for the project into the WMS (Work Management System).
    • Manage the department with administrative services and coordination of all activities
    • Coordinating and ensuring attendance of participants during the field visit, inspect areas prior to the execution, comment on the work or assign the work to be redone.
    • Inspect the control (QA / QC) is performed by the contractor.
    • Ensure the file transfer final documentation center and update the database.
  • HFHMg (Habitat For Humanity Madagascar) - PROJECT MANAGER

    2009 - 2009 • Ensure contracting with outside Construction Company.
    • Main responsibility and monitoring of all project construction (home, road, infrastructure, bridge.....)
    • Ensures the development of project strategies,
    • Accountable for administration and management, plans and coordinates project activities as a whole, respect of the policies of the NGOS.
    • Provides and coordinates relations with local, regional and national and the ministries concerned
    • Promotion of partnership relations with other NGOs, private national and international
    • Develop quarterly reports, annual and semi-annual report and the final level of donor
    • Supports, advises, encourages and guides the staff to carry out their tasks
    • Organizes and Administrative Committee proposes measures to support activities
    • Oversees and ensures the smooth operations of each component according to predetermined plan.
    • Ensures the annual work plans and quarterly
    • Provides and prepares budgets for implementation and operation
    • Provides strategies for sustaining the project and the financial and managerial autonomy of each association
    • Organizes and ensures HFHMg with the implementation of final and mid-term evaluations.
  • ADRA / SMART PROJECT (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) - PROJECT DIRECTOR ASSISTANT

    2007 - 2009 • Development and implementation of the AW P
    • Management Responsibilities
    • Conduct accurate needs analysis, solve problems, assess technical capabilities, strategic planning, build & motivate teams, and manage projects development team and ability to conduct accurate needs analysis.
    • Coordinates and oversees all project activities (65 agricultural associations and associations crafts 10)
    • Planning and reporting (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) as the project schedule.
    • Data collection, processing, analysis and follow-up evaluation by SPSS
    • Host dialog local audience: Education - Entertainment - Support and Supervision of project beneficiaries on IEC / BCC (Information Education Communication and Communication for Behavior Change)
    • Supervises the activities of community workers (5 Technician Agriculture, 1 craft and 1 health)
    • Development of TORs for consultants and monitor the performance of their task

    2003 - 2007 • Development and implementation of the AWP of OMEF
    • Coordinates and supervises the activities of regional branches (9 branches in 9 Regions)
    • Personnel management
    • Surveys on employment and training, organizational surveys, sampling, analysis and treatment database
    • Identification of promising sectors for employment in the region
    • Socio-economic analysis and policy guidance for the development of the region
    • Designing and assembling projects (Business plannig), Management and Finance


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