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Sept 2015 - Today : Senior Buyer APO Renault Technocenter (78)

Electronic Supp-Office - EV2020: BMS/INVERTER/CHARGER22KW 2017-2021
Technical perimeter : Full BOM /Electronic and Mechanical components
Custom automotive, microc/p, PCBA, capacitor, resistor, transformer, mosfet, memories, relay, gate driver, power-module, connectors / EMS contracts for Industrialization.
Performance : 100M€ (Savings Make vs Buy 5 years) / Productivity each year

Thermal & Cooling system APO 2021 :
Technical perimeter : Climbox, Hvac, Compressor, Sensors, Boiler (XXXM€) Performance : 5,4% of TO

Multimedia & Switches APO 2019 :
Technical Perimeter : Displays, Clusters, Combi-switch, Switches (XXXM€)
Performance : 8% of TO

Body Electronics & Electrical Components APO 2017 :
Technical Perimeter : Bodycontrollers BCM, USM, EMM, Getaway (XXM€)
Performance : 6,5% of TO (EMM 16M€ / carry-back)


- Responsible in each perimeter for a strategic commodity of products for RNM worldwide. Lead all sourcing activities of my scopp and all economical negotiations towards suppliers until nomination. Manage RFI and RFQ for the Alliance group in collaboration with all functions: Program ; Project ; Engineering ; Cost Department ; Quality ; Logistic ; Manufacturing ; Legal department ; Suppliers, EMS

Build strong and efficient business relationship with suppliers as well as with internal core. Contributes and capitalize to the Panel and Commodity Strategy update of my scopp (ACM).
- Lead and Handle serial life and project phasis of all the products related to my scopp with all core process management : Contracts Management, Prices follow-up ; Full QCDDMSR ; Performance targets ; cost breakdown analysis (SQ sheet, BOM) ; Product modification management HW/SW ; Token amortization following ; Capacity and shortages management (rank-N) ; Production transfers ; Raw material ; Manufacturing ; Incoterm ; Transport ; Packaging ; Tooling ; CBM Currency and Take rates ; Legal (NDA) ; Audit ; Supplier Assessments ; ISO standards ; Manage all kind of issues or crisis impacting my parts (cybersecurity ; semi-conductor crisis ; covid19).

- Responsible of the Performance management on my strategic scopp ie. full QCDDMSR KPIs achievement in Mass Production & AfterSales / Monthly Performance reviews.
Improve my commodity performance by using all available leverages (MZK activity, COST, DESIGN2COST , Benchmark...).
Responsible of the performance consolidation for 1 transversal top 10 suppliers of the panel (Marelli) for body electrical including Nissan & Mitsubishi presented during bi-annual performance review at SAO level (mid-top management).
- APO ambassador developing network among the Alliance and all commodity buyers/counterparts abroad (UK, JAPAN, RUSSIA (LADA), KOREA (RSM)).

- Regarding Electronics suppliers, focus on productivities to boost the Performance, Gemba visit at suppliers location are planed if necessary. I have created a file with almost 4000 official offers from electronic suppliers, more than 100 consulted officially.

2014 - 6 months : Commercial Internship - Al Tayeb Engineering Company - Dubai

2012 - 2 months : Commercial Internship - Village Gifts - New York

2011 : Communication assistant - BNP Paribas Asset Management - Paris

2010 : Logistic MNT Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale - Paris


  • Galeries Lafayette Haussmann (75/2mois-Intérim)////Compagnie Al TAYEB ENGINEERING///BNP IP Banque(7 - Agent Administratif Relation fournisseur//Stagiaire BtoB,prospection///Assistant Moyen Généraux.

    2014 - 2014 Galleries La Fayette:
    Gestion relations fournisseurs
    Accueil des transporteurs et vérification des marchandises/ Gestion logistique/Contact direct Gestion livraison auprès des fournisseurs/création d'un planning périodique pour tous les fournisseurs.
    Al tayeb Engineering:
    Chargé de clientèle
    Accueil de clients/ Offres de devis/ Fidélisation d'un
    portefeuille client/Prospection physique et téléphonique ainsi que du mailing/Veille concurrentielle/Saisie de donnée/Facturation.

    BNP IP:
    Intervenant communication
    Mise e en place et gestion de la bonne circulation des informations et des consignes entre tous les collaborateurs/ Relai entre l'intranet de l'entité et tous les collaborateurs/ Débriefing sur l'utilisation de l'intranet pour chacun des collaborateurs (des centaines)
  • Société METRO////TRADCO FRANCE à Villeneuve (6mois-CDD) - Employé////Commercial

    2013 - 2013 Metro:
    Réassort de la marchandise/Accueil de clients/Facing


    Tradco France:
    Gestion d'un point de vente/Négociation des prix/Prospection physique et téléphonique/Prise de commandes auprès des clients par rendez-vous ou par téléphone
    Mairie de Gennevilliers
    *Collaborateur à l'AIDE A LA SCOLARITÉ (AS) pour la mairie de Gennevilliers (Toute l'année).
  • Compagnie VILLAGE G situé a New York (1mois)/////Carrefour france Sartrouville - Stage Commercial/////Caissier

    2012 - 2012 Village gift:
    Vendeur/Serveur à Manhattan 8st/4eAv



    Caissier pour CARREFOUR à Sartrouville (6mois-CDD).
    Gestion de la caisse et des têtes de gondole
  • AUCHAN - Employé

    Villeneuve-d'Ascq 2011 - 2011 Réassort de la marchandise/Accueil de clients/Facing



    Paris 2014 - maintenant Bachelor Responsable Marketing et Développement Commercial

    Paris 2014 - maintenant Bachelors Degree 3

    Responsable du Marketing et du Développement Commercial.
  • I.U.T Université Paris XIII

    Saint Denis 2012 - 2014 DUT Gestion Entreprise et Administration
  • IUT

    Ville D'Avray 2011 - 2012 DUT Genie Electronique Informatique Industrielle
  • Lycée Galilée

    Gennevilliers 2010 - 2011 BAC Scientifique

    Mentien Assez Bien-12.26


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