Jean-Claude PITCHO


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Développement commercial


  • Commerce Guys - VP Global Business Development

    Paris 2012 - maintenant Hired by the Founders of this fast growing open source e-commerce platform (35,000 sites WW, +1,000 per month) to start an e-commerce application Marketplace. Led cross-functional and cross-regional teams to design and implement new business model. Brought 25% of company revenue in year 1. Closed and managed global agreements with 30+ partners including brands like PayPal, Amazon, American Express and Rakuten as well as innovative upstarts such as Exactor, Nosto and Kiala.
  • Prestashop, Paris, France and Miami, US - Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development

    2011 - 2011 Steered this leading open source e-commerce platform (100,000 online stores, n°1 EMEA, n°2 WW) to implement an innovative revenue model and structure its sales organization, while coaching and training a team of 20 FTE.

    • Led the launch of 2 innovative suites of e-commerce advertising and support services.
    • Created a pipeline of 30 new international advertising contracts worth €0.7m in new revenue.
    • Increased by 50% the productivity of key partners such as PayPal or La Poste generating 80% of company advertising revenue; reduced by 30% the churn rate of the SaaS solution.
  • AtomiZ, Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan - Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development

    2008 - 2011 Drove global sales and business development for this multimedia software platform supplier to enter new geography markets and profitable verticals, and develop a global sales ecosystem.

    • Hunted and generated 50 business opportunities worth €8m in revenue in EMEA and Asia.
    • Launched a SaaS mobile video platform and penetrated the iPhone/iPad ecosystem.
  • Cambio, Paris, France - Founder and CEO

    2001 - 2007 Founded this Enterprise Cloud Solutions Provider, assembled and led an entrepreneurial team, co-patented an innovative cloud platform, obtained financing and later exited company.

    • Raised €0.5m in venture and government funding; secured 3-year cash flow financing facility.
    • Launched an innovative suite of 5 integrated enterprise productivity and telephony solutions.
    • Obtained €0.5m in recurring revenue (10% of local vertical) in 18 months.
    • Delivered 10x higher client value, 2x above industry revenue, 40% GM after 2 years.
    • With an MIT team in Boston, led 10 local VC pitches and won 1 MassHighTech article.
  • Axxon Telecom / Sonera, Paris, France and London, UK - Co-Founder and CEO

    1999 - 2000 Started up the French subsidiary of this Fixed Network Operator, recruited, coached and motivated a team of 50 direct reports in sales, marketing and technical operations, as well as a team of 100 Indirect Sales.

    • Aggressively acquired and retained 1,500 new enterprise clients (30% of Group total).
    • Launched and supported 5 telephony and data solutions. Led 20 local marketing events.
    • Recognized and quoted in 50 articles in leading global print and web publications.
    • Raised €50 million funding as the representative for France and positioned the firm for a sale.
  • RSL Com / Sprint International - Vice President, Sales and Business Development

    1997 - 1999 Developed this Fixed Network Operator, recruited, coached and motivated 10 Sales Managers in business development, sales operations, account and event management.

    • Aggressively grew business from 0 to €12 m and from 0 to 500 Indirect Sales Reps.
    • Closed innovative and profitable distribution and acquisition deals with market leaders such as Resadia, Vodafone and Teleport Marseille against FT, BT and AT&T
    • Built long term relationships with these leaders controlling 20% to 30% of their markets.
  • France Telecom Mobile Data / BellSouth Mobile Data - Sales Manager, Direct and Indirect Sales, Mobile Internet

    1993 - 1996 Formed, mentored, coached and directed a group of 7 Sales Managers to roll-out the mobile data enterprise platform deployed by this Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

    • Signed large enterprise contracts with early adopters such as Otis Elevators and Air Liquide that represented 120% of team quota and 65% of business unit order intake.
    • Represented client voice in the team that built a solution ecosystem in 5 industry verticals.


  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology MIT Sloan (Cambridge)

    Cambridge 2006 - 2007 MBA