En résumé

Quality Management ISO 9001 & ISO 13485
o Regional Harmonization & Standardization of Quality Documentation and Processes
o Internal and External Quality Audits
o Support of Management and Departments
o Ensure the implementation of policies for each country, participate in the development and harmonization of procedures
o Provide KPIs, identify dysfunctions, suggest improvement solutions and drive the action plan
o Work with professional syndicates perform official statements to the competent authorities
o Identify risks and incidents, coordinate the monitoring of actions
o Provide ad hoc trainings to support business
o Monitor the conduct of audits, and follow up the corrective actions
o Vigilance Support

• Environmental Affairs
o Hazardous Goods Safety Adviser

• Risk Management
o Company, Business and Project Risks
o Ensure Business Objectives are met
o Increase Company Value

• Health & Safety & Radiation Safety
o Regional coordinator(France & Belgium)
o Safety, prevention plan and working conditions
o Secretary of the Hygiene & Safety & Working Conditions council
o 5S Project Manager and support for Regional Repair Centre
o Trainings
o Establish the relevant policies in their area of expertise in respect with Olympus corporate governance, applicable laws and regulations:
 Follow up of legislation and regulatory changes within the National standard organizations and National Authorities
 National Product registration (NF-C 74 100)
 Implement those policies, follow up actions and monitor controls


  • Olympus France - Responsable Qualité / Personne Compétente en Radioprotection/Hygiène et Securite

    RUNGIS Cedex 2004 - maintenant
  • Secre Asteel Electronics - Responsable Amélioration Continue

    2003 - 2004 Support Amélioration Continue: Relais entre la Production, les Méthodes, les Achats et la Qualité
  • Adena technologies(Groupe Altran) - Ingénieur Consultant

    2000 - 2002 Ingénieur Consultant en mission chez Autoliv: Optimisation de process de fabrication par l'analyse de methode de contraintes mécaniques sur des process de fabrication de cartes électroniques d'airbag.