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Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Suivi des fournisseurs
Audit qualité
Contrôle non destructif
Contrôle qualité


  • Polaris industrie - EMEA Supplier Quality Engineer

    2012 - 2015 • Manage the supplier quality assurance for two companies - located in France - acquired by Polaris and report to our Quality Direction in US

    • 1st Plant: 20 M€; 100 employees; Electric Utility vehicles
    • 2nd Plant : 100 M€; 240 employees; free license cars

    • Select and evaluate potentials suppliers for the Group
    • Manage improvement activities of core suppliers for the Division
    • Manage Supplier quality and warranty issue for the Division
    • implement suppliers quality indicators : PPM & Nbr of incidents
    • Compile the suppliers performances monthly report
    • Implement supplier quality assurance procedures
  • Alstom - SQA Engineer

    Saint Ouen 2009 - 2012 • Plan, coordinate and conduct audits on-site supplier Steam Turbine and Generator
    • Conduct Qualification audit for new suppliers
    • Follow up of Suppliers action plan
    • Manage improvement activities of suppliers
    • Plan and supervise inspection on-site supplier, follow up of non-conformities and deviation
    • Participate in supplier kick off meeting to assure quality requirements are understood and implemented
    • Final inspection on-site supplier before dispatching to approve quality file according to inspection & test plan
    • Manage Progress Plan for Supplier Quality Department
  • Valeo - Ingenieur Qualité Fournisseur

    Paris 2005 - 2008 I worked with project manager for new components development and with buyers for re-sourcing projects by managing PQA activities to ensure the quality of components provided by suppliers to our production

    Monitoring of 25 suppliers localized in Europe and Asia , TO 20 M€; Portfolio: Fastening, Plastic, sintering, Turning, cutting and Machining

    • Select and evaluate potentials suppliers for the division
    • Define quality requirements and suppliers validation plan
    • Define and validate the quality assurance file with suppliers: APQP, control plan, FMEA,
    • Conduct on-site suppliers process Audit during Full Production Day
    • Validate Initial sample : dimensional report, material certificate, and Machine capability
    • Manage Suppliers Non-Conformance : Analyse rejected parts and notify the incident to suppliers, investigate on root cause and follow up the action plans (8D) implemented and validate their effectiveness
    • Follow up of supplier’s performance with buyers (Cost, Quality, Delivery time)
  • Valeo - Ingénieur Qualité Fournisseur

    Paris 2002 - 2005 Monitoring of 17 suppliers localized in Europe and Asia , TO 10 M€; Portfolio: machining, casting, forging, stamping, plastic and cutting;

    • Manage Suppliers Non-conformance : follow up of action plans and monitored daily quality meeting with production
    • Conduct on-site supplier process audit during Full Day Production, Validate Initial Samples
    • Compile the weekly and monthly report and present it to the Purchasing Director and to the Division Manger
    • Acting SQA Manager for one year
    • Implement supplier quality assurance procedures