Khanitha BOURDEL


En résumé

I am currently looking for a job in London.
I'll be available from September because I am still studying in a private flight attendant school in France at the moment.

Most of my work experience has been in customer service including jobs at Mc Donald's, DisneyWorld and in a movie theater but I have also worked as a hostess in various events and as a model for French clothing brands.

I am mostly interested in working in local establishments such as coffee shops, tea salons also at the airport but I am open to all sorts of offers.
If you are holding an event and are looking for a hostess, please don't hesitate to contact me as well.

If you are looking for a great person to complete your team, please let me know and I will forward my resume to you.

Mes compétences :
Administration de bases de données
Travail en équipe
Étude de marché
Prospection internationale


  • UGC - Movie theater agent

    Neuilly-sur-Seine 2015 - maintenant RECEPTION
    Ensured the comfort and safety under Vigipirate plan
    > Ticketing: sales promotion, unlimited cards creation and UGC customer loyalty
    > Hall: clients reception, flow management (entry & exit points), access control, assistance to persons with disabilities, rooms cleaning & regular checking of toilets

    > 2 points of sale, UGC promotion
    > Merchandising with safety and hygiene standards, inventory management
  • La Case à Vanille - Frédéric Chaix Maître vinaigrier - Assistante Commerciale Export - Domaine "Alimentation"

    2015 - 2015 La Case à Vanille is specialized in vinegars and Bourbon vanilla. Every products are naturals (traditionaly made, coloring and preservative free) and they are produced with fruits and spices from Madagascar or Reunion Island (Turmeric, Bourbon vanilla, Kaffir lime...) but also with classic flavors (Raspberry, fig, truffle...)

    Intership (products - BtoB and BtoC):
    > International development of the range of handmade vinegars in Europe, USA and South America
    > Participation at export conferences and international trade fairs
    > Business development strategy on determined geographical areas
    > Prospection and management of clients portfolio
    > Website management
    > Staff recruitment: job description, candidates search, interview
    > Translation of brochures, labels and technical datasheets
    > Search for potential buyers and sales representatives
    > Order management and dispatch of samples
  • Central Test - Chargée d'Affaires - Domaine "Psychologie du travail"

    Paris 2014 - 2015 Central Test offers psychometric tests which are used by organizations, recruitment and job agencies, universities, career centers, and individuals for their career orientation and self-assessment.

    Intership (services - BtoB):
    > Distribution project on the international market
    > Sales process on the Hispanic market
    > Commercial prospection actions
    > Establishment of potential prospects database
    > Documents drafting and translation for Hispanic customers
    > Price study on South America for the new price list
    > Survey market on Mexico
    > Competitive watch
  • Disney - Merchandiser (International College Program)

    Chessy 2014 - 2014 I worked at EPCOT Future World South East in 4 different stores: Test Trak, Pin Central, Club Cool and Mission Space.
    It was my first summer work abroad where I shared my culture with people from all over the world, I practiced mainly English and Spanish, but sometimes French and Japanese!
    It allowed me to improve my communication skill, to be more confident and to be in contact with international customers.
    This enriching experience will stay unforgettable and allowed us to truly appreciate our own good fortune!
    Cashier: American computer system, customers retention (Disney Visa, DVC...)
    Commercial advisor: reception and interaction with the guests,
    Inventory management on 4 different stores (with pick list), independent work
    Sales promotion hostess
  • Festival Animasia - Hôtesse d'accueil VIP

    2013 - 2013 Reception and issuance of badges to the Guests
    Cloakrooms management
    Waitress: buffet and wine services
  • McDonald's Corporation - Employée polyvalente caissière

    guyancourt 2013 - 2013 Cashier: order taking and fast food computer system
    Waitress: table service (SAT), team work
    Wash dishes and restaurant cleaning



    Bordeaux 2017 - maintenant This certificate is necessary in order to work as a Flight Attendant for airlines.

    Theoretical (112h) + Pratical (35) training:
    - Flight theory (general knowledge and aviation regulations)
    - Meteorology
    - Use of emergency equipment and procedures
    - Firefighting procedures
    - Survival on the ground and in water
    - Medical and First Aid knowledge
    - Pratical CPR and use of DSA
    - Dangerous goods modul
  • Université Bordeaux 3 Montaigne

    Bordeaux 2014 - 2015 "Développement International de la PME-PMI"

    Include subjects such as:
    -International strategic approaches
    -International Negotiations
    -International Management
    -International economy
    -International right
    -International marketing
    -Foreign languages: English, Japanese and Spanish
  • Université Bordeaux 3 Montaigne LEA

    Pessac 2012 - 2014 Anglais-Japonais

    - English (the language learning - reading, writing, listening and speaking - and Anglophone civilisation)
    - Japanese (the language learning - reading, Chinese writing, listenong ans speaking - and Japanese civilisation)
    - Economy
    - Public and private rights
    - Marketing
    - Sociology
    - Computer courses