Laurent HEYER


En résumé

Former French Navy officer, capable of coordinating / managing projects, specilized in minewarfare, various diving types and subsea intervention by ROV. Skilled in navigation, operations and safety at sea.
Now working as Offshore manager / Shift supervisor in Bourbon Subsea Services for Esso Angola:
- onboard Installation Maintenance and Repair vessel
- with 2 work class ROV
- supervising various operations as: well jumper installation, subsea module replacement, general visula survey

Mes compétences :
Management d'équipe
Acoustique sous marines
Chef de service


  • Bourbon - Offshore Manager / Shift Supervisor

    Paris 2014 - maintenant Working for ESSO / EXXON on Block 15 in Angola. Installation of Production or Water Injection Jumpers, Internal Tree Caps and Flying Leads. Inspections and Commissioning. Working with Cameron and GE / Vetco equipments, and Oceaneering ROVs.
  • Bourbon - ROV project coordinator

    Paris 2014 - 2014 Schilling HD & UHD ROV Service for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Operations onboard BOURBON EMERALD.
    ROV project coordination included: procurement, logistics, ROV maintenance, spares and tooling, crewing and full involvement in contract and Client Satisfaction Chain.
  • Marine Nationale - Officier

    Paris 2000 - 2014 Bridge, Operations and Mine Warfare Officer, Mixed-gas clearance diver, Hyperbaric center supervisor, ROV & Atmospheric Diving Suit intervention manager, Scuba Diving Auditor, Headquarters Project Officer


  • École De Plongée Marine Nationale

    Saint Mandrier 2002 - 2003 Officier de guerre des mines

    plongée, déminage, direction de chantier sous marin, détection sous marine, acoustique sous marine
  • Ecole Navale

    Lanveoc Poulmic 1997 - 2000 Ingénieur

    Chef de service, chef de quart, navigation, manœuvre, théorie du signal, mécanique des fluides
  • Ecole Navale

    Lanveoc Poulmic 1997 - 2000


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