Laurent HUBERT


En résumé


30 years of experience in “mechanical activities”,
22 years for OIL & GAS ACTIVITIES.


* General Management of Fabrication plant and Port/Marine Activities
* Oil & gaz EPCI Contracts: onshore plants, offshore platforms, FPSO &
subsea oil field implementations.
* Global Maintenance Contract, offshore platforms (On site: Angola).
* Main Maintenance Contracts (in gas liquefaction entities: Algeria).
* Manufacturing and delivery of pumps and parts of turbines and compressors
from several suppliers (for platform as Cobo, Girasol, Dunbar, …)
* Manufacturing and delivery of complete brake systems for train-sets like TER, EOLE,
tramways, and lot of projects all over the world.


SAIPEM - PETROMAR Angola: 2018 - Present
SVITZER (MAERSK Group) : 2016 - 2018
Self-Employed : 2015 - 2016
SULZER POMPES France, SULZER Group : 1998 to 2002
SAB-WABCO (Westinghouse) CARDO Group : 1990 to 1998

Mes compétences :
Subsea Umbilicals
Offshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Platform
ISO 900X Standard
Capital Expenditures
vessel management
equipment design
Supply Chain
Purchasing coordination
Project Management
Onshore Plant
Onshore Oil & Gas
Oil Field
Management of factory and projects
Implementation of a new integrated software and me
HP Server Hardware > HP 9000 Servers
Forklift Trucks
Flexible Risers
Direction générale
Business development


  • Saipem - PORT MANAGER

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2018 - maintenant AMBRIZ PORT MANAGER - PETROMAR (ANGOLA)

    Development from scratch of the commercial activities of Ambriz Private Port, including business Plan, obtaining legal authorizations, seeking clients: First step turnover: 3M USD/year.
    In charge of Business development of Petromar, Turnover 120M USD/year, liaising with clients such as TOTAL, BP, CHEVRON, EXXON, SONANGOL…

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2016 - 2018 General Manager of SVITZER ANGOLA (MAERSK Group).

    Directeur General de SVITZER Angola

    General Manager of SVITZER in Angola (biggest SVITZER Operation Worldwide)
    Ensuring Safe dynamic escorting of Angola-LNG Tankers (Soyo), through Congo
    River (most difficult technical environment for this kind of operations).
    -Taking care of Kwanda Base vessel and barges movements.
    -Ensuring Safe Static tow in Cabinda for CABGOC (Chevron) for SBM loading
    -P&L Responsible and accountable with around 30M USD Turnover per Year.
    -100 Positions spread on a 11 vessels fleet: including 5 off 80T Bollard pull Tugs for about 230 Tug movements per year.
    -Team of 17 positions onshore covering Operations, Technical, Marine Standards, HR, Crewing, Purchases, and warehouse implementation.
  • Self Employed Consultant - Oil and Gas, Construction, Operations and Logistics Expert consultant Services

    Mumbai 2015 - 2016 -Establish the operations and logistics strategy and procedures for Oil and Gas in Africa (Ghana, Angola, Algeria, Egypte…), Middle East, Iran and India.
    -Engineering of sub-contracts and/or Frame agreements with local actors, such as Agent, local authorities for all oil and Gas activities, such as: Yard implementation, importation of equipment and vessels, berthing, bunkering, crew changes, etc…
    -Costs reduction targets for the Logistics and operations.
    -Pre-Engineering of construction yard implementation
    -Pre-Engineering of Oil and Gas site Maintenance
  • Technip - Directeur Division Projets (Angoflex-Angola)

    Paris 2011 - 2015 Angoflex (Technip group) Lobito Umbilical Manufacturing Unit: 245 employees
    (1 to 2% Expats), 53000m² site, 200KM of umbilical production capacity:
    - Projects Division Director of the plant, Deputy Plant-Manager:
    -in charge of : All Projects Management & Administration (Pazflor, Block 18, CLOV, Girri...), Risks, Human ressources, Client, all HSE and quality results (Lean 6 sigma, 5S, NCR, ISO 9001 & 14001).
    -Management of complex work activities of the factory and projects planning
    -Cost Control (OPEX, CAPEX, Projects), factory budget, margin and forecast.
    -In charge of CAPEX (USD 5M per year)
    -Supply chain: all Purchases, Sub-contracts, Transport, Import, Customs, ... of
    all Raw Materials, Equipments, ...for approx. USD 75M per year
    -Integrated It system (1000 items, 3000 purchase orders per year)
    -Stocks & Stores (20.000 m²), means (cranes, forklifts), loading/offloading, vessel, 100 seafreights and 200 airfreights per year
    -Re-export, expedition of products, mob/demob.
  • Technip - Lead Logistics Manager - Region A

    Paris 2009 - 2011 Subsea operation Department, Region A, is in charge of all Operations and
    Project activities going on in Mediterranean, Africa, Middle-East, Pakistan and India.

    - Responsible of the Logistics Section of the Operations Department, managing
    all Logistics Managers, Engineers, Coordinators and Project yard Managers
    (15-20 pax). In charge of the efficiency and homogenization of the Logistics
    activities, Engineering, procedures and sub-contracts in the Technip Subsea
  • Technip - Deputy Project Operations Manager (Angola-Ghana-India)

    Paris 2006 - 2011 In Parallel:
    Oct. 2010 – April 2011
    PAZFLOR Project (Angola), Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Connection
    of 230Km of flexible and rigid pipelines (Umbilicals, flowlines and risers)
    offshore Angolan coast in 1200m water depth.
    DALIA UTH Repair project, Fabrication of a spare Dalia umbilical, recovery,
    repair of old umbilical in 1800m depth. (March and April 2011)
    - Deputy Project Operations Manager and responsible of financial issues.
    - Engineering, set-up and management in country of logistics Package for the
    PAZFLOR and Dalia UTH project (900MEUR], on the 3 Angolan sites Dande
    (for Rigid pipes, Luanda for operations and Lobito (for umbilicals)

    June 2009 – Sept 2010
    JUBILEE Project (Ghana), Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Connection of
    75Km of flexible and rigid pipelines (Umbilicals, flowlines and risers) offshore
    Ghanaian coast in 1700m water depth.
    - Deputy Project Operations Manager and responsible of financial issues.
    -Engineering, set-up and management in country of logistics Package for the
    first Technip’s offshore deep water project in Ghana (450MEUR): All subcontracts,
    Agency services, Import/Export/clearances (vessels & equipments),
    crew-changes (1000 pax), husbandry, transportation of people and equipments,
    port activities, yard/storage, warehouse, local accommodations (guesthouse,
    hotels), local works, security issues…

    March 2007 –June 2009
    Deputy Operations Manager / Logistics Package Manager (Paris then INDIA from Dec. 2007):
    MAD 6 Project phase 1 & 2, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Connection
    of 60Km of flexible pipelines (Umbilicals, flowlines and risers) offshore east
    coast of India in 1400m water depth.
    - Deputy Project Operations Manager and Responsible of financial matters.
    -Engineering, set-up and management in country of the overall logistics
    Package for the2 firsts Technip’s major offshore deep water projects in India
    (400MEUR): All sub-contracts, Agency services, Import/Export/clearances
    (vessels & equipments), crew-changes (1800 pax), husbandry, transportation of
    people and equipments, port activities, yard/storage, warehouse, local
    accommodations (guesthouse, hotels), local works, security issues…

    Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2007
    EXXON-MOBIL Projects: Kizomba C (Angola, 200M USD), Zafiro (Equatorial
    Guinea), Avouma (Gabon): Supplies of Flexible risers and flowlines
    - In charge of all logistics and linked financial issues on Exxon-Mobil projects
    - Import/export of equipments with set-up of correct associated documentation
    - Interface between all parties such as Agent, customer, suppliers, authorities
    - On site Mobilizations / Demobilization of vessels, equipments, engineers, …
  • Technip - Supply Chain Manager (Angoflex - Angola)

    Paris 2006 - 2006 Purchasing coordination of ANGOFLEX (3 sites in Angola) ;
    - Negotiations with local and international suppliers ;
    - Implementation of integrated commercial software on the 3 Angolan sites
    - Set-up of the telecom/data link between all the local sites/plants.
    - Replacements of the Country Logistics Manager (10 locals):
    Import/export of equipments for Technip projects, Meet and Greet, crew-
    changes, visas, local transportations (crews, visitors, equipments,...), local
    maintenance, negotiations with local authorities, Security Manager in country.
  • Technip - Logistics Package Manager (Luanda - Angola)

    Paris 2004 - 2006 Dalia UFL Project (Block 17, Offshore 1500m Water depth Angola,
    700M USD): EPIC of 100km of flexible and rigid pipelines.
    Overall Logistics Engineering, Based in Angola from August 2005, to finalize
    set-up and launch operations.
    - In charge of the overall engineering and set-up of the logistics issues (telecoms,
    accommodations, agent services for crews and for equipments, …)
    - Management of all equipment movements,
    - Coordination of all vessels movements (up-to 7 vessels and 5 barges),
    - Vessels services (waste, fuel, water,…).
    - Crew changes (50 pax/week during 8 months).
    - Replacements of the in Country Logistics Manager
  • Technip - Contract Engineer & Deputy Project manager

    Paris 2003 - 2004 SAIPEM: KIZOMBA B, supply of flexible pipelines
    - In charge of all the contractual phases of projects (60M USD) regarding
    customers, suppliers as well as their implications and consequences.
    - Involved in all technical phases and in writing and managing sub-contracts
    including the attached clauses and documents.
    - Responsible of the financial progress, budget, margin of the whole project.
  • Saipem - Senior Project Manager

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2002 - 2003 TOTAL Block 3: 180 000 BOPD (4 platforms, 11 drilling satellites and a FSO).
    - In charge of Global Maintenance Contract (CSTOR: 9 M Dollars per year:
    30% local Turnover) of TOTAL Block 3.
    - Management of 160 people (including 35 expatriates)
    - Manager of all the internal and external actions at onshore or offshore sites,
    - Implementation of the local content (trainings, works, procurement, crew
    - International Purchase on behalf of customer, Import & Export
    - Guarantor of all the contractual clauses: Technical, planning, financial and
    active to obtain extra works and variation orders.
    - Responsible of the reporting to the headquarter
  • SULZER POMPES France - Project Manager

    1998 - 2002 Project Manager, maintenance contracts of industrial sites.
    - Responsible of a turnover of 5 MEUR/year (40% of the services department
    turnover), with dedicated team (8 people):
    - In charge of services contracts including equipment trainings, servicing,
    maintenance engineering, repair, spares parts, stock management (for process
    pumps and rotating equipment in nuclear plants, oil platform, refineries in
    Algeria, Guinea, China…)
    - Controlling all actions on sites in Algeria, Guinea, Iran, Croatia, Toronto,
    - Implementation of a new integrated software and member of the world IT
    team (training for all softwares, Hot Line, interventions)
  • SAB-WABCO - Project Manager

    1994 - 1998 Engineering, Fabrication of complete sets for trains' brake systems.
    - Responsible of the sales and contracts all over the world (Sudan, Greece,
    Indonesia, United-states...), of train-sets brake systems, compressors, wheels,
    doors..., made in France, England, Italy, Suede...).
    - Interface between customer and the sister ;
    - Responsibility of a turnover around 15 M EUR/Year (30% of dept. Turnover). ;
    - Responsible of the margin, quality, production, planning, and after sales
    (ISO 9001).
  • SAB-WABCO - System administrator

    1990 - 1994 Mechanical Engineering & IT April 1990 - Jan. 1994 Engineering, Fabrication of complete sets for trains' brake systems.
    -Mechanical Engineer: Responsible of the development of brake systems and
    equipment design, validation of prototypes, methods for manufacturing, brake
    - IT Network system administrator, UNIX (10 units HP 9000), development of
    ISO 9001 procedures.