Manuela BESSON


En résumé

After completing a research master degree in Immunology and infectious diseases, I decided to obtain a Master's degree specialized in “Health Management: health industry” in order to acquire the dual skills: Scientific/Management-Marketing.

Today I am a specialist PMO for Thales. I keep improving my compentencies and skills.

Mes compétences :
Project management
Molecular biology
Microsoft Project


  • ECP - Euro Contrôle Projet - Senior Project Management Consultant

    Aix-en-Provence 2017 - 2019 First mission:

    I defined the structure and fine tuned a new activity planning tool for my clients. I then trained all of them on how to use it and made available a dashboard to compile KPIs.

    Second mission:
    -Create and follow projects planning (Primavera)
    -Update cost files, prepare meetings and PPT for Works Cost at Completion presentation (GALA)
    -Identify, evaluate and follow risks with team project (ARM)
    -Create project WBS
    -Create project Task directive
    -Produce communication supports
  • MI-GSO - Project Management Consultant

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2016 - 2017 Consultant at STELIA R&T department:

    -Quality manager for R&T department
    -Active participation to government financed projects
    -Deploy MS Project as the unique planning tool for new
    -Support teams on all project management axes (cost,
    planning, risks)
    -Coaching mission to help a team member acquire new
  • MI-GSO - Project Management Consultant

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2014 - 2016 A330 NEO: drawing set management.

    - Manage the drawing sets from input reception to the officialisation (respecting Airbus released process; using intern PDM tool).
    - Manage weekly schedule review with all stakeholders (design office; manufacturing; drawing sets supplier).
    - Generate Scurves and engineering KPI every week to monitor team activities.
    - Identify risks linked to the activities in order to mitigate them.
    - New tools team training.
    - Facilitate the communication between teams.
  • MI-GSO - Project Manager Officer

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2012 - 2014 -Consultant for Airbus at the Avionics and Simulation products department.

    -2012-13: work within AMO-TC team (Aircraft Model Transnational Coordination is a structure allowing to coordinate the various models of simulation developed by Airbus or suppliers) and for Series programs (ATR/Wide body (A300-310)/ Single Aisle /New Engine Option (NEO, A320 Family)/Long Range (A330-340)/ Large Aircraft (A380).

    -2013: work within AMO-TC team and for simulation platforms.

    1- General management:

    -Create, update and follow actions’ files
    -Update organization documents (Work Breakdown Structure, list of the stakeholders, communication plan)
    -Produce and update supports for reporting

    2- Schedule management:

    -Create and follow project and program planning (UP, MSProject)
    -Create Master schedule for reporting
    -Create and manage interdependencies and interfaces
    -Generate KPI to follow project advancement
    -Prepare support for MBR (Monthly Business Review): collect, structure and organise data

    3- Risks management:

    -Help project team to identify, evaluate and follow risks that could impact their results.
    -Organize and monitor associated action plans

    4- Cost management:

    -Follow cost evolution (actuals + committed evolution each month compare to the baseline)
    -Follow CAPEX budget
  • Centre E-santé de Toulouse - Project Manager (6mois)

    2011 - 2011 Responsible of the feasibility study for the creation of an observatory specialized in strategic monitoring in the E-health’s field

    1- Project planning and control :

    -Realize WBS to structure project into phases and tasks
    -Produce GANTT chart with Microsoft Project to display tasks in time and highlight the critical milestones
    -Create risk file to identify, evaluate, priorize them and follow associated action plans
    -Calculated the estimated project cost


    -Identify and contact companies work informations in E health sector
    -Develop interview guides
    -Analysis of the carried out talks
    -Elaborate reports for partner

    3 - management

    -Tasks allocation between team members
    -Conflicts management
    -Maintain the motivation and the implication of the team members
  • ORFAGEN - Product Manager (6mois)

    2011 - 2011 Marketing manager in charge of the launch of two new orphan drugs for the European and American markets.

    1- Strategic marketing:

    -Business and technical sales intelligence
    -Market analysis
    -Define and propose communication’s tools

    2- Operational marketing:

    -Design and realize patient’s booklets and product brochure
    -Elaborate training manuals for medical representatives
    -Propose a website structure
  • INSERM - Research in laboratory (12 mois)

    PARIS 13 2008 - 2009 Training subject: Study of the mechanism of presentation of the nucleotidic antigens for their recognition by the Vgamma9Vdelta2 T-cells.

    Course supervisor: Mr. CHAMPAGNE (

    Use of laboratory tools and methods:
    - Cellular culture
    - Cytometry in flow
    - ELISA test
    - Microscopy confocale
    - DNA, RNA extraction
    - Exon chip