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Passionate about the middle of the business, I wishes to take up new challenges.

Through my background in different areas, I have acquired significant experience in the field of production systems, but also in continuous improvement and lean management. Today I wish to share my knowledge in an environment closely related to this medium. I want to invest myself with a dynamic organization in a challenging work environment where I can make a difference and put my skills to the business service.

Motivated, dynamic, conscientious and responsible, I would be happy to present you more detail my skills and motivations.


Mes compétences :
Lean Manufacturing
Analyse de la valeur
Méthode de Résolution de Problèmes
Visual Management
Microsoft Office Professional 2010
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Powerpoint
5 S
Microsoft Office Excel
Amélioration continue
5 Why
8 D
Conduite du changement
Lead management


  • Daher - Site Manager

    Paray-Vieille-Poste 2019 - 2020 - Management of a team of 70 people
    - Relationship and Trade Negotiation, Quotation & Invoicing.
    - Ensure the financial performance of the site by analyzing the P&L(+4.2%EBIT)
    - Support for the deployment of the Operational Excellence Strategy
    - Management of Continuous Improvement Projects Logistics
    - Support to the development of the implementation of the Logistics Platform.
  • Lohr - Production & Lean Manager

    Hangenbieten 2014 - 2019 - Management of a team of 60 people and pilotage of the production.
    - Reduction of military production costs by 30% (effective, time) and reduction of non-conformities by 50% in terms of assembly / welding.
    - Design and implementation of a production management file linked to a skills matrix, workstations priorities and ergonomics.
    - Creating and training of Lean module and Lean Synthetic Booklet.
    - Lead time reduction and improvement of the flow using VSM by implementation Kanban, JAT, One Piece Flow; and eradicating the MUDAS, order to achieve the Takt Time (+ 25% efficiency).
    - Deployment, Training and Improvement of the MES.
    - Improving of productivity and working conditions and reduction of production costs by 35%, order to achieve the Time Range. (+780k€).
    - Creation and implementation of working standard, manufacturing process, Chrono analysis and template improvement. (+150k€).
    - Design and improvement of the TRG indicator (+ 4%) of the robots by the TPM and the time tracking by the Visual Management of Maintenance 1st level (-35%), Reduced tool change times via the SMED (-30%), animation 5S workshop and audit (-18%) and finally reduction of the lot sizes by setting up the kanban, in order to smooth the production. (+ 75k€).
    - Design and implementation of a management system of Daily Process, in adequacy with the job descriptions.
    - Improved visual management by the implementation of management indicators by performance "SQCDM" at all hierarchical levels.
    - Improvement ascending / descending communication and the reactivity by implementation a Gemba Walk in adequacy with the SQCDM requirements.
  • Labeyrie - Methods Engineer

    Saint-Geours-de-Maremne 2012 - 2013 - Integration of continuous improvement tools and of the method 8D.
    - Improvement visual management and the reactivity, by implementation of visual management tools and monitoring indicators, of maintainability and quality of production (TPM, OEE, RMA, Pareto).
    - Improvement of level of hygiene, through the design of a matrix of indicators for audits of cleaning, as well as a FMEA of Criticality.
    - Kaizen Gemba workshops: Quality improvement by design of standard working on control of initial state machine.
  • MARS France - Industrial Engineering (apprentice)

    2009 - 2012 - Support the Lean Manager for the implementation of management system to improve communication (indicators, dashboard).
    - Gemba Kaizen workshops: 30% reduction in production incidents, improving knowledge of employees in terms of diagnostic technique, organization and quality of production.
    - Design of standard working, Diagram SOP, Sheet of Technical diagnosis, 5S standards, training module and evaluation and implementation of training.
  • ELECTRICITE DE STRASBOURG SA - Technical Assistant of Engineer (apprentice)

    Strasbourg 2007 - 2009 - Establishment of a working method and a logical classification process, organization for meetings, deployment and training of user to an contract optimization software.
    - Design a marketing brochure with the cost reductions related to the reduction of energy costs and using new lighting technology.
  • TRW - Maintenance Technician (traineeship)

    Longvic 2007 - 2007 - Improving the efficiency of the transfer system between two machines and design of functional and technological SFC, improved PLC program, realization of electrical schematics and implementation
    - Design a test bench for the calibration of pyrometers.
  • MECATHERM - Technician in Electricity (traineeship)

    2006 - 2006 - Installation of electrical equipment and pneumatic



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