Marie-Rose ATCHAMA


En résumé

Marie-Rose Atchama was born in Reunion in november 1952. She lives and works in Paris.
To create his artistic universe she juggles with fantasy and reality by bringing a touch of madness in his creations. She draws its imagination in the abstract, symbolic and spiritual. The spiritual surrealism comes spice up his world just as much on the pictural plane as scriptural.
Artist multi-disciplinary. Painting-Writting- Creation of Mosaïc- Party games- Sculpture.
- Prix Michel Angelo 2008 " Asso Italia in Arte nel Mondo Brindisi"
-Prix Raffaello Sanzio 2014 " Asso Italia in Arte de Brindisi"
"Maestro d'Arte Associato Onorario e Benemerito 2014" -Ass italia in Arte de Brindisi.
Sociétaire chez les Artistes Indépendants
-Maison des artistes:,2117.html
- Création de jeux de lettres :Maison des Auteurs de jeux de Nice
Jeu Drasit:
2017 Premio Internazionale: les Bronzi di Riace - Italia in Arte nel Mondo Brindisi Italie
Critique d'art 2018
2018 Premio artistico la Coppa nel Mondo - Accademia Il Marzocco di Firenze Italie
2018 Prix Pablo Picasso
2019- Interview -Atchama avec la journaliste Caroline Canault
2019- Prix Leonardo da Vinci - Accademia il Marzocco di Firenze


  • Atchama - Artiste-Peintre autodidacte, écrivain

    2002 - maintenant Artiste Peintre aux multiples facettes - Ecriture- Peinture- Sculpture- Mosaïque- Jeux de Société