Maxime MORIN


En résumé

I am currently part of the International Incident Intelligence (i3) a 365/24/7 FireEye iSight team. Performing technical threat analysis (Malware analysis, etc.). I am also currently participating in the international radare2 project which is an open-source reverse engineering framework and commandline tools. I give workshops on this tools around the world like in Las Vegas, Johannesburg, Paris for various ITSec conferences.

I was previously ITSecurity Consultant at itrust consulting ( from 2013 to 2016 This period included:
- A part-time at itrust consulting s.a.r.l //\\ for various mission mostly focused on Penetration Tests, including the full workflow: pre-sales, project/team management, technical work/analysis, R&D/dev to improve capabilities of the team, meetings with the customers.
- A part-time at the European Commission (DIGIT) focused on Incident Response including forensic, malware analysis, R&D/dev to improve capabilities of the team.

I got a DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) in IT obtained at the Institut Universitaire (IUT) de Belfort-Montbéliard in 2013.

In 2012, I initiated and coordinated a project called "HackGyver". This hackerspace located in Belfort is a Collaborative work space. It's a place where members can gather to develop various project around technology. The goal of the space is to allow exchange and cooperation as well as vulgarization to a large audience.

Mes compétences :
Shell scripting
Conseil Sécurité,Stratégie et Organisation des SI
Malware Analysis
Protocol Analysis
Agile Development
X86 Disassembly
Web Development/ Web Programming
X86 Assembly
Social engineering


  • FireEye - Senior Incident Intelligence Analyst

    2016 - maintenant Part of the International Incident Intelligence (I3) a 365/24/7 team.
    I am responding to diverse threats for leading commercial and government organisations globally.

    ▪ Perform Malware analysis
    ▪ General technical threat analysis
    ▪ Track customer requests from start to finish and engage with customers directly
    ▪ Create custom technical tools as needed (e.g. scripts, customisation of existing open-source projects, etc.)
    ▪ Provide some level of off-hours support for customer requests on a rotating basis
    ▪ Create internal and external reports on all analysis performed
  • Itrust consulting s.à r.l. - Leader of IT Security Team and Partner

    Niederanven 2013 - 2016 At itrust consulting s.a.r.l //\\
    ▪ Malware analysis
    ▪ Forensics analysis
    ▪ Intrusion test
    ▪ Virtualization
    ▪ Python Development

    Halftime mission at the European Commission CSIRC
    ▪ Incident Response
    ▪ Workflow improvement
    ▪ Python Development
  • Maxime Morin Auto-Entrepreneur - Consultant Sécurité Informatique

    2013 - 2013 Conseil en Sécurité Informatique aux entreprises
  • HackGyver - Président Fondateur

    2012 - 2013 Initiateur et coordinateur du "HackGyver". Cet hackerspace localisé à Belfort est un espace de travail collaboratif situé sur cette commune, dans lequel les membres se rassemblent pour développer divers projets autour de la technologie. Le but de cet espace est de permettre les échanges et la coopération ainsi que l’appropriation de technologies par le plus grand nombre de personnes.


  • IUT Belfort Montbéliard IUT BM

    Belfort 2011 - 2013 Diplôme Universitaire De Technologie
  • Lycée Louis Aragon

    Hericourt 2010 - 2011 Baccalauréat mention assez bien

    Spécialité Physique-Chimie
    Délégué Élèves au conseil d'administration du lycée et au conseil de la vie lycéenne


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