En résumé

Mes compétences :
Computer Science
Computer Security
Open Source


  • Teleragno FAI Associatif Marseillais - Trésorier

    2012 - maintenant Teleragno est une association créée dans le but de fournir de l’accès à Internet en Provence. Elle s’inscrit dans le mouvement des FAI locaux, mouvement initié par FDN.
  • - Developper & System Analyst

    2012 - 2013 FraudBuster has developped the most efficient fraud detection solution available on the market. It eradicates SIMBox - GSM gateways - in a matter of days, restoring margin for mobile operators.
  • INRIA LORIA - Intern

    2011 - 2011 (6 months internship)

    The LORIA is one the research center part of the INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control)

    I worked under the supervision of Thomas Voegtlin ( in the Cortex team (, which focus in studying the properties and computational capacities of distributed, numerical and adaptative networks, as observed in neuronal systems.
    My research focused on the study and modelisation of the neuronal network responsible for different locomotion pattern in the C. Celegans worm.
    - Neuronal modelisation, using the Brian python's library.
    - Physical modelisation, using SOFA (Simulation Open Framework Architecture).
    - Machine learning, using Kalman filter to predict sequence of neuronal state during locomotion.
  • - Intern web developer

    2010 - 2010 (3 months internship)
    Intern web developer at, Marseille (France)

    Creation of a geolocated newsletter application. The goal was to distribute personalized newsletter using the physical address of the subscriber. This was used in a restaurant search engine.

    - distance calculation between customer and the restaurant, and restaurant delivery coverage
    - creation of adjustable template and newsletter module, allowing different autogenerated newsletter
    - generation of statistics about the sended newsletter.
    - Newsletter creation interface
    - some administrative task on production server, such as setting up database, backing up data, configuring firewall
    - PHP, Sphinx search engine, AJAX Framework (Prototype, Scriptaculous, XAJAX), Google chart API
  • Wageningen University - Intern software developer

    2008 - 2008 (2 months internship)
    Intern software developer at the Plant Research Internationnal, Wageningen (Netherland).
    Subject : Improving and adding features to a Java/Perl biology oriented software
    - creation of a "workspace" that allows the design and modification of primers for DNA matching
    - allows the user to track advancement of multiple design projects in the same interface
    - Java/BioJava, Perl/Bioperl
  • Wageningen University - Intern software developer

    2007 - 2007 (3 months internship)
    Intern software developer at the Plant Research International, Wageningen (Netherland).
    Subject : Software development to simulate in-silico the match of primers and DNA in Java and Bioperl

    - creation of an application which sends DNA data to a server that matchs primer with it
    - retrive and process the result
    - Perl/Bioperl