En résumé

Plus de 20 années d'expériences en R&D,
• Solution Architect, Technical lead, Product manager pour système embarqué pour l’industrie et les télécoms.
• Gestion de projet : avant –vente et activité R&D

Mes compétences :
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
Rational ClearCase
PC Hardware
OSS (Operating Support Systems)
Risk Analysis
Rational Rose
Project Management
Microsoft Windows NT
Feasibility Studies
Andyne GQL
orders management
network administration
mission preparation
managed the Equipment
Token Ring
Technical support
TAO 1.2
Supply Chain
Sun Solaris
Standard Template Library
Software Development
Script 1.3.4
Roadmap management
Relational Database
RFQ management
Profit and Loss Accounts
Product Line Management
Product Life Cycle Management
Personal Home Page
Network supervision
Microsoft Windows 7
Linux Red Hat
Linux Debian
Embedded Experience
Design and implementation of File Transfer / Backu
Cascading Style Sheets
Business Development
Build tool chain implementation
Budget planning


  • TMN Consulting - Owner & Senior Consultant

    2014 - maintenant TMN Consulting - * Solutions Architect for embedded devices: Product Manager, HW/SW Architecture Designer, Technical lead (HW/SW). Solutions based mainly on Cortex-M4 Microcontroller (STM32F4) and Emcraft STM32F4 platform, Linux Debian , C, C++, Cross compilation toolchain and build.
    * Consulting & Instructor in:
    * Optical Transmission: OTN, SDH, WDM (CWDM & DWDM) ;
    * Optical Access (GPON / TWDM-PON, FTTx) ;
    * Presales Consultancy for optics solutions and OSS ;
  • TMN Consulting - Owner

    2014 - maintenant
  • Mobinets - Business Development

    2013 - 2014 Mobinets - Business Development / Technical Tendering Professional / Product Line Management

    NG- OSS Solution - Advanced Inventory System for large Telecom Networks for Multi technologies and Multi vendors - Lebanon / Paris

    * Business Development activities for Optical Transmission Management Solutions (WDM, GPON)
    Present solutions and new features for large organisation group customers : Orange, Maroc Telecom
    Introduction of WDM & GPON solution in NEP to be reactive to new Carrier needs.
    Risk Definitions and estimations in terms of delays and costs.
    Definition of Professional Services Framework:
    * Definition of Professional Services catalog items for OSS Solution and support
    * Definition of costs and celling prices according to customer region.
    * Elaboration of SLA (Service Level Agreement) definition for Meditel (Orange - Morocco).

    * Project management: RFP and RFQ management for French & African carrier operators

    Definition of Quotation guidelines and Catalog items for NEP platform
    Main offers :
    * Meditel (Orange Group - Morocco): Optical Transmission Management and Capacity Planning
    * Maroc Telecom (Etisalat Group - Morocco) : OSP Solution and Access Network Management (copper and fibre optic)
    * Orange (France - Orange Group) , SFR (France) : Automatism Network Discovery

    Deployment follow up,
    Risk analysis
    Budget planning and reviews
    KPI definition and analysis

    * Product Line Management:

    Definition of Product Life Cycle Management: definitions of each the steps required to build and maintain a product release: from market opportunity, features definitions, R&D implementation, commercialisation, maintenance, to end of product.
    Technical leading of WDM technology: product definition and requirements to introduce and design the WDM Network solutions in NEP platform and build the Capacity Planning for WDM design. This domain was mainly based on ALU 1830 PSS and Huawei OSN 1800, 6800, 8800 equipments.
    Specification of OTN frame management (G.709) to be managed through capacity planning in the NG OSS platform (NEP platform).
    Technical leading of the Access Network (GPON, FTTx , DSLAM) product definition and requirements to introduce and design the Access Network solutions in NEP platform and build the Capacity Planning for GPON (FTTx) infrastructure. This domain was mainly based on ALU 7342 ISAM and Huawei MA56XX equipment.
    Technical leading of the OSP for copper networks and optical networks: product definition and requirements to introduce the OSP features to build copper and optical infrastructure.
    Technical Leading of the Administration guide and ``how to'' of NEP platform: features definitions
    Technical lead of the NEP platform dimension guidelines and rules: to define rules to consider to dimension the hardware solution of NEP platform to deploy according to the NEP components.
    Software Architecture design of Network Discovery solution of NEP in multi technologies / multi-vendors network equipment.

    * Carriers Environment: Maroc Telecom ( Etisalat Group - Morocco), Meditel (Orange Group - Morocco) , Orange (France - Orange Group) , SFR (France) ;
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Project Manager

    Paris 2008 - 2012 Project Manager - Technical Tendering Professional EMEA - APMP Accreditation -

    Bouygues Telecom, Orange Project Manager - Bid & Proposal Optics Transmission Solutions (SDH, WDM)
    * Responsible for supervising all aspects of optical transmission (SDH & WDM) related scope delivery and optimization of the design in most cost effective manner to the satisfaction of the Company and Client for large-sized projects
    * Responsible to ensure that the optimized design meets performance, reliability and functional requirements of the Client, and that the product delivered is of acceptable quality
    * Responsible for providing prime technical interface and interaction with customer for successful resolution of discipline related scope and technical issues.
    * Liaise with project management through Engineering Manager and inter discipline co-ordination.
    * Responsible for maintaining the technical quality of the documents and ensure their delivery in a timely manner.
    * Design, Quotation & Project Management of Optics solutions for Operator: managing the SDH and WDM Capacity Planning for Bouygues Telecom concerning the whole French national network.
    * Risk analysis: budget reviews, forecast in conjunction with Sale team and Program management teams, capacity to afford in conjunction with supply chain, and third party suppliers. ;
    * Financial reviews: to include all variable cost and update the variable margin and see profit and loss points.
    KPI definition and analysis
    * Support for Business Development team : analysis ALU capacity to propose and afford new Optics technology (100G) and muxponders.

    * Optical Solutions based on : OMSN: ALU 1650, 1660, 1678 , TSS 1850 / WDM: 1830 PSS, 1695 WSM, 1625 LX (ex : Lucent OLS400G), 1626, 1696 : NMS

    * Improvement for orders management to decrease costs and delays: : Definition of an Unified Customer Price List for all French Carriers for each technology: Access, IP, Optic, Wireless

    * Definition and realisation of a process tool chain generation of Customer Commercial Catalog in each Customer and technology to improvement pertinence of logistical items links to commercial items regarding the products release phase out and replacement for Optical and Wireless French operators (Bouygues Telecom, Orange Group, SFR and their subsidiaries)
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Software Architect

    Paris 2002 - 2008 * Development of the Next Generation of Optical Platform (Submarine & Terrestrial) ;
    * Strategy Definition for UML Development and code generation for the different teams using Rational Rose 2002. ( Customisation & Design Pattern)

    * Design & Development of a Agent Q3/CORBA ( C++ Component) : used to managed the Equipment through a Q3 Manager

    * Management, Specification, Design and implementation of data persistency services for the WDM Network element.

    * Management, Design and implementation of Network supervision over OSI, and introduction of IP for 1626 WDM equipment.

    * Management, Specification, Design and implementation of File Transfer / Backup /Restore services over OSI and IP on 1626 WDM NE.
  • Alcatel-Lucent - Software Development

    Paris 2000 - 2002 * Telephony over IP - SIP Protocol - Parlay Protocol ;
    * Analysis, design UML and implementation CORBA of an interface SIP (SIPAPI) for a Softswitch telecom. Implementation of the component SipApi Component (Multimedia Call Server Project - Alcatel Stuttgart)

    * Development of a Multimedia Application Server Simulator (MMAS Project - Alcatel Antwerp) for testing the Multimedia Call Server

    * Strategy of Test and Integration of various SIP CORBA components
    Environment: UML, Sun Solaris, Linux, ClearCase, Orbacus 4.0.3, TAO ORB 1.1,C++,Corba-Script 1.3.4, Java 1.3, Rational Rose 2000, Objecteering 4 ;
  • DATACEP - Altran Group - Software Development

    1999 - 2000 SAGEM - Software Development, Eragny - France
    * Analyse, Conception, Implementation and Integration of new software functionalities
    * Full Design of a CORBA Server to provide GPS data (encoding and decoding GPS frame from satellites and processing of the frames).

    * Extension of functionalities for the workshop of mission preparation for aviation (SLPRM).
    DATACEP - Paris
    * Java Prototyping (JDK 1.2) for THOMSON-CSF (THALES): development of a cartographic and monitoring workshop under Windows NT for civil marine.

    * Development of a network administration tool between Linux and Windows NT platforms
    LA POSTE- DIRR - Software Development, Nantes - France
    * Design and Development of a C++ code checker. Integration of this checker in the Microsoft Visual Developer Studio workshop.
  • Hommes et Développement - Consultant IT

    toulouse 1997 - 1999 JPG - Survilliers, France
    * Networks Integration to switch Token Ring network to Ethernet network
    Dassault Aviation - Suresnes, France
    * Feasibility study under Ilog Server of the ODILE Workshop
    * Implementation of the RTOOSA method and the UML sequence diagram
    * Development of GUIs using Ilog Views 2.41 AIX - RS 6000
    Hewlett-Packard - Massy, France
    * Build and setting of a meta-model using GQL (Andyne) of an Informix database, Technical support
  • Genigraph - Software Development

    Malakoff 1997 - 1997 * Feasibility Study and tests of the of C++ Ilog Server 3.0 objects storage via Objectstore 4
  • ENSA - Engineer

    CHAMONIX 1992 - 1995 LANGUAGES
    French Mother tongue
    English Fluent written and spoken
    Arabic Intermediate