Philippe COMBAZ


En résumé

Creator of the #MethanolEconomy concept, published for free on the internet on 2006-05-20 for the whole World.
Was copied & plagiarized by #GeorgeOLAH, Alain GOEPPERT & G.K. Surya PRAKASH which I can easily prove as these 3 selfish heartless bastard scumbags antedated their 2006 book & 2005 related article DOI 10.1002/anie.200462121 "Beyond Oil & Gas: The Methanol Economy" by making the "blunder of the century" as in April 2005 they are able to mention what WILL HAPPEN ONE YEAR LATER: the first ever bio-ethanol price reduction in Brazil in March 2006 (I have more proofs).
Ambidextrous (left/right creative/organised) polymath hybrid Engineer-Manager-Economist
25y energy industry: innovations (solar, methanol, smart-grids) vs. established techno's
Large Oil & Gas / Utilities blue chips; Techno manufacturers; Mid-sized SME's; Start-up's
Europe+UK, USA, Africa, Australia, China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan + FSU.

Goods & services. Product dev, Business dev, Subsidiary & Project Management
5 years: OIl & Gas
8 years: Networks & infrastructures - Heat / Cooling / Electricity / Gases & Liquids
12 years: Renewables, solar, methanol, biotech, energy efficiency, storage, smart-grids
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  • ESGD Various Energy Companies - Project Director

    1993 - 2018 Business Dev & Project Management & Company Set-up (New Activities)
    Specialties: energy (all, including renewables, hybrid-solar & efficiency), hybrid automotive, storage, BioTech
    USA/Canada: 2 years
    UK: 4 years
    Russia: 4 years
    Ukraine/Baltics/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan: 1 year
    Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast): 6 months
    India/Pakistan/Bengladesh/Australia: 3 months
    China/Korea: 1 month
    France: rest of the time...


  • IAE

    Montpellier 1992 - 1993 MBA
  • University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis)

    Minneapolis 1990 - 1991 Civil & Mineral Engineering
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Mines De Saint-Etienne

    Saint Etienne 1989 - 1992 Ingénieur civil des Mines
  • Université Jean Monnet (Saint Etienne)

    Saint Etienne 1989 - 1990 Bachelor of Arts (equivalent)

    John Maynard KEYNES (#LGBTQ), Adam SMITH, Karl MARX, David RICARDO, Milton FRIEDMAN, James TOBIN, Gérard DEBREU, Maurice ALLAIS (Nobel Prize holder in Economy in 1988, Ingénieur des Mines like me), Jean-Claude TRICHET (ingénieur civil des Mines like me in 1964 + ENA 1971, Governor of Banque de France 1993-2003, President of ECB European Central Bank from 2003-2011).
  • Lycée Du Parc

    Lyon 1986 - 1989 Received in many engineering schools including Ecole Nationale Supéreiure des Mines

    Mathématiques Supérieures + Mathématiques Spéciales: highest eduction in France for Maths & Sciences.
    Specialty: M' highest class in Maths for students aged ~[19-22] in France, we have the most Fiels Medals.
    Lycée du Parc is the highest possible outside of Paris. I could have studied at Louis-Le-Grand, but my poor parents could not afford the rent for a studio flat in Paris (we lived in Avignon),
  • Lycée Frederic Mistral

    Avignon 1983 - 1986 Baccalaureat in Maths

    Mathematics, Sciences, Physcics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Sports, Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, English, German, French.
    I was alone to get the highest grade (19/20) in Mathematics of the whole Aix-Marseille Academy (26,000 students took the Baccalaureat in year 1986, not all in Sciences of course).