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VR: We offer you 9 years of experience in Real-time Virtual HD Reality with I-emap Ltd. To develop any project in VR for real estate, Industry, Marketing, Military applications, Education, Training, ...

QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY: Develop and Implement quantum computing at the cutting edge of technologies.

NeighbouringSystems analyses and quantifies in ral time interactions between items, (items and variables, variables and variables), in datasets of observational data.


Think and manage out of the box with CFAR-m taking in account many dimensions !


CFAR-m helps to understand and delivers metrics about problems or phenomena involving complex interacting fields

It does it from records about a population of items, without any presupposition only by extracting information from the data themselves, and delivers understanding and knowledge to manage them.

Only from this deep understanding and metrics valid models for predictions and decisions can me made.

CFAR-m can be used in so many fields like among others: churn, Customer behavior analysis, loyalty, sociology, competitive analysis/intelligence, predictive analytic, talents intelligence, Finance, Insurance, Communication, Advertisement, Sociology, Product positioning, Marketing, Research, Channels management, Decision making, ... Then it is seen as STARTS-UP FACTORY or OPPORTUNITIES FACTORY for partners willing to develop specific applications at worldwide level.

CFAR-m is a natural complement to data/pattern/knowledge Discovery.

Extracting more objective information from data sets helps to provide a better analysis and understanding and forms the foundations to building advanced solutions to problems, issues or situations.

Main features of CFAR-m
1°) automatic extraction of weightings
2°) no reduction of variables (it accounts for all the variables for processing the calculus and delivering the results)
3°) each item has its own vector of weight
4°) it shows the contribution of each variable (or group of variables) to the ranking (sensitivity)
5°) by taking into consideration all the variables without exception, CFAR-m is able to determine the level of influence (lots, some, none) of each one. Variables are used to build simplified models that work in real-time. That said, in an ever-changing world, we need to be able to detect and anticipate any changes. That is why CFAR-m is reused periodically to check that no major changes have occurred and that the influence of any previously non-influential variables has not grown exponentially in the interim. If that is the case, then those variables are integrated into the simplified model.
6°) whilst CFAR-m can be used for aggregation and ranking purposes, CFAR-m is better as a tool to build advanced and sophisticated applications.

These features bring us to

1°) Better describe discovered phenomena
2°) Be a natural partner in data discovery/ TDA, ..
3°) Participate to R&D
4°) Initiate new projects with specialists when CFAR-m is a key technology.

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TOVMASYAN: Unique pieces of art for individuals with exceptional taste.

R&D commercialisation: You have an IP and want to market it

PlasmaQuest: Thin Film Deposition with Superior Quality Coatings

Mes compétences :
R&D commercial development
Start-up launching
Thin film
Diffusion of innovation
Real Estate Development
Business angel
Raw Gold trading
Development of projects in Intelligence


  • I-emap - Co-Founder

    2016 - maintenant I-emap is a company working in the field of VR with a team that has very strong credentials and experience in real-time VR 3D-HD. It has realised numerous projects in real estate, urbanism, industry, education, military, marketing, ...
  • ORIGONE QUANTUM - Chief Innovation Officer and Partnerships developer

    2015 - 2016 ORIGONE QUANTUM is a company working on the field of Defence, Cyber Security and Quantum Computing

    Remi Mollicone is one of the Founders, member of the board and Chief Innovation Officer, and Partnerships developer at ORIGONE QUANTUM.
  • NeighboringSystems - Chairman

    2015 - maintenant NeighboringSystems

    Giving data a form and a meaning is an urgent task and and crucial challenge, as huge amount of data are easily generated with modern technology.

    For biological data, we have developped algorithms that discover the hierarchical structure
    of the data, creating similarity clusters and ranking the interactions.

    These algorithms have been succesfully tested to find contacts in protein interfaces and
    in DNA-protein complexes.
  • TOVMASYAN - Founder

    2010 - maintenant
    Tovmasyan makes unique luxury objects: Set-up the project, bring it to live, and assist for its development
  • CFAR-m - Chairman

    2009 - maintenant
  • Plasma Quest - Internationl Business Development

    2005 - maintenant Plasma-Quest:International business development
  • Business Angel - Investor

    2005 - maintenant Business Angel
    Selection of technological projects with a team of experts, take shares in the projects and bring them to live
  • Commercial Development of Private & Academic Research - Founder/Chairman

    1990 - maintenant Commercial Development of Private & Academic Research:
    To transform researches and IP into companies, mainly taking shares in them.
  • SAVIM - Chairman

    1986 - 2006 Real Estate Development
  • Raw Gold treatment & trading - Chairman

    1986 - 1994 Bamako Mali - Ouest Africa
    Create a company of raw gold trading to export from Ouest Africa to International market. (We started from Mali)


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