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Inventeur, développeur, auteur, Fondateur de "Come2innovate" (Réseau Social d'innovation),
Fondateur de SteBooks


  • Come2innovate - CO-Founder

    2018 - maintenant About Come2innovate!
    Come2innovate is a social networking platform focuses on creating products that enable users to connect and share content through mobile devices, personal computers, and other surfaces. The platform also allows people to discover and learn what is happening in the world of scientific, economic and technological innovation that surrounds them, to share their opinions, ideas, photos, videos, article and ebooks, and to add, read or download free ebooks from the e-library.
    What is Come2innovate?
    Come2innovate is a social networking platform based on four interrelated themes: (1)-Social Network, (2)-News page [Innovation Space], (3)-Free E-library, (4) Headhunter page.
    (1) - Social network: The Come2innovate Network allows users to create a free page (particular or company) containing the presentation, the contact details, CV (resume) or Company profile, as well as the links of the member to his accounts on other social networks.
    The network allows the member to:
    • Add, recommend, comment & share posts, articles and eBooks.
    • Follow and send messages to other members.
    • Deposit his CV to be visible to recruiters
    • Deposit his company profile, post job offers and discover rare profiles on the Headhunter page to accelerate the growth of his business
    • Be aware of the latest innovations and novelties in his sector
    • Publish, read and download eBooks for free.
    • Create his network and follow his interests.
    • Increase the visibility of his activities and improve his relationships
    Example of a public profile on the network “Come2innovate”:
    (2) - News page [Innovation Space] based essentially on the latest Innovation News and articles of distinguished and talented members
    (3) - Free e-library to read, download or publish documents and eBooks for free, The goal of this page is to bring the largest number of eBooks and scientific, technical, economic and human science documents to create a huge free digital library.
    (4) - Headhunter page that allows our members to deposit their CV (resume) to be visible to recruiters and offers companies the opportunity to discover rare profiles and hidden talents and to deposit their company profiles and their offers jobs.
    The Headhunter page:
    Example of a company profile:
    Example of a resume (CV):


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