En résumé

Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, Symfony, Doctrine, Jquery, Objective C, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Unix, GIT, SVN, HAML, YAML, Ajax, JSON, Action script 2 & 3, XML (XUL, XSLT, SVG, SMIL), Pair programming.

API Facebook, API Twitter, API Google Map...

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effect, InDesign, Premiere, Final Cut, Eclipse, Xcode, AptanaRadRails, MySQL WorkBench, Navicat, Screenflow...

Suite Office, Suite iWork, Omnigrafle, Evenote, Things...

Stratégies Social Media, SMO, Gestion de project, Modélisation

Mac OS X, Linux (CentOS + Gnome & Dedian), Windows, VNC, SAMBA...

Mes compétences :
Application Facebook
Marketing social
Marketing web
réseaux sociaux
Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Web marketing


  • Mobvalue - Directeur Technique

    2013 - 2017 Founded in 2011, Mobvalue is the leading mobile premium advertising network in France. Through its exclusive partnership with leading media brands such as M Publicité, CCM Benchmark, CondéNast, 20minutes, L’Express, NextRadio TV, Prisma Média, Boursorama, Le Parisien…

    Mobvalue now reaches over 24 million unique mobile users (over 64% coverage of the French market).

    Management of internal technical studio :
    - Team management (6 people)
    - Development of rich media mobile ads
    - R&D

    Development of proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) :
    - Retargeting mobile
    - Cross device
    - Retargeting In Store
    - App Usage
    - Ad Usage

    Tech stack : NodeJS, Cassandra, REST, React, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

    Development of proprietary advertising SDK (iOS, Android) :
    - In-Feed : native integrated ads inside application feed
    - TwiinScreen : second screen technology, recognition of commercials and TV shows for mobile
    - Habillage : advertising background of an application
    - DMP : collect user DATA, in-store retargeting with BLE and WIFI

    Tech stack : Swift, Objective-C, Java Android, Javascript

    Development of proprietary technologies :
    - In-Feed
    - TwiinScreen
    - Dynamic Display
    - Drive to store
    - Video Touch

    Tech stack : Swift, Objective-C, Java Android, NodeJS, MongoDB, Zend, MySQL, REST, Memcached, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

    Development of proprietary Customer Relationship Management CRM :
    - Turnover and objectives monitoring
    - Campaigns management
    - Agencies, publishers and advertisers management
    - Lead management
    - Mail alerts

    Tech stack : Zend, MySQL, REST, Memcached, Resque, React, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

    Server infrastructure :
    - 3 billion impressions monthly
    - Creation & management

    Tech stack : CentOS, Nginx, LoadBalancing, Newrelic

    Editor support :
    - Integration of advertising SDK
    - Integration of proprietary technologies
    - Documentation
  • Mediaventilo - Chef de projet technique / Lead Developer

    75011 2009 - 2013 Founded in 2008, Mediaventilo assists brands in their strategy and operations through social media.

    Mediaventilo works with brands such as EMI International, EA France, Best Western France, Téléthon, SNCF, Vente Privée...

    Management of internal technical team :
    - Team management (3 people)
    - Development of Facebook and Twitter Applications
    - Website & blogs development
    - Development of Analytics Dashboard
    - R&D

    Consulting & Customer relationship :
    - Project management
    - Account management
    - Social Media & Analytics consulting
    - Social Media Training

    Développement of proprietary Social Marketing Contest SAS Platform :
    - Facebook Contest Creation
    - Twitter Contest Creation
    - Contest Analytics
    - DATA export
    - Web & mobile

    Développement of proprietary Social Media Analytics Dashboard (Pages Analyzer & Engagement) :
    - Acquisition : how brand community grow on social media
    - Visibility : analyse brand social posts reach and virality
    - Engagement : brand community interactions on social media
    - ROI : analyse internal and external clics on brand posts

    Server infrastructure :
    - Creation
    - Management

    Tech stack :
    PHP, Zend, MySQL, REST, Memcached, Facebook API, Twitter API, Resque, Backbone JS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flash AS3, GIT, CentOS, Nginx, LoadBalancing, Newrelic



    Montreuil 2011 - 2012 Expert en Ingénierie et Management de la Communication Numérique
  • IUT De Bobigny Licence Pro ATC CIWM (Bobigny)

    Bobigny 2009 - 2010