Abdelghani ELMHARZI


En résumé

Mes compétences :
OSS (Operating Support Systems)
3G Networks
2G Networks
Bug Tracking System
site assistance
Visual Basic
Team coordination
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
Senior Maintenance
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 9x
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Installation and Commissioning
Good Experience
Electrical Engineering
Data Migration
C Programming Language
Business Objects
4G Networks


  • Ericsson - Wireless RAN Engineer

    MASSY 2015 - maintenant Integration & Swap 2G, 3G and LTE and troubleshooting (end-to-end).
  • Huawei - Wireless RAN Engineer

    Boulogne Billancourt 2014 - 2015 *Preparation & running of scripts/files to configure Huawei 2G BTS / 3G NodeB/ LTE based on the configuration tool supplied by Huawei (M2000, U2000, WebLMT, and CME).
    * Integration of the Huawei equipments into customer RAN network. ;
    * Integration of the antenna & feeder system including RCU. ;
    * Check Site Transmission (IP, E1) & Activate the NodeB Cells & BTS. ;
    * Check 2G (900, 1800) & 3G and 4G Traffic. ;
    * Antenna Swap with RET & TMA integration and configuration. ;
    * Distribute licenses MBSC and NodeB.
    * Configuration and test of external alarms.
    * Upgrade/Update of the Huawei equipments. ;
    * Troubleshooting during and after the integration/expansion with Huawei cooperation or support to ensure normal service.
    * Alarm cleanup during and after integration/expansion. ;
    * Daily and weekly report.
  • SRAN - Consultant Engineer

    2013 - 2014 * Integration & Troubleshooting of 2G Ericsson RBS(2xxx& 6xxx family) (OMC_R) _Rabat.
    * Integration & Troubleshooting of 3G Ericsson NodeB.
    *Activation third Carrier on sites 3G.
    * Swap MINI _RBS from RBS Motorola to RBS6601 (Ericsson).
    * Swap more than 500 sites from RBS (Motorola& Ericsson) to Ericsson RBS (6xxx family).
    * Rehoming more than 300 RBS2G from EVOBSC to another EVOBSC.
    * Activation License on EVOBSC.
    * Troubleshooting in the OSS. ;
    * Good knowledge in Installation and commissioning of TCU, DUG, RRU's. ;
    * Support RBS configurations from BSC end. ;
    * Extension TRXs in the band (GSM900 and DSC1800). ;
    * Implementation Band DSC1800 on the all sites GSM900 (RBS6xxx family).
    * Enable EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) in the sites 2G.
    * Configuration RBS2G more than 6+6+6.
    *Upgrade Software of APZ (EVO BSC) and BTS.
    * Measurements RNO and STS. ;
    * Good Experience on Ericsson applications: Winfiol, ENIQ, Moshell, Putty, Ultraedit, Notepad++, OSS, and RBS Element Manager.
  • Ericsson - Consultant Engineer BSS

    MASSY 2012 - 2012 * Analyze KPIs (RBS&BSC) By OPTIMA.
  • Ericsson ''ProjectAudit2G Meditel'' - BSS/RBS Consultant Engineer

    2011 - 2012 * Analysis the Alarms of all sites 2G technology E///.
  • Ericsson Alger - BSS/RBS Consultant Engineer

    2011 - 2011 mission in Alger BSS/RBS Consultant Engineer Ericsson with Operator Wataniya,
    Scope of Work:
    * Perform data migration. ;
    * Perform configuration, and integration tests. ;
    * On-site assistance. ;
    * Integration 100 new sites RBS6000&2000 and Swap more than 300 site RBS2000 to RBS6xxx (6102, 6201, 6202 and 6601) in the OSS. ;
    * Analyze and monitoring the alarms RBS2G. ;
    * Monitoring and Coordination teams work to solve problems of the sites.
    *Create database file to integrate andswap the sites.
  • Ericsson - BSS/RBS Consultant Engineer

    MASSY 2009 - 2011 * Integration more than 600 RBS2G and Swap the sites 2G (GSM900, DSC1800).
    *IDB Configuration.
    * Add sector at BTS (RBS type Ericsson). ;
    * Rehoming sites from BSC to another BSC with application CNA and BSM.
    * Collect the needed information to create script for configuration of the nodes/ solutions.
    * Implementation the frequency plans (PDF).
    * Generating statistics 2G and 3G. ;
    * Extension more the 100 TRXs in the band (GSM900 and DSC1800). ;
    * Upgrade to new software at BSC.
    * Optimization at OSS, UTRAN. ;
    * Enable EDGE in the sites RBS2000(RBS 2301/2302/2308 Micro Base Station,RBS2101/2102/2202/ Macro Base Station and RBS 2106/2206 Macro Base Station with CDU-G). ;
    * Troubleshooting and Cleaning System. ;
    * Master of OSS applications: CNA, BMS, SMIA, OPS, RNO, Terminal Winfiol and Activity Manager.
  • SIRECOM - Application Engineer

    2008 - 2009 * Realization of Survey and reports Surveys: Radio Engineering and Los (Transmission) technology Ericsson ;
    * Installation of transmission antennas FH. ;
    * Installation 2G/3G sites: Technology (Ericsson 2G, 3G).
    *Integration BTS2G on site with Software: Local OMT Ver. R23_5.
    * Installation and integration of adding sector (Ericsson 2G) Software: Local OMT Ver. R23_5.


  • Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques Errachidia (FSTE) (Errachidia)

    Errachidia 2003 - 2008