Abdelilah EL OUARDI


En résumé

Ensures the effective functioning of continuous improvement action plan. Identifies and eliminates waste and non-value added activities through continuous improvement in all products and services. Responsible for improving the process through the involvement and empowerment of entire workforce. Performs a wide range of Continuous Improvement activities including but not limited to planning/developing/documenting Kaizen events, performing 5S audits, process mapping, capability studies, root cause analysis, coordination of all department and other support areas during Kaizen activities.

main purpose > > I want to expand my professional network through VIADEO,,
and I am also looking for opportunities that can make me evolve in the industrial field.

Mes compétences :
Lean Manufacturing
Gestion de production


  • Fujikura automotive Kenitra - Prototype coordinator

    kenitra 2015 - maintenant
  • fujikura automotive kenitra - Kaizen Technician

    kenitra 2014 - maintenant Mission: >> Drive and facilitate the Continuous Improvement Process through elimination of waste and utilize lean manufacturing methods and tools...

    Job Functions:
    *Perform Work cell audits on a regular base to seek out opportunities to improve.
    *Perform root cause analysis & Identify corrective actions.
    *Implement associate suggestions.
    *Research & , suggest solutions.
    *Conceptualize concepts (develop and establish Kaizen tools.)
    *Order assets & components.
    *Fabricate and install solutions.
    *Report regularly project status and any type of findings to the Kaizen manager.

    >> other skills:
    *Performs extensive data collection and tracking including but not limited to WIP, labor productivity, rework, raw material inventory, overtime,
    *Analyze Value Stream.
    *Participate and lead actively, Problem Solving, 5S and other activities.
    *Identify and list all process steps and prepare time study and perform time studies.
    *Take times according to the time study plan.
    *Classify times into Process.
    * Walking and Idling.
    *Calculate average of those times.
    *Work cell line balancing.
    *Calculate applicable Tact Time.
    *Calculate No. of Work Stations needed.
    *Identify and Implement Corrective actions.
    *Measure Effectiveness of Workstation.
    *Audit true consumption of material, the machine cycle time and the internal material flow.
    *Follow up on an daily base on the progress of the identified tasks.
    *Complete all “To Do" in a timely manner and the requested budget.
    *Keep the “Kaizen" Communication "EdashBoard "and the applicable workstation documents up to date.
    *Actively support the implementation of approved Associate Improvement Ideas.
    *Support data gathering process for the “Bonus System".
  • Fujikura automotive kénitra - Keintra

    kenitra 2013 - 2014  Effectuer les analyses techniques et contribuer à l’établissement les cahiers des charges et les plannings pour industrialiser des nouveaux produits.
     L’industrialisation et le démarrage des nouveaux projets, en réalisant les études de process et en assurant la commande, le suivi, la réception, l’implantation et la validation des nouveaux moyens.
     Réalisation des prototypes et des échantillons des produits à industrialiser.
     Suivre son développement jusqu’à son implantation dans l’unité de production.
     Assurer le démarrage des projets (Valider les moyens avec la qualité, Former les opérateurs, Etablir les modes opératoires, Eliminer les Mudas, Améliorer les lignes de production).
     Modification des projets en production série, participer aux AMDEC process et plan de surveillance.
  • Fujikura automotive kénitra - Process technician

    kenitra 2012 - 2013


  • Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi, Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques (Tanger)

    Tanger 2013 - 2014 DCESS ( Diplôme du Cycle des Etudes Supérieures Spécialisée )
  • Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi, Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques (Tanger)

    Tanger 2012 - 2013 DCA (diplôme de cycle d'approfondissement)
  • Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques

    Tanger 2011 - 2012 Diplôme du cycle d’approfondissement (DCA)

    Management de la Qualité et de la Productivité