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Sense of responsibility, communication and management, professionalism, rigor, flexibility, adaptability, respect for others, broad technological and commercial vision of multicultural platforms, multi-technology and multi-site,
Kknowledge of international standards (ISO9000, IATF 16949/ISO14000, OHSAS 18000/EICC ...), rules and standards of automotive companies, of their processes and products and knowledge of different automotive core tools and techniques (Management, TQM, FMEA, MSA, APQP, PPAP, F/C,PCP, SPC, R&R, Calibration, Reliability,6 Sigma,VDA 6.3 & FIEV Standards,Problem Solving Tools ...).

Mes compétences :
Automotive core tools (FMEA/APQP/PPAP/8D/MSA/MSP/.
Automotive auditing
Automotive standard and tools
OHSAS 18001
Certification ISO 14001
Norme ISO/TS 16949 vs 2009
Norme ISO 9001 V2008
VDA6-3 External auditor and trainer
FIEV Standard
Quality management


  • Juran Consulting - Quality Automotive Standards and Core tools Expert,VDA 6.3 External auditor

    2014 - maintenant * Automotive core tools trainer:
    * VDA 6.3 External auditor , VDA 6,3 Trainer
    • Quality management and audit / Tools and Methods of Quality Management
    • Support / assistance in the establishment of the system of quality management / environment / safety / social responsibility and EICC.
    • IATF 16949 Vs 2009 (support and training) standards.
    • NF 9100 Aerospace Standard (support and training).
    • ISO45000 (support and training) standards.
    • ISO14001 standard (support and training)
    • Quality Systems and environment and safety management system.
    • Atomotive core tools APQP / PPAP /FMEA / MSP / Gage R & R / 8 Disciplines ...
    • Organization and management of production
    • Development and deployment of key processes required by the QMS.
    • Support organization audits external customers, I can be amended to do the audit of your supplier :you can subcontract your audit activity .
    • Documentation and Quality rules definition in the company, awareness and training.
    • Risk analysis and impact of poor quality for the production and image of the business.
    • Dash board establishment and analysis of KPI
    • Results and continuous improvement Analysis,.

    Good Relational:

    •Multicultural sensitivity
    •Respect for others
    •Listening, flexibility
    •Conflict Management
    •Motivation and WG Animation
    •Stress management• Performance and value added Analysis /CONQ definition,Value streem Mapping
  • STMicroelectronics - Deputy quality Director

    2012 - 2014 • Establish and maintain a management system with effective and efficient quality in accordance to international standards (ISO9001, QS9000, ISO / TS16949, OSHAS18000 / ISO14000) and company procedures
    • Ensure the robustness and quality of product and process from Qualification to mass production,
    • Plan, prepare & coordinate audits of supplier and Customers audit.
    • Supporting suppliers in quality improvement programs ( KPI/ ISA/ZD)
    • Coordinate the qualifications of the new materials, r new product or process in collaboration with all the Departments ( Technical, Planning,Purchasing, Facilities, HR, Procurement , suppliers and Divisions / Groups,
    • Action planning deployment strategy / policy of the site, and monitoring process, via the deployment of high-level objectives.
    • Identify the pillars in the goal of achieving manufacturing excellence through people's motivation, their training, their commitment, accountability, and flexibility
    • identify important areas that need drastic improvement through the implementation of effective and productive teams with motivated leaders and responsible players
  • STMicroelectronics - Quality management system & customer audit & Plant Manufacuring excellence champion

    2002 - 2011 • Define processes, procedures and actions needed to optimize working methods and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of Quality activities and results:
    • Managing certification and re-certification Projects according to the standards QS9000, ISO9001, ISO / TS16949 ... and coordinate Third Party audits with external organizations.
    • Plan and conduct internal Quality Management by system audit adopting ISO / TS16949 standards , automotives core tools and s the standard and corporate procedures as wel.
    • Plan, prepare and coordinate Customers audits / visits: (pre-audits, logistics, organization, collecting customer feedback, appropriate action plans and follow-up to a 100% achievement).
    • Improve The performance by managing process audits, (analyzing the results, taking into account new vulnerabilities) in the objective to strengthen the quality management system , setting priorities fimprovement with all the actors overall plant.
    • Manage the documentation control activities of site (management of all documentation, insurance writing rules, approval, notification ...) and upgrading the tool through the Web.
    • Promoting Benchmarking and Cross-fertilization through the administration of central library, participation in the online community, audits ...
    • Audit suppliers and monitoring of action plans suppliers
    • Monitoring supplier complaints.
    • Training of Engineers, Technicians and Inspectors on various modules: Latch, Chorus, ISO / TS, ISO19011, 7Tools, Audit ..

    Direct contact with: our clients (companies of international stature such as "Lear, HP, Temic, Keihin, DaimlerChrysler, Thomson Multimedia, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Denso, Siemens VDO, PSA, BMW,Continental, temic ....): Visits, audits , correspondence, monitoring action plans ...
  • STMicroelectronics - Manufacturing and process engineering manager

    1992 - 2002 • Analysis and synthesis of the overall results (Production plan achievements - performance - quality -service ..) to define long ,short,medium term appropriate action plans .
    • Ensure that the production tools/means are properly maintained and working areas are in perfect condition.
    • Manage, lead manufacturing peoples in the objectives( Machine uptime optimization, meet production schedules and priorities.
    • Qualification of new processes, new equipment and new products.
    • Transfer of a production line from Singapore and Malaysia to Morocco; qualification, pre-production, production, followed technical indicators, yield, quality indicators, unit cost, training of technicians and operators, ramp-up of production volumes, Benchmarking ...
    • Using statistical tools s problem solving: Analysis of failure mode / design of experiment / statistical tools / statistical process control / Pareto ... ..
    • Ensure permanently a good houskeeping, daily production records ,.
    • Promoting Benchmarking and Cross-fertilization through the administration of internal library.
    • Train Engineers, Technicians and Inspectors on various modules: Latch, Chorus, ISO / TS 7Tools, Audit, ...
    • Qualification of new suppliers and monitoring of quality problems: control at the supplier in order to have the minimum stock in house (STL: Ship To Line).
    • Assessment and monitoring of supplier quality suppliers.
    • insure Strong growth + technological change inducing technical complexity.
    • facing a Strong market competitiveness.
  • CIEA - Process engineering engineer

    1989 - 1992 • Develop a program / action plan to improve the industrial and technical indicators, yield, quality and cost.
    • Transfer and follow up of production line "surface wave devices from (France, Antibes) to Morocco( from exploration, evaluation, training of operators and technicians, qualification, to mass production.
    • Specialized training in the field of semiconductor
    • Customers ( (Magniti / Marelli / Fiat / WW / Delco / Seagate / Matra Haris / Motorola / BO ....
  • SERINFOR - HP Computer and hardzware maintenance engineer

    1988 - 1989 • Development and installation of new software.
    • Structuration of monitoring tools, internal audits
    • Functional analysis of the monitoring rules of access structure SI
    • Optimizing data quality
    • Design, Methodologies, logistics, feasibility and systems
    • IT Security Policy in the business, analysis and testing procedures put in place,disaster, prevention, user awareness
    • Key Accounts, technical sales management, marketing


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