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Mes compétences :
technical instructional support
electrical training
develop planned program
Siemens Hardware
Programmable Logic Controller
Microsoft Office
Low Voltage
Equipments skills
Circuit Diagrams
Balance Sheet


  • Resource Golden Gram Gabon MANAGEM - Maintenance supervisor

    2013 - maintenant Work Roster: 8weeks/2weeks
    Report to Site manager
    Project Assign: Fixed plant
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    * Following safety rules and regulations. ;
    * Visit the electrical installation (high and low voltage)at the plant and get installation's status. ;
    * Sending report to the site manager about the equipment's status. ;
    * Arranging people for every electrical problem. ;
    * Making quick solution for every equipment problem. ;
    * Supervise them while they are working at the equipment and giving proper instruction or any correction if needed. ;
    * Perform the job and teach the proper way if it is hard for them to fix. ;
    * Coordinate displayed error codes to the costumer of the generating sets ;
    * Troubleshooting installation's problems. ;
    * Making quick decision once the equipment is breakdown. ;
    * Making decision of the parts if it is possible to repair or need to change new one. ;
    * Taking spare-parts from the store. ;
    * Writing report for the whole day work and replaced parts.
    * Performing preventive maintenance at any equipment to avoid breakdown and to maintain equipment performance.
    * Fixing electrical trouble.
    * Rebuilt electrical installation ;
    * Reading and analyzing electrical diagram ;
    * establish the daily and monthly balance sheets (diesel oil consumed and energy produced) of the power station (generating sets)
    * teach and training local people ;
    * realize the audited security awareness and team
  • Company Tifnout Tighanimine CTT MANAGEM - Electrical maintenance Technician

    2008 - maintenant Report to: Electrical maintenance manager

    Project Assigned: Fixed plant and underground

    Work Roster: 5weeks on/1week off

    Duties and
    Responsibilities: 1. Conduct daily physical inspection of assigned equipment used by operation to ensure that safety procedures are carried out.
    2. Conduct daily monitoring and controlling activities of assigned equipment to ensure that the status of the equipment is up to date.
    3. Plan, control and provide assistance to activities related to planning, programming and execution of predictive, preventive and corrective electrical maintenance of facilities equipment, aimed at meeting production and quality goals.
    4. Formulate and develop planned program of work for maintenance improvements, upgrades and breakdown/shutdown.
    5. realize the preventive schedule hoists and winches background
    6. Assist the team to execute difficult task when the equipment are in trouble, Diagnose and analyze these equipment troubles. Make suggestions to prevent the same from happening in future.
    7. Provide expertise on developing any required facilities
    8. Maintain proper working conditions in the field in order to implement the standard operational procedures accordingly.
    9. Implement safety standards and procedures within work area to minimize accident and damage.
    11. Provide technical instructional support to national employees for relevant maintenance activities as guidance to ensure that all work complies with international standard, are completed in safe manner, and on schedule.
    12. Contribute to the team's motivation and performance optimization by presenting professional advice and recommendations on leadership and supervisory roles (i.e. manpower management, work arrangement, job assignment) to improve supervisory skill of national employees.
    13. realize the audited security awareness and team
    14. reception of new installation realized by the subcontractors and inspection before delivery
  • Managem - Agent de maitrise electricien

    Casablanca 2008 - maintenant


  • Ecole Superieure De Technologie (Agadir)

    Agadir 2005 - 2007 DUT

  • Ecole Superieure De Technologie (Agadir)

    Agadir 2005 - 2007 DUT

    superior electrical engineering technician (DUT) to the upper school technology