Paris La Defense

En résumé

Ingénierie - Planification minière - Etudes minières - Étude, conduite et contrôle de projets - Projets miniers - Projets d'infrastructures - Aménagements hydroagricoles - Eau, Hydraulique et Équipement rural

Depuis 2011, Chargé de cours en Master 2 Pro Gestion Durable des Mines à l'Institut International de l'Eau et del'Environnement (2IE) de Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Mes compétences :
Conduite de projets et réalisation
Ingénierie et étude de projets
Maîtrise de logiciels métiers


  • AREVA Mines - Mining Planning Engineer

    Paris La Defense 2010 - maintenant o mining methods,
    o life of mine pits design
    o long and medium term mine planning and report
    o Realization of mining projects for the beginning of the operation and teams coordination between Construction and the Operator
    o Conception and Design of 2 millions cubic meters pound, mining method, and operations plans
    o Production in 2010 of tender document, selection of contractors, procurement and contract monitoring of preliminary works of Imouraren project.
    o Analysis of records carried out internally and externally
    o Technical assistance to the Director of Operations
  • CEH-Sidi - Project Engineer and Deputy Head of Mission

    2007 - 2007 Rehabilitation and expansion of the drainage system of rainwater from the Urban Community of Zinder, funded by the General Council of Val de Marne (France) : Diagnosis and detailed studies
  • AREVA Mines - Mining Projects Engineer

    2007 - 2009 - Control Engineer within a multidisciplinary team, on the interface between engineering and project management support based in Paris and the commissioning of Imouraren project in Niamey. All records projects (Mine, Infrastructure, logistics…) are studied during technical reviews of project each month.
    - Development of the first budget of the company and study featured in Niger locally (Flooding, roads, preliminary buildings...)
    - Study of the interface between the open pit and the crusher: stockpiles, ore homogenization, crusher and fleet calculation and cost estimation
  • EGIS-BCEOM International - Projects Engineer

    2005 - 2007 Projects engineer on several projects in the domains of the hydraulics, the hydroagricultural developments
    - Coordination of the activities of the experts (topography, agronomy, sociology)
    -Deputy of the project manager and administrative and financial management
    ° Finalizing the detailed design and validation plans for hydro-agricultural infrastructure of Djenne in Mali: 14 700 ha
    °Study of the bank protection of Komadougou Yobe (transboundary river between Niger and Nigeria), funded by African Development Bank :
    - Diagnosis,
    - Detailed project study and tender documents
    ° Water Resource Mobilization Project in the Maradi region, financing of the African Development Fund (ADF):
    - Diagnosis, analysis and development proposals
    - Multidisciplinary teams coordination,
    - Feasibility study of a priority program development
    - Engineering studies of 40 sites and tender documents
  • Direction de l'Ingénierie et de l'Appui au Secteur Privé - Ingénieur Chef de Projet

    2004 - 2005 - Detailed Study and tender documents of agropastoral dam of Sougoudou (Gourma Province, Burkina Faso) funded by the NGO Îles de Paix

    - Study of development of the valleys of Tabelot and Afassas in the South of Aïr in Niger for the Service (Department) of Cooperation and the Cultural action ( SCAC) of the French cooperation in Niger under the supervision of ROSELT / NIGER:
    - Diagnosis of more than 70 km of valley
    - Proposal of development programs
    - Detailed studies and tender documents

    - Preparation and presentation of the workshop of validation of the study of definition of a strategy of Komondjari stream’s development (Burkina Faso)

    - Elaboration of application of financing of the industrial wastewater treatment plant of the BRAKINA through FODEPI ( Burkina Faso )

    - Training of the trainers in techniques of development of the small streams in Koudougou (Burkina Faso) for the Project of Action for the Rice Sector ( PAFR)

    - Energy audit of the administration buildings of the National Office of Telecommunications (ONATEL), Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso

    - Hydraulic and environmental impact study of the main road Zinder-Agadez
  • Société Laitière du Niger (SOLANI) - Technicien Supérieur de Maintenance

    2001 - 2001 -Technicien / Électromécanique
    -Maintenance des différentes installations: conditionneuses, chaine de froid, pompes....



    Fontainebleau 2007 - 2008 Evaluation Economique des Projets Miniers

  • 2iE Groupe EIER/ETSHER (Ouagadougou)

    Ouagadougou 2002 - 2004 Hydraulique & Equipement Rural
  • Ecole Des Mines Et De L'Industrie (Niamey)

    Niamey 1999 - 2001 Maintenance Industrielle
  • Lycée Technique Dan Kassawa (Maradi)

    Maradi 1996 - 1998 Sciences et Techniques (Série E)


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