En résumé

I have strong and concrete experience leading Finance Sectors for Holding and Multinational Groups in Construction & Engineering, Heavy Manufacturing, Global Retail, Operator Telecom and Power Generations Sectors … My Overseas experiences dive from Africa, GCC countries also Europe whish had shaped my ability to stand the Success of the Multinational Firms I had worked for it.
Over my tenure I have hold multiple Chief Financial Officer position in finance sector using strong knowledge of Corporate Financial Strategic Planning and Cash Flow Management, Tax and Fiscal Domination, ERP systems Analyzer, Board Level management Governance and Leading my Ex Groups to Initial Public Offering IPO, also Fluent speaking of Arabic, English, French and Spanish languages.

Mes compétences :
Finance d'entreprise
Management d'équipes
Financial Statements
Assembly Plants
overseas experience
its implementation
Treasury experience
Large experience
Languages Skills
International Financial Reporting
Internal Audit
High Voltage
Functional Skills
Foreign Exchange
Financial Analysis
Bank Reconciliations
Financial Statements/Financial Reports
Strategic Top Management
Budgets & Budgeting
Cash Flows
Cash Flow Analysis
Initial Public Offerings
new implementation
Cost Control
Joint Venture
Operational Expenditure
Tax Returns
Capital Expenditures
Budget implementation
Claims Financial Management
Corporate Finance Experience
Cost Analysis
Cost management
Fiscal Management
Process Design
Strategic Planning


  • Green Modeling Contracting - Chief Financial Officer

    2017 - maintenant 006/2017 -now: Chief Financial Officer –Green Modeling Contracting – Contracting - Dubai UAE -Reporting to The Company CEO.
  • POWER HOLDING - Group Construction Chief Financial Officer

    2014 - 2017 : Group Construction Chief Financial Officer -Power Holding - Qatar & GCC countries
    I'm reporting to the Holding Group Share Holders (22 Billion QR yearly turnover projects)
    Notable Achievement:
    * 1- Coordinated effort to transition external Auditors TAG to achieve the Group Financial Statements which was not completed before in a challenged time for 12 Contracting Companies and selected E&Y as a new External Auditors.
    * 1- Creation of a series of Strategic Top Management Financial Reports and Budgeting all projects along with evolution of a complete Cash Flow Module, which impacted positively on the Group Decision Making.
    * 1- Worked on Rebuild and unified the ERP system using new implementation of ORACLE Fusion system for the construction Industry Sector.
    * 1- Working as the project pilot of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) going on, assuring the readiness in cooperation with the evaluators (Deloitte) and the external IPO Leaders consultants (EFG Hermes and GP Morgan Banks) also prepare all the internal environment financially to IPO going on for the group.
    * 1- Supervising Building a solid Business Plan for the next Five years for the group of Companies Financially with a solid Cash Flow forecasting.
  • Orascom Construction Industries - Country Financial Director -ORASCOM Construction

    Le Caire 2010 - 2014 I'm reporting to the Group CEO (10 Billion SAR yearly turnover, in Strategic Government projects).
    Selected Brief Achievement:
    * 1- Re-issuance of the Corporate Financial Policies within the company and assure its implementation.
    * 1- Build a new collection strategy and succeed in decrease of receivables by 25 % as a value and (-30 days) as a time, wish positively freed working Capital with more than 120 Million SR.
    * 1- Rebuild the Financial Cost control reports and assure the increase of the Company profitability.
    * 1- Reinforce the Human Capital of the Financial Department Team, in KSA with more Professional Talents.
  • Elsewedy Electric Transmission and Distribution Company and Elsewedy Cables Medium Voltage Factory i - Regional Financial Manager for Elsewedy Electric Transmission and Distribution Company and Elsewedy

    2008 - 2011 Regional Financial Manager for Elsewedy Electric Transmission and Distribution Company and Elsewedy Cables Medium Voltage Factory in Algeria (Based in Algier-Algeria)

    Elsewedy Algerian Company and factory executing four turnkey construction projects of high voltage electrical transmission lines all over Algeria.
    Reporting to the Group CEO.
    Selected Brief Achievement:
    1- Leading the Financial Procedures and implementing the Algerian Accounting standards for the Company besides supervising the dispatch of Accounting with the Joint Venture with other local Companies in Algeria (MAHDA- ELSEWEDY JV.
    2- Implementing a good Cost Control and Pricing of the Cables manufacturing wish leaded in improve the profit by (+12%).
    3- Dealing with a more than 35 Monthly Fiscal declaration without any single Fiscal penalty on both companies ( 0 Fiscal Penalties)
    4- Doing a Mapping system to coop with the IFRS standards and the Local Algerian Financial Standards , while Consolidate the Financial results of Both Companies in North Africa ( Algeria)
    5- Assure of Collection of the Company Receivables (decrease the CP from 60 Day to 30 day) to achieve a very good Cash Flow Model on the ground with the daily Business process.
  • VimpelCom Group - Chief Financial Officer & TELECEL Mobile Operator

    2006 - 2010 : Chief Financial Officer -TELECEL Mobile Operator -
    I am reporting to the CEO, leading the financial and administrative Department.
    Selected Brief Achievement:
    * 1- Reorganize the Financial Department structure and penetrate new sections such as revenue assurance and Regulatory relation accounting sections in the Department.
    * 1- Achieve a successful program for Rational decreasing the running OPEX (cost) of the Company wish lead to decrease of 35 % of the overall running Cost with a very good running case of the Business.
    * 1- Improve the collection system for the scratch Cards and new Bonus system for the Sales Dealers which affect an increase of 5% overall in the EBITA (Profit).
    * 1- Restructuring of the Company Capital, which lead of the Balance in the Equity of The Company and assure its continuity for the future.
    * 1- Reinforce the Cash Flow (re-agreement with the bank loans of new funds 2 Million US $ for financing new CAPEX)
    * 1- Evolution of the Business Plan and Budget implementation (3+9 review, 6+6 review) and control with a very high professional way to assure the Future right track of the Company.


  • Lydon State University (Cairo)

    Cairo 2010 - 2012 Master of Business Administration

    * Professional Financial Accountant Certificate (PFA) ;
    * Diploma of Managing Claims and Disputes in the Contracts from the American University in Cairo CLAC. ;
  • Lydon State University (Cairo)

    Cairo 1999 - 2002 Master of Business Administration

    * Professional Financial Accountant Certificate (PFA)
    * Certified Managerial Accountant CMA (Part 1- Old system)
    * High Diploma of Managing Financial Claims and Disputes in the Contracts from the American University in Cairo CLAC.
    * IFRS Financial Reporting Courses.
    Languages Skills
  • Helwan University (Cairo)

    Cairo 1990 - 1995 Diploma

    * IFRS Financial Reporting Courses.
    Languages Skills
    Major Finance
  • College La Sale (Cairo)

    Cairo 1981 - 1990 Master of Business Administration

    High School Graduated
    French Language School