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  • Votre honorable societé

  • Votre honorable societé

  • SITEP/ENI TUNISIA - Production supervisor in oil & gas

    2004 - 2010

    1999 - 2004 1999-2004: Drilling supervisor (allowed southern Elborma of Tunisia)
    Italy-Tunisian Company of oil exploitation (SITEP).

    - Supervision of Fort Worth Basin drilling operations.
    - Responsible for coordination with drilling contractors with regard to safety program, equipment needs, and rig performance.
    - Responsible for ensuring the engineering well plans are executed properly to produce quality well bores which allow optimum evaluation and production.
    - Coordination of rig assets and drilling schedule to maximize efficiency.
    - Work closely with corporate safety department.
    - Responsible for coordination of drilling schedule.

    Following a decline of drilling activity within the company, I transferred to the production division

    Since May 2004: production Supervisor SITEP Elborma

    - I ensure the completion of the work related to the good walk of the circuits of oil separation, of the treatment of gas, the storage of oil and gas.
    - I ensure the completion of the work of control, measurements, maintenance of the installations and the equipment of production, accounting all the parameters of production of the field.
    - Starting and followed test of the eruptive well, pumping and gas top spin
    - I control the work of the following instruments: separator of oil, Echo meter, sonic meter, multiphase meter,
    - Analysis of the crude samples at the laboratory (WC, salinity, iron, corrosion...)
    - Supervise of operations on wells, coil tubing, Acidification, cementing, chemical injection products
    -Supervise the shift operations and associated activities so that they achieve QHSE, Integrity, Assurance and Operational goals
    - Reviews operations/Quality Control procedures, making recommendations for more efficient and/ or safer operation, and procedures for special tasks which could affect the safety of the installation using , modern technique, Risk Assessment & Management.

    In July 2010, I started a new job, after this experiment multipurpose drilling and production of oil on site, management has been transferring me to headquarters to serve the local and international purchase of SITEP as procurement Office.


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