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Graduate in Accounting and Finance, I was responsible for leading a scheduling cell or my main mission was the development of the operating and investment budget. My ambition and my desire to enrich my knowledge in the field of oil and gas have allowed me a conversion to accounting hydrocarbons. My adaptability and my dynamism were a real asset that served me in mastering this job. Currently I lead a team with whom I share my experience in this field.

Mes compétences :
Balance Sheet
Microsoft Excel
development of the operating and investment budget
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Office
Inventory Management
International Financial Reporting
International Accounting Standards


  • Sonatrach - Hydrocarbon allocation and accounting

    2010 - maintenant : Hydrocarbon Allocation and Accounting at Sonatrach
    Hassi Messaoud

    * Checking of the integrity of source data supplied by the measurement systems before use in the system of accounting Hydrocarbon. ;
    * Establish balance sheets of production, injection and reinjection by production unit and by perimeter (crude oil, LPG, condensate, refined products, gas and water). ;
    * Check of the coherence between the hourly reception of the crude oil towards centre's production and production calculated from balance sheets. ;
    * Consolidation of balances sheets of centre's production and peripheral fields and the operations realized on wells ;
    * Validation of balance sheets and loading data and comments in the dashboard ;
    * Study & analysis loss of production due to plant malfunction and expedition restrictions. ;
    * Preparation of periodic reports production (crude oil, LPG, propane, butane, condensate, gasoline, gas oil, kerosene), water injection, gas reinjection and gas flaring. ;
    * Preparation of plans initial forecasts and revised in the short and medium term and updating according to new constraints ;
  • Sonatrach - Financial Accountant

    2008 - 2010 Hassi Messaoud

    * Elaboration of the revised and initial operating and investment budget with
    explanation and interpretation of variances
    * Verification, monitoring and scheduling of bills ;
    * Approval procedure and acquisition of chemical products ;
    * Consumption and stock balances sheets of chemicals products and oils ;
    * Industrial water consumption report ;
  • Salvetro - Administrator Supervisor

    2007 - 2008 : Administrator Supervisor (Transport Company) TFT-In Amenas Sonatrach
    * Management of transport equipment ;
    * Management of fuel supply ;
  • Sonatrach TFT - Storekeeper

    2002 - 2002 * Operation of inventory management ;


  • UMMTO (Tizi Ouzou)

    Tizi Ouzou 2000 - 2004 Masters Degree


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