Alexandre BENHAMOU


En résumé

Consultant / Senior Manager avec plus de 15 ans d’expérience dans le conseil, les consumer electronics, les SI et les Télécoms.

Pratique et management dans:
- la direction d'équipes multiculturelles et internationales
- le développement d'une practice de conseil en services télécoms et la réalisation de missions de conseil à l'international (marketing produit, coaching grands projets, définition d'offres, études de marché, modélisation)
- le conseil en management pour SSII ( RH, relations sociales, restructurations, offre, organisation des ventes et de la direction technique, marketing)
- l'ingénierie de services télécoms, dans l'exploitation, les opérations et le déploiement de réseaux,
- la mise en place de services offshore,
- le développement d'affaires dans les télécoms, les produits electroniques et à l'international,
- les produits electroniques: design, production, assemblage et logistique,

MBA de la Columbia Business School et de la London Business School (EMBA-Global)

Citoyennetés française et brésilienne

Mes compétences :
Business Plan


  • Koobe Design House - General Manager Europe, Head of EMEA & LATAM Business Development

    Taipei 2012 - maintenant Incorporating Koobe Europe
    Openning Key accounts in France (Tier1 Service Providers)
    Recruiting agents and local presales
  • * private * - Business Development and Corporate Strategy Consultant

    2012 - maintenant For multiple IT services companies; (under NDA, references on demand)
    open reference: Koobe Design House

    Market analysis, strategy plan and business plan modeling

    International and corporate development
    Researches for acquisitions in emerging countries.
    Due diligence of Brazilian IT companies.
    Corporate Valuation
    planning of merging operations.

    Corporate Structure and operations :
    Service centers (Nearshore, Offshore), fixed-rate contracts transition from technical assistance, internal process, IT structure, pre-sales support, training, knowledge management.
    Selection of new CRM, ERP, HR and staffing solutions.
    New sales and recruitment process
  • Koobe Design House - International Business Development Consultant

    Taipei 2012 - 2012 Setting International Sales Network
    Acting as General Manager Europe and Head of Business Development
  • OneAccess Networks - Product Marketing Manager

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2011 - 2012
  • Netcentrex - Business Consulting and CPE Partnerships Manager

    2006 - 2010 See Comverse position as Netcentrex has been acquired by Comverse 6 months after my recruitment as Telecom Business Consultant
  • Comverse - Business Consulting and CPE Partnerships Manager

    Wakefield 2006 - 2010 Managed relations and partnerships with complementary Technology providers
    Managed and delivered worldwide consulting missions and presales workshops (Strategy, Marketing).
    Outsourced, recruited and organized Interoperability lab and services at Bangalore (India)
  • Neuf Cegetel - WholeSale Triple Play PreSales

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2005 - 2006 PreSales in charge of Triple Play and VoIP offers
  • Neuf Telecom - Service Engineering Department and Laboratory Manager

    2002 - 2005 Oversaw teams of up to 15 diverse engineers across multiple sites:
    - Merged successfully multiple teams over the years (cf., LDCOM/Neuf Telecom history)
    - Organized working process in the lab with guest engineers from Huawei, Foxconn and Nortel
    - Engineered the national ATM and DSLAM networks (>3 million users).
    - Validated all innovative services of Neuf Telecom like VoIP, Video over DSL or Convergent services (i.e.: VoIP Trunking and smart deployment in collaboration with OneAccess)
    - Managed the relation with Neuf Box’s supplier: Foxconn and supervised the supply chain from Taiwan to France (including RMA process)..
    - Setup and managed the laboratory of Neuf Telecom (250K euros of yearly budget)
  • LDCOM - Network Architect

    2002 - 2002 Once Belgacom-France merged into LDCOM.
    I joined Architects Engineer Team of LDCOM.

    - Managed and designed both ATM Network and Wireless Local Loop architectures.
    - Drafted major RFQ for renewal of LDCOM ATN Network (200M Euros budget) and cost models for LDCOM board
    - Managed relations with different providers like Alcatel-Newbridge, Nortel, Lucent and Marconi.
    - Organized the split of networks between Belgacom and Belgacom-FranceMain mission : RFQ on ATM network of LDCOM
  • Belgacom-France - Network Architect

    2001 - 2002 cf. Previous Role (reverse timeline)
  • Alcatel Newbridge - Technical Project Manager, Professional Services department

    2000 - 2001 Engineered and managed deployment of ATM Networks (i.e.: Belgacom-France)
  • French War Ministry - Information Technology Officer (Lieutenant),

    1999 - 2000 Supervised network support team and animated prospective group of General Officers on IT technologies
  • Alcatel - Test and Validation engineer

    Paris 1997 - 1999 SDH and NMS
  • RATP - IT engineer (software and database development)

    Paris 1996 - 1997


  • Columbia University Columbia Business School (New York)

    New York 2009 - 2011 Master in Business Administration

    Joint Global Executive Program with LBS, January 2011.
  • London Business School LBS (Londres)

    Londres 2009 - 2011 Master in Business Administration

    Joint Global Executive Program with Columbia Business School, January 2011.
  • Université Paris 2 Pantheon Assas

    Paris 2005 - 2006 Management et Economie de l'Industrie

    Mention Bien
  • CNAM

    Paris 2000 - 2005
  • Université Paris 6 Pierre Et Marie Curie UPMC

    Paris 1993 - 1996 Informatique

    Mention Assez Bien

    DEUTS Informatique