Alexandre HARCK


En résumé

In Guala Closures, I was responsible of NFC project and Scientific communication. Thanks to my Research in new Plastic Materials, inks, NFC and with the Marketing Communication Department, we succeeded to find a solution to put an NFC Antenna inside a Closure and create a IoT system between the brand owner and the final consumer. I also managed international meeting and I created new project with different collaborators (University and Companies) like 3D printing on 3 D substrate .
Ceramic materials and processes engineer, I have strong skills in the field of materials and their shaping, particularly in the field of thin layers materials, carbon crystallographic transitions and formatting massive parts. I gained a great adaptability to work in group, including multi-nationals, and rigor in research, that I was able to deepen in my PhD. During my engineering studies, I did an ERASMUS exchange in Castellón de la Plana (UJI), so I speak fluently Spanish (Castellano).

This PhD, supervised by XLIM laboratory in Limoges and defended in November 2014, allowed me to consolidate my knowledge in materials and to discover the field of microelectronics. I demonstrated an ability to quickly learn new skills in innovative areas. I achieved circuits responsive to business requirements through electromagnetic simulation (ADS Momentum and Circuit). Working in a clean room and the mastery of highly technological protocols (MJB4 photolithography, Spin-coating, Sputtering, E-beam, thermal evaporator, electrolysis, wet etching ...) allowed me to manufacture efficient micro-switches. Through an observation (optical microscope and SEM) of the quality of the thin layers and their resistance to RF, DC and thermal measurements, it was possible to increase the efficiency and performance of these components. My work has helped to develop a simple protocol compatible with the existing process for the production of electronic circuit incorporating RF-MEMS.

Mes compétences :
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Corel Draw Suite
Mesure d'antenne
Microscopie electronique
Analyseur de réseaux vectoriels
Salle Blanche
Diffractométrie des rayons X


  • Guala Closures Group - New Technologies Research Engineer

    2017 - 2017 • NFC (Near Fied Communication) antenna Integrated in different environments (Aluminium & Plastic)
    • Applied Research in new Plastic Materials and inks to create connecting Closures (IoT)
    • Co-creation of a web app with the Marketing Communication Department
    • Project Manager with University (i.e. : 3D printing on 3 D substrate) and Suppliers (NXP-Murata-Tosaf)...
  • Lycee Victor Hugo - Teacher of Physics and Chemistry

    Paris 2015 - 2016 Class 2nd & 1ere
  • Airbus - Design Engineer

    Blagnac 2011 - 2014 • Research PhD Thesis: " Design and Validation of RF-MEMS Wide Band Phase Shifters in Harsh Environments."
    • Manufacturing in cleaning room and RF & DC measurements of electronic components (RF-MEMS) for aerospace communications
    • Conception of phase shifter with ADS Momentum and validation in a space environment (Vibration, Temperature)
  • Imerys Ceramics France - R&D Engineer

    Paris 2011 - 2011 • Structural Evolution of carbon compounds fuses at different thermal treatment (XRD characterization)
    • Searching for a replacement fuse carbon compound in a black concrete (REACH)
    • Improved formulation of concrete to increase characteristics physical uncured and corrosion resistance
    • Compression/Flexion test and High thermal curing test