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I'm the founder of RHezO Consulting: a specialized recruiting firm connecting tech developers and startups that demand their expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, FullStack, and iOS/Android.

Since 2008, I’ve helped match hundreds of tech developers with exciting startups. In addition to connecting tech developers with jobs, I've advised on career development, as well as salary and market trends. The beauty of specializing in a niche is that I know it well. I'm happy to share my experiences and observations with developers and startups alike.

RHezO Technology is a sister company to RHezO Consulting, a software development firm.
We specialize in the design and development of smartphone applications, tablets and connected objects.

At RHezO Technology, we have developed software called AppEvent ( With AppEvent, you have the solution to manages your events with ease.

Mes compétences :
API Facebook
eZ Publish
réseaux sociaux
Ruby on rails
Typo 3


  • Rhezo Consulting - Founder & Recruitment Ruby on Rails, Python, FullStack, DevOps, Front End

    Paris 2011 - maintenant Connecting Tech Developers and the startups that demand their expertise.
    We believe our technical knowledge combined with our commitment to openness and transparency are the key ingredients for making the best matches amongst developers and startups.

    Some things we do differently:
    ★ No hidden opportunities. When we’re working with a developer or startup, we always share the identity of the developer or startup we’re connecting them with.
    ★ We can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Some developers and startups prefer our help when it comes to tasks like scheduling interviews or negotiating salary -- we are happy to do so but also happy to support your direct communication.
    ★ Our jobs are real. The startups under engagement with us are actively hiring. Wouldn’t we be wasting everyone’s time otherwise?
    ★ We’ll be honest, even if it’s not good news. We think feedback is important for developers and startups throughout the recruiting process. If a hire isn’t made, we share honest feedback to help both sides learn and inform a better fit in the future.

    We are hiring RubyonRails # FullStack # Python # iOS # Android developers with agile startups around the world:

    Contact me: 06 52 43 93 47 /
  • RHezO Technology - Founder

    2010 - maintenant Agency specializing in the design, development of software applications
    Our product: AppEvent (
  • Part'ners Consulting / Ellipse Consulting - Senior WEB Recruiter

    2007 - 2011 As a manager in the IT department I was involved in the Selection & Recruitment of Tech Developers who were looking for a challenging project.
    My mission was clear: putting the right tech developer on the right project. To achieve this challenging goal, I built strong relationships with professional tech developers in search of a project. By using adequate recruitment channels and conducting in-depth interviews, I was committed to finding the one candidate the client was looking for. I was consistently building a strong network of tech developers which enabled me to find the best match.

    Specialization :
    Full Ruby on Rails (Member of RoR community)
    Python Django
    FullStack JavaScript
    Symfony, Zend, Play, J2ME
    IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTML5/CSS3, JQuery
    Drupal, MagentoJoomla, Spip, Ez Publish, Typo 3, Zope, Plone
    NTIC J2ee, .Net
  • SSII / Cabinet de conseil IT et Organisation, Paris - IT Business Developer

    2005 - 2007 MyJob :
    - Defining job descriptions
    - Sourcing on job boards, social networks, direct approach, and co-opt
    - Qualifying candidates by phone and face-to-face interviews
    - Organization of the recruitment sessions
    - Technical tests for engineers
    - Update of CVTRACKER
    - Formatting and working with candidates to improve their resumes
    - Management and supply of dashboards following the standard ISO9001
    - Negotiating and editing work contracts
    - Integrating employees into new workplaces
    - Supplying the database with follow-up collaborators and subcontractors (Report of customers interviews, report of missions starting up, followed by the notation of the collaborators, balance assessments - technical and customers)



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