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  • Algoe Consultants - Project Management Consultant

    2008 - maintenant - Drew projects Work breakdown structures
    - Created organizational breakdown structures
    - Established both communication planning and project schedules
    - Reviewed project plans on a weekly basis, prepared and submitted weekly -status reports
    - Performed Cost Analyses on a variety of projects in an effective and timely manner
    - Defined context and limitations and communicated to the project lead any issue that may have impacted the team delivery
    - Acted as the primary support person for the project lead by coordinating all the project management activities across the sub-teams
  • Alchimer - Scientific project manager

    Massy 2006 - 2008 - Developed innovative electro grafting processes to create copper interconnects – electrochemical based processes – using Statistic factorial Design of Experiments settings
    - Effectively managed processes transfers within a leading edge environment at customers sites including France, Germany, Taiwan, and the United States of America
  • Alchimer - Industrialization and methods engineer

    Massy 2005 - 2006 - Responsible for the design of the initial process prototypes and production scaled models for a variety of projects including : skin care cream and copper based chemical solution for microelectronics industry
    - Found new ways to optimize and solve problems in the supply chain, which lead to a 50% reduction in manufacturing timeDeveloped analytical methods using Standard Operating Procedures based on ISO 9001 for instrument validation, raw materials quality checking and to approve batches quality
    - Successfully investigated incidents and non-conformances to determine root causes and developed corrective preventive actions
    - Designed chemical stability studies to ensure product quality over time
    - Coordinated between various teams including development, marketing and production to ensure the upmost efficient product possible
  • L'OREAL - Scientific project manager

    PARIS 2004 - 2004 - Performed a skin care cream cooling feasibility study and convinced the project lead to select a non-conventional heat exchanger that allows better quality emulsions

    - Quality control of both raw materials and batches (overtime)