Résultats examens 2022

En résumé

Mes compétences :
Négociation achats
Gestion de la relation client
Négociation commerciale
Gestion de projet


  • SFR Service Client - Manager in charge of new products and services launch

    2015 - maintenant Team management : 8 project managers & project officers

    In charge of launching new offers, products and services (mobile and Internet), within SFR Customer Care Direction :
    - cross functional projects management : marketing, communication, IT, supply
    - analysis of the risks and impacts on the Customer Care set-up, the tools, on the customer journey, the interface posture...
    - introducing customized solutions fitting to the project
    - coordination of the training of the customer service department (internal and external)

    Change management : business strategy, key orientations, digitalization
  • SFR Service Client - Customer Care Manager

    2014 - 2015 Team Management (4 people)
    Call Centers management, responsible for Key Performance & Quality Indicators
    In charge of contractual and financial scopes

    Lead of Red Brand CRM overhaul
  • SFR - Trade & Operations Manager

    2011 - 2013 - Trade & Operations Manager at SFR Handsets, Sim card, Licenses, Accessories Purchasing departement
    - Team management
    - In charge of supplier strategy
    - Responsible for purchasing budget and performance analysis
    - Trade Marketing lead
    - Cross fonctional project lead
  • SFR - Handsets and Sim Cards purchasing manager

    2008 - 2011 Responsible for all purchasing and relationship activities with handsets and sim cards suppliers : Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony, TCT, Modelabs, Gemalto, Oberthur Card System
    - Responsible for purchasing costs and inventory value
    - In charge of terms and conditions negotiations and sell-out activities
    - In charge of the on-line shop roadmap and purchases
    - Supply chain expertise : VMR-VMI
  • SFR - Key Account Manager

    2003 - 2008 Key Account Manager for :
    - Hyper and Supermarkets Chains and Bigbox stores (3 years) : Carrefour, Leclerc, Casino, Fnac, Conforama, Gitem
    - Wholesalers (2 years) : Audim, Brightpoint, Bardou

    - Customer Relation Management
    - In charge of a range of products : promotion and sell out activities negotiation, trade marketing and handsets subvention budgets
    - Commercial interface for Marketing, Logistics, After-sales and Financial departments
    - Setting up and development of 3 new stores chains : Vivre Mobile, Telecom 1 and Avelis (80 pos) : contractual framework negotiation and shops implantation lead
    - In charge of the semestrial retailers hotline satisfaction survey (Sofres)
    - Category Manager for carrefour
  • SFR - Key Account Manager

    1998 - 2003 Key Account Manager for prepaid cellphone cards

    - Part of the setting up and the development of a new department within SFR for the elaboration, commercialisation, promotion and sales of the prepaid cell phone cards
    - Responsible for the customer relation management with Purchasing Departments of gas station companies, mail orders companies, French wholesalers for convenience stores, bookshops and librairies
    - In charge of the management of the 1st sales' pilot in 20 Post Offices
    - In charge of terms and conditions negotiation, promotion tools, training session animations, trade fair organisation and animation
    - Commercial interface with marketing, Logistics, After Sales and Financial departments
  • TDR - Account Manager

    1995 - 1997 -Sales Demonstrator (6 months), Sales Engineer (1 year), Sales Manager Paris IDF west (1,5 year) : 200 pos - management of 3 sales engineers
    - Product ranging (Tam-Tam), Go To Market negotiation



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