Audrey LELEU


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Mes compétences :
terms & conditions
tailored support
clients/senior stakeholders management
Request for Proposal
Managed the creation
Managed the advert publications
Manage the bid process
Manage multiple priorities
International Law
Intellectual Property Law
Corporate Law
Contract Law
Banking & Finance Law


  • Bolloré - Bid Development Coordinator

    Puteaux 2016 - maintenant Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport & logistics.

    * Analyse and respond to Invitation to Tenders, Pre-qualifications, Requests for Proposal, Request for
    Quotation, Clarifications and similar documents. Manage the bid process from start to finish.
    * Allocate work to technical, compliance, legal, pricing and regional departments, liaising with Bolloré
    Logistics' teams in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Manage multiple priorities, ensuring
    challenging deadlines are met.
    * Collaborate with commercial, legal and operational staff to meet client requirements. ;
    * Liaise with internal divisions to form and administer the development of products. ;
    * Provide and maintain a library of proposal documents, `skill centres' and other assets. ;
    * Produce internal reporting, statistics and analysis

    Human Resources/ Recruitment Coordinator, London, UK
  • Altran - Human Resources/ Recruitment Coordinator

    2015 - 2015 • Managed the advert publications and updates according to the company needs, per industry
    • Sourced candidates and conducted interviews
    • Liaised with the Recruitment , Business Managers and Finance Teams of the company in the UK, when receiving a request for contract: check approvals , Purchase of Order and details of the request
    • Drafted employment contracts for both UK hire and international hires: agreements for contractors, permanent and fixed term contracts, confidentiality agreements, conditional offers, extension of contracts, etc
    • Managed the new starter process: contracts, new starter pack including for International hires, on boarding, induction
    • Liaised with contractors; in charge of all contractors files from the start to the end of employment
    • Ensure the correct application and consistency of the Altran Talent Management Process and its “Career Mapping” grading tool.
    • Collaborated on the improvement of the recruitment process: contracts, offer letter, efficiency of HR/recruitment international processes
    • Managed the creation of candidates' profiles according to Altran’s standards before submission to the Group's clients.
    • Created and issued an internal guide on the Recruitment Administrator role and the internal HR/Recruitment processes.
  • French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain - Human Resources/ Recruitment Officer

    2014 - 2015 The Chamber accompanies companies in their development and growth in the UK.

    * Advised staff on personal and professional development and co-ordinate internal HR processes

    * Managed recruitment campaigns from meetings with clients/senior stakeholders management,
    liaised on terms & conditions and contracts, drafted, issued and managed job descriptions on various
    online medias, sourced candidates, conducted candidate interviews, gave presentations to the clients,
    and negotiated salaries
    * Consolidated strong relationships with Franco-British Universities as part of the International Mobility
    Programme of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain
    * Organised one to one consulting sessions with students and professionals to provide CV and career
    advice, including tailored support to Expat Spouses (International Mobility Program)
    * Worked alongside the Head of Department to deliver monthly and annual reports of the


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