En résumé

Multicultural coach, acting as a catalyst of your best as individual and teams !

Mes compétences :
Collective intelligence
Emotionnal Intelligence
Executive Coaching
Non Violent Communication


  • CANSAT project, Carleton - CanSAT Electrical engineering team

    maintenant CANSAT is an AAS /AIAA competition to design and build an autonomous cansat:
    - Transversal solutions, embedded electronics, altitude determination
    - Ground Control Station Interface trade off
    - Feasibility study of operating the CanSat with solar power only.
  • Self Employed - Multicultural Coach

    2015 - maintenant Multicultural Coaching:
    Executive coaching - teams & individuals

  • NATO Communication and Information Agency (TeamSAIC Contractor) - System Engineer

    2011 - 2015
  • EADS Astrium Space Transportation - Complex Systems Architect

    Blagnac 2011 - 2015
  • EADS Astrium Space Transportation - Astrium Space Plane Internship

    Blagnac 2009 - 2009 - Modelisation and simulation of the Astrium SpacePlane electrical network with SABER
    - Design of average and switching models for power network elements
    - Modelling and analyzing different configurations of the Spaceplane
    - Dynamics of the power network studies
  • EADS Astrium Space Transportation - Thrust Vector Control Engineer

    Blagnac 2009 - 2012
  • ESF association, Students Without Borders - Project manager of Africa mission

    2008 - maintenant Vice president of the humanitarian association ESF (Polytech' Annecy Chambery)
    Project manager of Africa mission in Dori, Burkina Faso
    - Recuperation of computers and customization according to specific needs of Dori's schools
    - Installation of computers in schools, training for maintenance and use of PC of local teachers and students
    - Training at the Dori Women’s House
    - Twinning committee events organization and sponsors finding[pS]=1199142000&tx_ttnews[pL]=31622399&tx_ttnews[arc]=1&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=86&tx_ttnews[backPid]=80&cHash=b395268cbbd61fe4ecd4c31b6cc51f6f
  • ICWES 14 - Organisation team

    2008 - maintenant ICWES14, International Conference of Women Engineer and Scientists, France, 15-18 July 2008
    - Organisation of panel discussions about inspirational role models with outstanding carrer path
    - Organisation of conferences of international scientists
    - Networking events
  • LISA Airplanes - Intern

    Le Bourget du Lac Cedex 2006 - maintenant Work on the Akoya, only aircraft able to land on water, ground, and snow.
    - Tests and modifications leading to the first flight of the Akoya prototype
    - Participation in the validation tests of the hydrofoils
    - Redaction of a technical presentation of the Akoya
    - Investigations to emphasize differences between the Akoya and a similar amphibian aircraft
  • The Fighter Collection - Warbirds maintenance trainee

    2005 - maintenant The Fighter Collection operates, rebuilds and maintains Europe's largest collection of airworthy WWII aircraft and is based at Duxford Airfield, in the UK.
    - Maintenance, operational tasks and restoration of warbirds within the TFC team.
  • Des Ailes et Des Hommes - Aeronautical reporter

    2003 - 2006 Aeronautical reporter in France and England occasionnaly:
    - Publication of several articles about pilot experiences, flight test of a MS 733, Warbird restoration, Royal Air Force museum (UK), The Fighter Collection (UK),Air shows, French military helicopter squadron...