Ben Brahim SLIM


En résumé

I am a Tunisian engineer specialized in poultry management

My experience include managing poultry projects in Tunisia and in the sub-Saharan Africa (day old chicks production (from breeding to the Hatchery), broilers and layers production management)

Mes compétences :
Technical support
staff management
litter quality management
Visual Basic
Team building
Staff Development and Training
Production management
Problem solving
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Appropriate selection


  • SOPAT - Field Technical Advisor

    2018 - maintenant I guarantee field support to about fourty integrated broilers farms (both dynamic and static ventilation systems. Either fully automated drinking and feeding system or manual equipment)

    I provide technical support and advices on aspects of biosecurity, health and technical management of the flocks

    I m keeping record and analyzing flock’s performances by a visual basic software I developed to the company I work for

    Broiler breeds we manage: Arbor Acres, F15, Cobb500, Ross308, JV
    Average monthly production: 400 000 chicken
  • MC - Poultry Project Manager

    2016 - 2018 I was managing a commercial layers project based in Congo - kinshasa

    My responsibilities included:

    - Driving continuous improvement both in rearing and production processes, ensuring that biological performance of the birds is maximised by following best practices in poultry management, bird welfare and bio-security procedures

    - Handling and taking accountability for all aspects of farm performance and staff management

    The facilities was equipped with the most up to date feeding, ventilation and egg collection systems providing a great platform for achieving high levels of production performance

    Housing capacity: 500 000 birds
    Staff: Twenty workers, three technicians, and a veterinarian
  • Abattoir avicole du nord-Zaghoan, Tunisia - Integrated poultry project manager

    2014 - 2016 I was managing broiler breeders flocks both in breeding and in production houses, boilers and broilers hatchery
    Project components:
    - Three semi-automated (dynamic ventilation, manual nesting system) broiler breeders houses of about 5 500 birds each one
    - Eleven fully automated broilers houses of about 15 000 birds each one
    - Chick master hatchery of about 160 000 hatching eggs monthly capacity

    I was managing a staff of about thirty workers and three technicians
  • CHAHIA - Broilers and layers breeders technical manager

    2011 - 2014 I was managing the broiler breeders flocks both in breeding and in production houses (twelve units of about 8500 housed hen each one)
    For the first two years, before the extension of the broiler units, I had three layer breeders units to manage with six broiler breeders houses
    I had about forty workers and three technicians under my supervision
    I introduced the SPIN FEEDER system for the first time in Tunisia
    I used the artificial insemination in the broiler breeders in the cages for the first time in Tunisia


  • ESHE Chott Meriem - ESAM Mateur (Sousse - Mateur)

    Sousse - Mateur 2001 - 2006 Animal husbandry engineer

    ESHE Chott Meriem:
    Deux ans à l'école préparatoire spécialité biologie - géologie
    ESAM Mateur:
    Trois ans de formation en sciences de la production animale - Ingénieurie dans les systèmes de production des animaux de rente: élevages bovins, élevages ovins, élevages caprins, aviculture, cuniculture, apiculture et les cultures annexes aux diverses spéculations sus mentionnées


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