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Gérant d'Entreprise De Prévention Des Risques Professionnels
06 years experiance
1 Prepare Safety procedures / Check lists for Hazardous operations.
2 Prepare Emergency Response Procedure, set up and train Emergency response team, train all the Employees of the Response procedure, procure and locate response equipment.
3.Extensive knowledge in Loss Prevention, Risk assessment and Safety Procedures.
4. Strong in industrial relation, Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, Able to control and maintain strict disciplines in vital.
5. Organize ideas into action plans, Ability to work in team and individual
Additional Information:
• Defensive Driving – Company Training Courses [ BENTINI]
• Quality Management Training - Company Training Course
• Hazard Recognition - Company Training Courses
• Permit To Work System
• Advanced Safety Audit
• Accident / Incident Investigation
• Supervising For Safety - Company Training Courses
• Electrical Safety - Company Training Courses
• Scaffolding Supervisor
• P.P.E
• Rigging
• Confined Spaces
• Excavation
• Environment
• Fire extinguisher

Mes compétences :
Risk Assessment
Auditeur Environnement


  • Universite

  • ENAGEO - Conseiller HSE

    QUIMPER 2010 - maintenant 1. Prepare all reports and statistics (weekly – monthly – accidents/incident –near miss) to submit to the client.
    2. Implement HSE plan safety procedures for all construction
    3. Design all reports format by the computer.
    4. Protect and secure the construction sites.
    5. Prepare Risk Assessment / JHA Jobsite Hazardous Analysis.
    6. Provided preliminary orientation training for the newly recruited labors to be ready to work at construction sites.
    7. Prepare the reports and schedules for safety activities.
    8. Prepare the fire evacuation, emergency and medical plans.
  • MES , BENTINI , ENTREPOSE.ENAGEO - Superviseur HSE , Adjoint manager HSE , Manager HSE, HSE Advisor

    2009 - 2011 HSE Supervisor in M.E.S. Algeria is a growing Algerian enterprise, specialized in assembling, and/or maintaining Oil and industrial infrastructures, expertise and inspection works, monitoring and supervision services.
    BENTINI(Adjoint manager HSE)
    ENTREPOSE ( manager HSE)
    ENAGEO ( HSE Advisor)

    1)Support in the provision of technical expertise on all aspects of HSE Management
    2)Coordinate and participate in the development and implementation of HSE Management Systems and, through line management, to achieve the HSE goals and objectives of the Company.
    3)Participate in the formulation of the HSE goals and objectives of the Company and the development of plans to achieve the agreed objectives.
    4)Inspect all places of work to ensure that safe systems of work are being employed in accordance with HSE policies & procedures; submit an inspection report and advice on remedial actions to maintain high standards
    5)Investigate accidents, report and make recommendations to avoid recurrence.
    6)Assist in HSE audits and inspection of facilities.
    7)Submit a weekly safety report with accident and near miss statistic.
    8)Ensure that written instructions on safety emergency procedures are maintained up to date and complete.
    9)Attend various HSE meetings, including monthly HSE meeting to ensure sufficient and effective interchange of information on HSE.
    10)Conduct exercises and ensure personnel awareness of the HSE Plan and standards.
    Training course of FYP within SONATRACH DP Hassi R' mel on the topic (2008):Studies Of the Risks Sets fire , Explosion Of Electric origin on the level de(MPP0),
    Training course practices within SONATRACH DP Hassi R' mel on the topic (2007): Procedures of safety and maintenance on the level of CSTF,
    International seminar:(SKIKDA 17/18/19/01/2006)
    First days international on:
    The industrial risk and their environmental impacts.
    International seminar:(ORAN 25/01/2009)
    Defense in impact strength on the topic:
    Studies Of the Risks Sets fire, Explosion Of Electrique origin on the level of(MPP0),
    National seminar (BATNA 27/28/04/2009)
    Days of national studies on the topic: Environment and working conditions.


  • Institut D'Hygiène Et Sécurité Indutrielle BATNA Ingénieur (Tebessa-Bir El Ater)

    Tebessa-Bir El Ater 2001 - 2008 Gestion des risques


    Gestion des risques - Manager HSE


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