En résumé

Dynamic and oriented teacher of English committed to motivate students through teaching the fundamentals of English learning. Prompt the student to achieve their specific needs, the communicative approach and also to meet and respond to their the expectations

I am graduated at the Algerian university in 1996, I followed a 5 week training at the University Of Delaware USA in 2005 and I taught for 6 months in BASRA ( IRAK ) in 2013. I have almost ten years’ extensive experience of teaching English I am highly interested to find a challenging position to put into practice my excellent communication skills and organizational experience .I am ready to accept any position you think may suit my profile mainly as a skilled, dynamic and oriented teacher of English, committed to motivate students through teaching the fundamentals of English learning. I am able to act as a translator or any administration position that may come up. My career has allowed me to gain experience and skills in perfect harmony with my position. Extremely strong and passionate about this business areas, and would put my technical knowledge and my proficiency to your company. I currently work for an Oil and Gas company named ( Groupement Sonatrach / Anadarko, Algeria ) . I teach the local staff, English language offering knowledge of practical approach and modern teaching methods along with sound ability to maintain classrooms development. This approach creates, leads and develops working relationships to help trainees get the most from all aspects of English language for business. Based on client needs I have a variety of methods available in order to respond to the trainees’ needs and requirements.


Teach general English language, business and technical English mainly in oil and petroleum companies by employing interactive study methods to attain the lesson objectives. • Plan lessons and create and implement programme of study conducive to teaching English as a foreign language • Establish clear objectives for all lessons and projects • Promote general well being and progress of all learners • Provide appraisal and review of individual student performances
My strong motivation, my analytical mind, my organizational abilities and my qualities are my greatest assets. It is in this context that I would bring you a significant added value in terms of expertise, service quality and satisfaction, with the prospect of change to lead my trainees at the highest competitive background.
Ability to: interpret and apply agency policies, procedures, rules and regulations; establish and maintain effective working relations with individuals, groups, and representatives of other organizations; explain to participants, decision, and share constructive feedback to ensure continual quality improvement.
Moreover, I have excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills in English, French and Arabic which would enable me to manage a class of multicultural learners. Above all, I possess good organization abilities, and enthusiastic and committed towards my work and responsibilities. My enclosed resume contains more details about my qualifications and skills which suitably match your requirements

Mes compétences :
Dynamic and oriented teacher of English committed


  • Groupement Berkine Hassi Messaoud - Formateur anglais

    2003 - maintenant Prendre en charge de former et d’animer des cours pour un public divers : étudiants, adultes et enfants. Très expérimenté et dynamique, ayant une pédagogie innovante. J`aime le contact avec les gens avec une expérience de la formation en anglais individuel et en petit groupe.
    L’objectif : permettre aux stagiaires l’accès ou le maintien dans une situation d’activité ou d’emploi.

    • prépare et anime des actions de formation,
    • contribue à l’élaboration de dispositifs de formation, adapte éventuellement des parcours aux besoins des personnes et aux contraintes,
    • accompagne les stagiaires durant leur parcours,
    • participe à l’évaluation.

    Dans la pratique de se métier, l’objectif principale est d’être l`intermédiaire entre le stagiaire et les apprenants . de transmission de savoirs et savoir-faire.
    Ma responsabilité comprend donc à permettre aux stagiaires de co-construire leur parcours de formation pour atteindre les compétences et les objectifs visés. Développer des pédagogies adaptées, souvent plus pratiques qu’académiques, qui valorisent l’expérience des stagiaires pour leur donner confiance en eux.

    Mon expérience professionnelle . ma aussi permise d`avoir des connaissances considérables en Anglais technique, en HSE, catering et autres.


Pas de formation renseignée