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Now looking for a new challenging career and business opportunities!

I have a passion and desire to produce and ship high quality business solutions using
Cutting-edge technology in agile teams with highly experienced professionals.

Born and bred in France, working in Switzerland since 2000.

Previously employed by Pactera Schweiz AG as a Senior Solution Architect and certified Scrum Master.

Awarded with a secondary school diploma +5 years of College of Computer Engineering.

Love learning languages (fluent in German & English beside French of course ;-)) and meeting interesting people for work and pleasure.

Latest resume

PGP: DF52 ADDA C81A 08A6

Mes compétences :
Design Patterns
Extreme programming
Java j2ee
Regular Expressions
Web Services
Vehicle insurance > Car insurance
Product Development
Personal Home Page
Microsoft Excel
JavaServer Faces
Java Server Pages
Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine
Apache WEB Server
Apache Maven
software development
new Life Insurance product development
Unit testing
Team Management
Spring Framework
Scrum Methodology
Python Programming
Project Architecture development
Penetration Testing
Oracle PL/SQL
Object Oriented Analysis/Design
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft C-SHARP
Microsoft .NET Technology
Load testing
Life insurance
Java Native Interface (JNI)


  • - Founder CTO Blockchain Fintech

    2020 - maintenant Distributed finance development partner
    Enabling financial services for the digital and machine economy – no crypto currencies!

    The Bohem vision and the BaaS 2.0 concept have their roots in a variety of fintech and challenger bank projects, and is one of our main answers to the question where banking evolves to in the years to come.

    ✔ Building the next generation connection for financial services between banks and ecosystem, platforms, supply chains and financial services industry distributors.
    ✔ Providing a joint digital operating environment to these connecting parties, with a tailored private shared infrastructure
    ✔ That allows the parties to fully leverage the benefits of DLT at full regulatory compliance, and without using crypto currencies.

    The spirit of Bohem is decentralised. As such Bohem runs a network of contributors for different functions and skills. This allows us to line up an optimal face off to your project.
  • - Founder & CEO Blockchain Advisory Disruptr GmbH

    2019 - maintenant Wherever your industry moves assets/money, stores assets, lends assets, trades assets, attests to assets, accounts for assets…

    Our Blockchain Advisory Service is aimed at small, medium and large enterprises planning to develop and implement a solution based on a Blockchain environment.

    - We help companies to transform their business models and change how they create and capture value
    - We identify together new distributed opportunities using blockchain
    - We implement Proof of concept or complete project to demonstrate the advantages

    We offer
    ✔ Corda & Ethereum development
    ✔ Corda/Ethereum/Hyperledger Fabric network hosting in Switzerland / Amazon AWS
    ✔ Conception and realization of PoC and MVP
    ✔ Smart Contract auditing
    ✔ Blockchain courses and training
    ✔ DLT Project management
    ✔ Market Analysis
  • - Early Stage Agri-Fintech Blockchain

    2019 - maintenant We are designing an immutable Land Lease Ledger (LLL based on R3 Corda) where the involved parties can enter agreements which are fed by historic land usage data, trusted events and benefit from a data-driven revenue and risk sharing mechanisms.

    I am currently working on:
    ✔ Business model,
    ✔ Market analysis,
    ✔ Immutable Land Lease Ledger
    ✔ Parametric insurance smart contract
    ✔ Pitching to investors
  • Tokengate - Senior Blockchain Consultant

    2018 - 2019 Tokengate is a Product of DSENT AG is a 100% subsidiary of inacta AG who is specialist in enabling the token economy by providing an open platform Tokengate for ICOs, STOs and token based business models. Tokengate integrates KYC, AML, ESCROW and Token Generation, as well as client on-boarding for banks and exchanges in a fully compliant way. More on

    I was responsible as a developer for:
    ✔ ICO/STO platform Tokengate development (React/Redux, NodeJS, Typescript, Mongo dB, docker, CodeShip)
    ✔ Onboarding KYC/AML platform for banks. (Compliance checks BitRank, Pythagoras, Bisnode, KYC Intrum)
  • - Founder & CEO

    2018 - maintenant is a blog / digital playground where Cédric keep track of new developments in the distributed ledger technology space and present all his experimentation and tools, promoting the understanding of digital currencies and assets.

    I’ve created innovative analysis like:
    ✔ ICO, STO, IEO statistics
    ✔ Blockchain Consensus encyclopedia
    ✔ ICO Token distribution
    ✔ ICO friendliness rating index by country
    ✔ Blockchain Consensus Map
    ✔ Blockchain smart contract platforms comparator
    Token Canvas and more…
  • Stutz Coin - Stutz Core Member - OSS project

    2017 - 2018 TUTZ is a community-driven fun cryptocurrency that aims to be widespread in Switzerland. We are a nonprofit and fun-first project that evolved from a Telegram group about Altcoins. A group of enthusiasts formed a core team with developers, community marketers and advisors. In the good helvetic spirit we try to stay as far away from hierarchy as we can and as community-driven as possible.

    STUTZ will be a Litecoin clone.
    A total of 129.1bn coins.
    STUTZ uses PoW Scrypt
    Block time: 1 min
    Name of the genesis block Rütliblock
    Ticker symbol: STZ
    Smallest unit = Räppli, 1K STZ = Ameisi, 1m STZ = Chischte

    ★★★★★ Author of Airdrop tool (GPL v3) in Node.js
    ★★★★★ Webpage
    ★★✰✰✰ Digital currency Stutz (MIT) in C++
  • Inacta AG - Senior Blockchain Consultant

    2017 - 2019 Work with a team of blockchain engineers and architects to design, build and implement customized smart contracts and other blockchain applications for corporates, financial institutions and startups in Switzerland.
    Assist with consulting and advisory of technology leaders in e.g. the financial and insurance industries on the use cases of blockchain applications based on specific requests.
    Support collaboration efforts with blockchain startups and the Crypto Valley ecosystem.

    I was responsible as a developer for:
    ✔ STO Ethereum Token development (OpenZeppelin),
    ✔ Add 600+ unit test in Coreledger AG Ethereum 10k line solidity
    ✔ Solidity Code Audits (, Etherisc, …)
    ✔ Solution architecture BlueNote
    ✔ CVVC Cryptovalley Maps (CH, SIN, Dubai) development + content
    ✔ Telegram Bot @CryptoValleyEcosystemBot
  • Helvetia Assurances - Consultancy Senior Software Engineer

    2017 - 2017 ✔ Support Helvetia ePlatform EPL4 go to production,
    ✔ Modernizing with Continuous integration / Continuous delivery the Helvetia B2C/B2B group portal running with Adobe Adobe Experience Manager (AEM - CQ5)
    ✔ Major changes to 22 Git repositories /40 builds - Reducing build/deployment complexities by 90% ...

    ★★★★★ Redesign build pipeline & deliverable
    ★★★★★ Apache Maven redesign
    ★★★★★ Continuous integration/delivery
  • Helvetia Assurances - Consultancy Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017 ✔ Integration of the new Java msg.ProductManager (msg.PM server run-time for calculation in NL-Offer (previously done using C++ wrapper/JNI)
    ✔ J2EE Java developer
    ✔ Service Oriented Architecture SOA
    ✔ Deployment CI/CD
  • Helvetia Assurances - Consultancy Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2016 ✔ Enabling 6 mission critical application of Helvetia ePlatform (180 eclipse projects) to use the latest technologies (SVN->Git, Java 5->8, Tomcat 5->8, jUnit 3.8->5, log4j 2, latest Apache POI),
    ✔ continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD), ANT->Maven modularization,
    ✔ release management, Docker based deployment, Leveraging Spring Batch, Splunk & Liquibase.

    ► NLOffer: Non Life offering system
    ► ePAKT occupational benefit scheme -
    ► KUBI: Kundenauskunftssystem für Sachbearbeiter. Der Sachbearbeiter bekommt, entsprechend seiner Berechtigung, die Daten des Kunden, wie Name, Anschrift, bestehende Versicherungspolicen und Schadenfälle angezeigt. Die Daten werden regelmässig vom Host in das Onlinesystem übernommen und entsprechend aufbereitet.
    ► EVN: Elektronischen Verarbeitung Nachweis inkl. Personenverwaltung
    ► SES: single sign on application
    ► Admin Desk: managed login administration web console
  • Helvetia Versicherungen - Consultancy Senior Solution Engineer

    2016 - 2016 Enabling 6 mission critical application of Helvetia ePlatform (180 eclipse projects) to use the latest technologies (SVN->Git, Java 5->8, Tomcat 5->8, jUnit 3.8->5, log4j 2, latest Apache POI), continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD), ANT->Maven modularization, release management, Docker based deployment, Leveraging Spring Batch, Splunk & Liquibase.

    ► NLOffer: Non Life offering system
    ► ePAKT occupational benefit scheme -
    ► KUBI: Kundenauskunftssystem für Sachbearbeiter. Der Sachbearbeiter bekommt, entsprechend seiner Berechtigung, die Daten des Kunden, wie Name, Anschrift, bestehende Versicherungspolicen und Schadenfälle angezeigt. Die Daten werden regelmässig vom Host in das Onlinesystem übernommen und entsprechend aufbereitet.
    ► EVN: Elektronischen Verarbeitung Nachweis inkl. Personenverwaltung
    ► SES: single sign on application
    ► Admin Desk: managed login administration web console
  • Pactera Switzerland AG - Senior Solutions Architect

    2014 - 2016 Innoveo has developed the insurance multi-channel sales solution Innoveo Skye® that will continue to be enhanced and supported as an industry leading front-end insurance solution. Innoveo Skye® enables insurance companies to launch new products, build attractive product and services bundles, and react quickly to competitor offerings. Features include the dynamic configuration of product and distribution channels and integration with back-end systems. The solution has been deployed in multiple regions helping customers cut time to market. The Innoveo team includes insurance industry veterans of the software product development of Innoveo Skye®, underlining its extensive domain knowledge foundation.

    ★★★★✰ Linux, puppet, mysql
    ★★★✰✰ Consulting
    ★★★★★ Java
    ★★★★✰ Lucene, Elastic search

    ► My activities related to the development of product Innoveo Skye®
    ✔ Leading the team of infrastructure responsible for 2 different SaaS locations, internal office infrastructure
    ✔ 3rd level support for Dubai, Morocco, South Africa, Hong-Kong, Morocco and Switzerland on site hosting of our product,
    ✔ Concept, design and implementation of functional enhancements (Puppet, Continuous delivery, distribution management)
    ✔ Load testing, hardening and profiling of Innoveo Skye ®™

    ► My activities related to the usage of product Innoveo Skye®
    ✔ Help customer in solution architecture, enterprise architecture compliance and governance,
    ✔ Client account management of ePlatform for Zurich Insurances in Switzerland,
    ✔ Very good analytical and abstract thinking were required.
  • - Founder, owner and Managing Partner of

    2014 - 2016 Galaxiis creates industry leading premium Joomla Extensions and is the longest running Joomla extensions provider since 2005. Joomla! extensions club offers professional quality extensions for its members (> 6000 users - 500'000 downloads). Formerly known as google page rank 6/10

    ★★★★✰ PHP, jQuery
    ★★★★★ Productizations, releases management, delivery
    ★★★✰✰ Portal: marketing, documentation, support
    ★★★★★ Joomla CMS

    More than 20 professionally developed Joomla extensions are available in a dual model, free or premium (club).
  • The Apache Software Foundation - Apache POI committer

    2013 - 2016 Apache POI, a project run by the Apache Software Foundation, and previously a sub-project of the Jakarta Project, provides pure Java libraries for reading and writing files in Microsoft Office formats, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.An Apache committer is an individual who was given write access to the codebase of any Apache project.

    I have added more than 20 functions not existing before (CODE, COMPLEX, BIN2DEC, DEC2BIN, DEC2HEX, DEC2OCT, DELTA, FACTDOUBLE, HEX2DE. IMAGINARY, IMREAL. QUOTIENT. REPT, ROMAN, ...) and extended the core to support VLookup/HLookup with star (*) increasing the compatibility with Microsoft Excel. I review user code patch submission and apply them to trunk.

    ★★★★★ JAVA
    ★★★★★ Code Review / Bugzilla tracker threads
    ★★★★✰ Integration testing with MS Excel
    ★★★★✰ Reverse engineering
  • Innoveo solutions - Senior solution architect J2EE

    2008 - 2014 Innoveo Skye ®™ is a generic, flexible insurance sales solution. It supports an unlimited number of products and services, all lines of business (life and non-life) and all sales channels. Innoveo has already developed and operated a platform that supports the delivery of €billions in offer volume and dozens of business applications.

    ★★★★★ Java. Junit, Mockito
    ★★★★★ Continuous Integration
    ★★★★✰ Spring MVC, Security, WS
    ★★★✰✰ JQuery, JSP, HTML
    ★★★★★ Mysql, Oracle
    ★★✰✰✰ .NET C#
    ★★✰✰✰ Adcubum Syrius
    ★★★★★ business analysis

    ► My activities related to the Realization of product Innoveo Skye®
    ✔ Concept, design and implementation of functional enhancements , and refactoring
    ✔ Support for the development and optimization of our software development environment
    ✔ Formation of releases and implementation of deployments
    ✔ Design and implementation of measures for quality assurance and performance optimization
    ✔ Integration of Apache POI library, as well as active participation in the POI Open Source Community

    ► My activities related to the usage of product Innoveo Skye®
    ✔ Participation in the implementation of a Web application for the online sale of health insurance products,
    ✔ Participation in the implementation of a multi -channel-capable web application for a customer in the United Arab Emirates,
    ✔ Responsibility for the design and implementation of measures for quality assurance and performance Optimization in customer applications,
    ✔ Extending Syrius Adcubum core to support non life products

    In more details
    ■ Code quality enforcement with Checkstyle, PMD, Find bugs, Metrics, code coverage, duplicate.
    ■ Continuous Build strategy with Jetbrains Team City
    ■ Mavenization of product
    ■ Reporting with Sonar/Site
    ■ Spring MVC development
    ■ Web applications test infrastructure and development with Selenium
    ■ Release management (Continuous, Nightly, Integration) setup
    ■ DevEnv setup and control
    ■ DevOps Infrastructure tasks
  • ECenter-solutions - Senior solution architect J2EE

    2007 - 2007 Team member of Offertsystem VP (Système d'offres Prévoyance privée / Sistema di offerta Previdenza privata) is the new Life offering system of Helvetia Versicherungen and is using the latest technologies (Java, JSF, web services, Meta model of to allow multiple user group: internal users, brokers, Raiffeisen Bank to better assist them in the process of selling Helvetia and Raiffeisen Life Insurance products.

    ★★★★★ Java, software development for ebusiness frameworks
    ★★★✰✰ Supporting subsidiaries in eBusiness projects
    ★★★✰✰ Responsible for 2nd + 3rd level support for PaaS plattform
    ★★★★✰ SOAP/ODWEK multiple integrations
    ★★★★✰ Load testing, profiling for offline version of PaaS.

    ■ Development of the webservices webservices layer for Helvetia: Integration of ISIS Papyrus with Apache AXIS2 (client and server side).
    ■ JSF templating (faces) and tag definitions (Taglib) of advanced widget with AjaxAnywhere.
    ■ Permissions and Profile implementation.
    ■ Defining object model for broker data (Berater) and search operations.
    ■ Design and implementation of the compiler Repo2PK which transform a host product model in XML to the eCenter product Meta model.
    ■ Engine for exchanging data between POV (Partner Object Verwaltung) partner and printing back end proprietary format (Life VDBM)
    ■ Engine for exchanging data between AVENIR (Contacter partner model) and printing back end proprietary format (Life VDBM)
    ■ Layer for operating changes on the fly on documents (concatenation, form filling, overlays)
    ■ Generic deployment scripts based on ANT / ant4eclipse created for VP Offer and reuse now across all eCenter projects.
    ■ Responsible for deployment during 6 months.
    ■ Know how transfer with Life Junior team member.
    ■ Regression testing
    ■ Documentation.
  • Helvetia Patria - Senior Solution Architect J2EE

    2006 - 2006 10% HPV workbench presentation layer and runtime with JBoss Seam, JSF
    70% Life Team new offering system VPOffer with eCenter technologies
    20% Internet Life Offering system
  • Helvetia patria - Senior software developer J2EE

    2004 - 2005 50% Helvetia Patria - eBusiness Center - Hohlstrasse 560 - 8048 Zurich-Alstetten (Switzerland).
    70% VBP project ePakt / 30% Internet Life Offering system
    ePAKT - is a new Web application and the first software for the collective life insurance business in Switzerland. ePAKT offers to customers and selling partners all relevant contracts and policies informations and is completely integrated into the old system acompaNet.(.NET) Indoor service also profit strongly from ePAKT: they now possess a selling-oriented, self-describing information platform.
    Diverse webservices (30) using apache Axis: Axis <-> .Net and Axis <-> Java fw <-> Host
    A modular webservices PDF OnDemand framework using:
    IBM Odwek onDemand extended to support a SQL query languuage (Zql parser)
    AFP 2 PDF using ISIS papyrus server (HTTP request)
    Filtering: read PDF (with PDFbox (BSD)) and modifying PDF on the fly: overlay, disclaimer(with iTEXT (LGPL))
    Deployment (Apache ANT)
    Finite State machine for policy mutation status.
  • Helvetia Patria - Senior software developer J2EE

    2004 - 2005 50% Helvetia Patria Life Team, Basel (Switzerland).
    Maintenance and new products development (Saphir Carat, Terzavita cardinale) in the offering system OFEV Renten 2000
    Deployment Ofev Renten 2000 to offline using eCenter offline platform.
    Migration of Raiffeisen Users to the online platform.
  • Helvetia Patria - Senior software developer J2EE

    2001 - 2004 eCenter Helvetia Patria - Dreikönigstrasse 12 - 8022 Zurich (Switzerland).
    The eBusiness Center is the first and largest project initiated by the Helvetia Patria Group.. It is directed towards realizing e-business solutions for brokers, agents and distribution partners in the different European countries. The eCenter acts as an enabler for the subsidiaries to build front-oriented e-business applications on a central platform using common standards (infrastructure HP Nimius) which are based on a common knowledge (set of methods, tools, frameworks).

    Helvetia Patria Doubles Return on Investment with Hewlett Packard Service-oriented Architecture (Yahoo, HP)
    Hewlett Packard Introduces Industry-specific Service-oriented Architectures (Yahoo, HP)

    J2EE development with international team members (from Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland) with the help of Hewlett Packard consultants and XDreamTeam
    Migration from Visual Age to Eclipse R2.1
    Performance task force, develop project Onion (purpose is to determine maximum load that can support our components, profile them and do optimization where it is needed).
    Developing E3 services, plugins and misc. frameworks on the Hewlett Packard eCommerce plattform HP Nimius.
    Develop some frameworks for the ePlatform
    Workflow framework, drive users through an application, use a description language very similar to java, generate dynamically buttons definition in XML. Multi applications.
    Chart engine framework customized for insurance, based on Chart2D. Accept a meta description container in XML to read data. Output gif, jpeg, png. Adding a new product is done by dragging a configuration file in a directory. Design/Layout, retrieving data are configured through reusable factories.
    Virtual Transport (VT) framework which provide independancy of protocol (generic client ProcessIF) with the help of plugins: Soap Apache, Soap Axis, socket, local jvm. Calls are driven by controller plugins: load balancing, fault tolerant, Once, firstWorking. The responsability to choose a server among a list is done through load balancers (random, weighted round robin (WRR), round-robin (RR), least weight connection (LWC), least connection(LC) ). The error handling is done with the help of failures handlers (single, multiple failover, rethrow). Discovering of webservices and also servers is done with a load balanced and redundeant pool of UDDI registries (use also VT). Exception are dynamically rendered through exception renderer. The internal design is highly extensible(60 pages of documentation- 180 classes, 48 interfaces) - checked exception - 3 caching algorithms - Audit/history in XML - 10 factories.
    Container framework for holding data in bean and E3 for nimius. Automatic marshalling into XML.
    OFEV migration using eCenter technology. (add nimius security, use Oracle, migration of data and users login, redundancy of compute process, refactoring (1100 classes))
    Support for projects: Helvetia Riester (DE), Helvetia Prevision Lifeoffering (SP), Helvetia Domani Pension Funds (IT), Combo (CH), OFEV (CH)
    Administrator of the eCenter homepage (Intranet based on PHP-Nuke), bug tracking tool (Intranet based on Mantis). Develop some PHP modules and new functionnalities.
    Technical support, member of eSTEP (eCenter Support, Training & Engineering for Projects) team. Document a lot of part of the plattform

    Project "Ofev Pilot" 3 days per week in eCenter, 2 Days in Basel.
    Develop connector to a remote car insurance german product (integration of a remote cgi-bin) Proof of concept.


  • Certified Scrum Master (Zürich Area, Switzerland)

    Zürich Area, Switzerland 2012 - 2016 Certified Scrum Master

    Certified ScrumMasters® help project teams properly use Scrum, increasing the likelihood of the project's overall success. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers. CSMs act as "servant leaders," helping the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. CSMs also
  • Université De Haute-Alsace Mulhouse-Colmar

    Mulhouse 1999 - 2000 Engineer’s Degree

    ENSISA★ is a fully accredited Engineering School of the Université de Haute-Alsace (UHA), located in Mulhouse, Alsace, at the cros­s­roads of the French, German and Swiss borders.
    In its two buildings (17,000 m2), in the heart of the Mulhouse campus, higher education meets research and technology transfer.

    Was also in Robotics Club (Coupe de France de robotique (ex Coupe E=M6) )
    I took part in
  • Ecole Supérieure Des Sciences Appliquées Pour L'Ingénieur ESSAIM

    Mulhouse 1996 - 2000 Mulhouse - * In charge of computer matters at Essaim's Junior Enterprise (ECRAIM)
    * Designing Internet sites and many interventions in public.
    * Took part in the French Robotics Cup Contest E=M6 1999
    * Webmaster of ISF site (Engineers without Borders) 1996-1998.
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    Mulhouse 1995 - 1996 1-year preparation for admission to French Engineering Schools
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    Mulhouse 1993 - 1995 Industrial Control And Regulation Process. Secondary Studies (Grammar School) (BTS CIRA)
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    Mulhouse 1991 - 1993 Industrial Control And Regulation Process. 2-year course (BTCR).


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