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At the centre of my activity I remain customer-centric to increase brand awareness, drive sales force efficiency and maximize customer engagement. My asset in project management is knowing how to create a new mindset if required to ensure the project suceeds. My value in social media is an acute ability to listen & use a tone of voice that encourages engagement. I'm also capable of creating and animating workshops (strategy, design, writing...).

Communication, marketing, emarketing and social media, creative writing, project management, in vitro diagnostic product knowledge, international environment, English-mother tongue, fluent French, working knowledge of other languages

Mes compétences :
Project management
Creative writing
International environment
Social media


  • BioMérieux - Digital Project & Social Media Manager

    MARCY-L'ETOILE 2011 - maintenant - Consult with business to guide the implementation of digital best practices & identify digital project opportunities
    - Project Manage several projects from the projects portfolio & deliver on time within scope/budget
    - Coordinate a range of internal (IS...) & external digital providers/stakeholders
    - Drive the adoption of digital best practices across the organization according to the Digital Business Mission/Roadmap
    - Create innovative online marketing (social media..) and digital sales solutions (iPAD apps..) to meet the business' needs and ultimately the customers' needs
    - Run marketing campaigns (eServices web, SEO...) & where possible measure the impact through KPIs
    - Define the company's social media strategy (roadmap, roll out, risk management) & manage alignment
    - Monitor the company's social media footprint
    - Animate the various networks & tie into multi-channel tactics
    - Generate social media leads & ensure correct lead management
  • BioMérieux S.A. - Digital Marketing Communications Specialist

    MARCY-L'ETOILE 2010 - 2011 - Drive, share and develop appropriate digital cross-board communication opportunies with other Global departments to ensure actions are customer-centric and streamlined
    - Define best digital product strategies and briefs with Global Marketing
    - Identify clear objectives and metrics for each product campaign with tracking and corrective action plans
    - Develop appropriate creative digital product comunication for global and local channels
    - Help develop subsidiary emarketing strategy capabilities with Global Webmaster
    - Responsible for editorial style guide (across various digital channels)

    This eMarketing challenge is making excellent use of my extensive communication knowledge, creative writing expertise and understanding of the in vitro diagnostic field and products in an international environment.

    This original combination of experience, knowledge and expertise ensures I look at digital marketing from a unique angle, often asking unusual questions that take us down a never before explored path.

    Defining the right product strategy and making the most of every call to action is essential in the current economic environment. While using the flexibility of the web ensures we keep pace with customer needs.

    I'm currently doing wonders using my company's Facebook and Twitter channels to reach new targets and converse in a more informal and engaging manner
  • BioMérieux SA - Creative Writer

    MARCY-L'ETOILE 2004 - 2011 - Creative writing in English - product brochures, web, 3rd party sites, CDRoms, voice-offs, internal product communication, slogans, product names
    - Develop communication package and action plans - brief to product launch & follow-up
    - Liase with Global Product Managers and Communication agencies
    - Budget follow-up

    Capability summary
    As a creative writer I can tailor make any text to suit any product and communication support, including the web. I enjoy the challenge of sizing up a client’s needs and turning it into dynamic, convincing copy. My added value is in seeing the importance of fine-tuning the whole with the graphical designer to get the most out of the chosen concept and valorize the content.

    I get a kick out of team brainstorming to find those important brand names. Positive stress holds no secrets for me. Project management and communication plans on a global scale is part of my everyday life. And the cherry on the cake is that it’s all teamed with a good sense of British humour!
  • BioMérieux S.A. - Translation & Mutualisation Manager

    MARCY-L'ETOILE 2000 - 2004 - Creation of Mutualisation system to manage product brochure transfer into 6 languages (economies of scale, homogeneous company image
    - Develop and manage externalisation of translations for all the company
    - Budget follow-up
  • BioMérieux S.A. - Translator

    MARCY-L'ETOILE 1990 - 2000 - Translation (Product promotional supports, Scientific, QA/RA, Training, MIS, Videos...)
    - Linguistic Advice for all the company
    - Interpreting
    - Set up an on-line internal glossary for all the company
    - Writing for internal Asian-Pacific region newsletter


  • University Of Wolverhampton (Wolverhampton)

    Wolverhampton 1988 - 1990 Marketing, HR, French and Spanish


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