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  • ULLINK - Product Owner

    Paris 2015 - 2016 As a Product Owner in a financial company, I am working on different areas:
    - stories writing (topics the team will be working on),
    - stories planning and priorization,
    - delivery planning,
    - support planning and organization (for 3 teams),
    - visiting clients to understand their issues and their way of working,
    - interacting with clients (either directly or through client services) to understand their needs and their issues.
    I am lucky to work with different people from different countries as my company is very cosmopolite. My team is located in Romania, so communication is definitely a key part of our success.
    The project I work on is in JAVA/J2EE, in a Windows/Linux environment, in English and in Agile Scrum methodology.
  • ULLINK - QA Engineer

    Paris 2014 - 2015 As a QA Engineer in a financial company, I was operating various tests:
    - certifications with the exchange,
    - conformance tests,
    - non-regression tests,
    - automation script development (java like),
    - debug tests,
    - fix tests,
    - release checks and tests.
    Also, I was updating the test platforms, verifying and setting up test access, reviewing code for quality, readability and reusability, and I was updating the documentation (logs, manuals, details about my work) for a future use.
    I had the chance to a have lot of interactions with different people, from different cultures, countries and working in different positions. Such as:
    - customers,
    - product owner,
    - QA manager,
    - scrum master,
    - development team,
    - exchanges,
    - other teams from Ullink.
    The projects I worked on were in JAVA/J2EE, in a Windows/Linux environment, in English, in Agile Scrum methodology, with teams spread in several countries in the world.
  • Ausy - Software Test Engineer

    Sèvres Cedex 2013 - 2014 Sent by AUSY to work at THALES COMMINUCATION & SECURITY, I performed tests such as:
    - conformance test
    - non-regression test
    - integration test
    - debug test
    - fix test
    - release check and test
    Also, I deployed testing platforms, installed the software in different environments/configurations, administrated systems (servers, clients and networks) and trainned French Navy users directly on the onboarded platforms.
    The documentation I had to update was in English, I was working in a Windows environment, on this ten year project in JAVA/J2EE for the French Navy.
  • Thalès Services SAS - Software Test Engineer

    Courbevoie 2011 - 2012 In an internship which turned into a permanent position, I worked as an Integration Engineer, where I realized different kind of tests:
    - conformance test,
    - non-regression test,
    - performance test,
    - integration test,
    - automation script development (xml),
    - debug test (bug tracking),
    - fix test.
    In order to be compliant on every level (99% required), interactive exchanges were important with
    - customers,
    - integration team manager,
    - development teams (spread in several towns in France).
    The documentation I had to update was in English, I was working in V-cycle, in a Linux environment, on this ten year project for the French Navy.
  • Diginext - Stagiaire en Développement Web

    2010 - 2010 Created/Developed/Organized a Content Management System for users and project management using PHP, Drupal, JavaScript and Perl technologies for an internal tools renovation project. Worked on an independent basis.



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