Clothilde GUITTARD


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Analyse de risque
Rédaction de contenus
Tutorat d'étudiants
Financement de projet
Organisation d'évènements
Gestion de la relation client
Microsoft Access
Gestion de projet
Microsoft Excel
Recherche documentaire
Microsoft Word
Analyse financière
Analyse de données
Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Nomura - Analyste en Fusion & Acquisition

    Tokyo 2014 - 2014 As a member of Nomura team in Paris, I worked on deals within a large variety of sectors: transport, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, Heavy Industry. I helped the team preparing commercial presentation and I worked with them during execution phase. I also helped writing “credit memo”.

    As an intern, my work was divided into two main activities:
    - Research, analysis and writing presentation
    I made detailed company profile (e.g. overview of activities, financial data), market analysis (e.g trends, players, regulation), case study (e.g. share buyback). I also analyzed brokers’ notes and rating agencies’ credit ratings notes

    - Financial modeling
    I worked on business plan (gathering historical data and establishing forecast) and I made broker consensus model. Furthermore I was involved in valuation model and more precisely on trading comps, WACC calculation, DCF valuation, and sensitivity analysis. Eventually I worked on merger model (merger & acquisition model, sale & lease back)
  • Natixis - Analyste en Financement de Projet

    Paris 2013 - 2013 I worked with the Power&Renewable Energy team and the Natural Resources team. I was mostly involved in Deal Origination activities which required quantitative and qualitative analysis on: (i) a given country (e.g to understand the regulation), (ii) an industry or technology (e.g trend, innovation), (iii) a project, or (iv) a company (e.g ratings, financial analysis, and benchmark).

    Furthermore, I kept up to date the client data base by collecting recent financial data and summarizing both the current projects on which we were involved with a given client and the potential deals we could make in the near future. The client data base is essential to keep a track record on Natixis’ activities with a client, and a key tool before a client meeting.

    Moreover, I worked on internal meeting presentations. On a monthly basis, the Heads of the sector team presented to the Executive members an overview on their performance. I had to prepare the presentations, working with the portfolio management team and directly with the Head of the sector team.

    Eventually, I helped writing credit memos (internal document send to the executive members presenting a project and its financial offer. Based on the credit memos, the executive members decided to finance the project or not) and financial offers.
  • The CarbonNeutral company - Environmental Business Analyst

    2013 - 2013 The CarbonNeutral Company is evolving in a niche market, the carbon market. As a Business Analyst, I supported the Sales team by making diverse analysis with a focus on Environmental topics and more precisely Carbon emission management
    - Industry analysis to provide an overview of the situation (eg regulation), environmental trend in a given sector
    - Benchmark analysis to better understand the position of a client according to its peers in order to adjust the offer
    - Company profile to understand the Environmental and Carbon emission policy, to get to know the management team

    I was also involved in Pricing modeling process, which aimed at providing best allocation solutions of carbon credit according to (i) the client’s budget, (ii) the level of emission to be offset and (iii) the project type the client wanted to invest in.

    Eventually, I managed knowledge and best practices by using sharePoint, SalesForces and Factiva. I tried to improve efficiency in data collection and usage.
  • Allianz - Conseillère en gestion de patrimoine

    Puteaux 2012 - 2012 During these two months, I worked with the Head of the Wealth Management Department. I was involved in the advisory process during client meetings. I learnt to listen to and to understand the client's needs in order to provide him (her) with a tailor-made solution.

    I also helped organizing conferences on burning wealth management topics. These events aimed at strengthening the relationship with existing clients, and establishing a contact with potential new client. I had the opportunity to take part of the commercial process by discussing with clients on their own situation.

    Furthermore, I helped to create the 1st Business Club (CapAlliance) in Isère. Gathering 50 companies from different industries, the objective was to increase business relationship, to organize common events, and eventually to benefit from each member’s clients base.


  • ESCP Europe

    Paris 2011 - 2015 Master en Management - spécialité Finance