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Working for Advancy, a strategy consultancy boutique dealing with various industries such as Private Equity, Tourism, Leisure, FMCG, Food, Retail, Luxury, Aerospace, Automotive, Building materials, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,... Our engagements are Growth strategy, Due diligence, VDD, IBR, Turnaround and Strategic plan implementation

Former positions:
- French Army senior Officer with +15 years of general management and management
- Senior consultant in the Operations branch of the leading consulting firm McKinsey

Expertise: Growth strategy, Restructuring, Due diligence and M&A process, Strategic PMO, Pricing review, Operations/costs improvement

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Mes compétences :
Direction de projet
Conduite du changement
Finance d'entreprise
Marketing stratégique
Business developpement
Capital investissement / private equity
Capital Investissement
Private Equity
Direction de filiale


  • Advancy - Manager

    2015 - maintenant Engagements in Growth strategy (incl. partnership), Due diligence (buy-side / sell-side), M&A support, Turnaround and design of profitability improvement Programs (top-line / bottom-line initiatives / Capex design up to 100 M€/ BP challenge) for Companies / Corporate Business Units with turnover from 50 M€ to 5 000 M€.
    Manage strategic projects with up to 5 consultants and daily interactions with clients for ~14 months
  • Mckinsey & Company - Senior Associate

    PARIS 2013 - 2015 Mckinsey Implementation - Orphoz
    Engagements in Marketing & Sales (pricing / commercial excellence), Strategic PMO and Operations (Lean/operations excellence, supply chain and purchasing) in projects with impact up to 31 M€
  • Sciences Po Lille - Visiting professor

    Paris 2011 - 2015 Strategy and Corporate Finance lecturer with 2 courses (Total 36 hours p.a.) mainly focus on business cases
  • Ministère de la Défense - French Army Officer

    Paris 1997 - 2009 Intel / Combat unit (high tech environment) and Program management
    - Senior project manager developing civilian intelligence department in a NATO headquarters
    - Financial controller (structure management control, design scorecard, improve performance and service, Afghanistan)
    - 2IC/chief of staff of a 40 tanks battalion with 500 soldiers (budget 40 M€, tangible assets 400 M€)
    - Deputy COO and planner of a 1 500 people combat unit (14 units)
    - Commanding officer of Tank coy with up to 200 soldiers (budget 10 M€, tangible assets 125 M€)
    - Executive Officer of a Recce Squadron (150 soldiers) in oversees mission (Kosovo)
    - Recce/intel Platoon leader / Tank Platoon leader / Foreign Legion Platoon leader (Afghanistan)


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