Daniel JOUAN


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Mes compétences :
Pre sales
Dell Server Hardware
annual revenue support
Zilog Z80 Assembly Language
Special Effects
SNCF station deployment
Public Companies
PC Hardware
Novell CNE 5
IBM Hardware
Finance Administration
Develop pre sales
DELL Storage
Cisco Switches/Routers


  • 3D ArcWest - Senior Managing Director

    Fourqueux 2014 - maintenant HEC capstone project, research in the 3D printing market and rapid prototyping for a business purpose.
    Analysis of the rapid prototyping market and potential (60% of the market and growth 20% y to y) and 3D printing capabilities.
    Defining the strategy and brand positioning for 3D ArcWest in the 3D printing landscape. Defining the business model and business plan.
    Building marketing tools and web site. Hiring process and defining job position and training skill necessary for employees. Establishment of partnership with FDM, SLA, SLS etc. technologies companies in EMEA.
    Through HEC EMBA framework managing P&L and operations with the goal of maximizing profits.
  • Product Security - Director

    2010 - 2014 BlackBerry

    Areas of responsibility: Product security platform - Government RIM team - Direct strategic customers relationship
    Security Press relation and speaker - customer CISO/CIO Ministries - local partner EMS

    Perimeter: All EU institutions and companies, Spain, Italy, Israel and North Africa

    Achievement: Recently Won PSA Group with 6,500 BlackBerry smartphones deployed within two years for a value of 1,3 Million EUR including monthly revenue data plan and annual revenue support premium. Removed security roadblocks.
    Won Areva nuclear as a customer with more than 2000 BlackBerry in the first deployment in EMEA with a worldwide Premium support contract in value of 230K EUR in devices, data plan and 90K EUR of support contract.
  • BlackBerry - Global Strategic Account Director BU Global Sales

    2006 - 2010 Areas of responsibility: First Global Strategic Account Manager based in France. Managed CAC 40 companies

    Perimeter: Globally responsible for the (French Stock Exchange) CAC40 customers

    Achievement: Managed about 120 000 fleet of BlackBerry devices in a CAC40 companies globally and growth. Coached more than 20 CXOs in terms of integration of RIM mobility platform into their IT system for better yield, security, efficiency, reliability, Modernity.
    Developed usages beyond email by deploying tailor made applications.
    Took in CxO's testimonies at BlackBerry event like BlackBerry Innovation forum and BlackBerry World.Built from scratch the Premium support contract offer for strategic French customers Sold 10 premium support contracts with prices starting from 55K EUR .
    Reached a total support revenue for the first year in value of 1, 2 Million EUR with annual renewal contract. Developed productive, close and long-lasting relationships with CAC 40 CXOs and shared direct RIM mobility vision. Increased the deployment of BlackBerry devices at BNPPARIBAS from 140 per quarter to 450 units in France and about 900 worldwide.
  • Research In Motion BlackBerry - SENIOR SALES ENGINEER

    2002 - 2006 Areas of responsibility: BlackBerry Enterprise offer. Mobile email evangelization

    Perimeter: French wireless network operators SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom in France.
    Top of 200 top fortunes companies. Support to the carriers launch in Spain, Switzerland and Belgium

    Achievement: Successful carrier's launch (SFR, Orange Group and Bouygues Telecom)
    Successful operation with the BES and customer free BlackBerry trial offer, which led to move the French office to one of the top European countries aside UK and Germany with a revenue of 30 Million EUR .
  • DELL Computer - Senior Pre sales Consultant

    2000 - 2002 Areas of responsibility: Dell Pre Sales for Dell Enterprise products

    Perimeter: French institutions

    Achievement: Success story of the French workers national agencies contract with more than 2000 Dell servers deployed. 3 Million EUR revenue including servers and services.
  • AEE Group - System Engineer

    1996 - 2000 Areas of responsibility: Pre sales for servers and stations offer

    Perimeter: French Companies and Government

    Achievement: Success story with SNCF station deployment with Autocad.
    6 Million EUR of revenue within 5 years with SNCF contract including stations, services and licenses
  • NORMEREL Group - Pre sales

    1994 - 1996 Areas of responsibility: Solutions selling

    Perimeter: French large Enterprise, public Companies (SNCF DGI) and Government

    Achievement: Success on rfc (Request For Comment and tender) won with Finance Administration in value of 1.8 Million EUR for 5 years. Presentation and validation of a new technology in order to differentiate our offer from the competition.
  • NORMEREL Group - Maintenance Manager

    1989 - 1994 Areas of responsibility: Maintenance and maintenance contract follow up

    Perimeter: French Equipment Ministry

    Achievement: Maintenance contract for the biggest European Ethernet network in a value of 2,5 Millions EUR per year for a period of 5 years.

    Successfully managed the direct relationship with the CTO of the Ministry


  • HEC

    Paris 2013 - 2015 Executive MBA