En résumé

After 10 years working in Pharmacy, always considering the customer first with passion, understanding and care, I have moved to see the other side of the prescription, working in direct contact with the medical doctor, introducing in the French part of Switzerland the best never made analytical system for Clinical Chemistry on site testing dedicated to their needs, the VISION system.
After several years of success introducing, selling, installing it and by the way teaching all people around. Training them, ensuring, caring everything to let them happy and confident.
I have worked for our local customer service with the launch of the IMx system, as TMR, installing it and starting to train laboratory technician of hopital and private laboratories. Trainer also for TDx, Quantum II, Matrix, LCx, AxSYM until our ARCHITECT's Clinical & Immunology lines.
As trainer, more than 500 people have passed through my hands around our outstanding Diagnostic's product lines, also for partner like Digene (HPV), Vysis & I-Stat in all fields of Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Hematology.
Taking care of all customers since 1986, with different tasks like VISION Specialist, TMR, Diagnostics Sales Specialist, Senior Diagnostics Sales Specialist and Senior Account Executive until the 31th.of December 2013, since the 1st.of Januray 2014 Sales Executive, for the French part of Switzerland with a team of 2 Abbott Ambassador.
My global, large experience and overview of all the Abbott Diagnostic's product lines always thinking customer first applying a TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (T.C.S.) attitude well returned by all of them, being more than a partner in business but seen, considered as an expert dedicated and committed to develop long and fruitful relation. The real WIN/WIN partnership.

Mes compétences :


  • Abbott Diagnostics Division - Sales Executive

    2014 - maintenant
  • Abbott - Senior Account Executive

    1986 - 2013 Responsable de la Suisse francophone (romande)
  • Etat de Geneve - Expert

    1984 - 1984 Expert aux examens d'aide en pharmacie le 7 et 14 juin 1984.
  • Salon des Artisans - Photographe Freelance

    1982 - 1982 Exposition photographique au 4ème Salon des Artisans d'Art Professionnels du 25 septembre au 3 octobre 1982.
  • Etat de Geneve - Maître d'apprentissage

    1982 - 1985 Maître d'apprentissage, 3 élèves préparateur en pharmacie et de 2 apprenties aide en pharmacie pendant cette période de 1982 à 1985
  • Pharmacie Nouvelle - Gérant

    1981 - 1985 50 % de chiffre d'affaire en plus en 4 ans
  • Salon des Artisans - Photographe Freelance

    1980 - 1980 Exposition photographique au Salon des Artisans d'Art Professionnels, 3ème du nom à Carouge (Genève), octobre 1980.
  • Aucune activité Freelance - Photographe Freelance

    1979 - 1981 Etude de la photographie du 18 avril 1979 au 15 février 1981, avec un voyage su Pérou de septembre à décembre1979, un stage à New York de janvier à mars 1980.
  • C.T.C. - Stagiaire brocker

    1977 - 1978 Vente de matières premières par téléphone


  • Ecole De Préparateur En Pharmacie Genève (Genève)

    Genève 1973 - 1977 Préparateur en Pharmacie

    Sorti le plus jeune diplômé de la profession


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