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I'm drilling solution engineer with mi-swaco from 2004 till now, I have teen years’ experience with Mi-swaco in drilling fluid and operation well (OBM, WBM, BRINE...), I do my job with success every time technical operation and papers work and reporting in time (Drilling operation from spud mud to completion), and I have a good relation with my manager, and this is my task as mud engineer:
• Order and maintain adequate stocks for drilling fluids products
• Recognize drilling problems and propose solutions
• Provide daily drilling fluid reports to the operator's drilling supervisor
• Complete reports needed for the final well summary
• Assist in the efficient operation of the solids control equipment
• As the rig-site expert on the safe handling of company's products, supply information of toxicity of all the drilling fluid products and advise on the safe handling
• Attend and participate in safety/engineer meetings and brief the drilling crew on any aspect of drilling fluid usage
• Avoid spillage of drilling fluid
• Monitor and record the discharge of cuttings which have been exposed to an oil or synthetic based mud
• Ensure that all drilling fluid test equipment is well maintained and regularly calibrated
• Monitor quality control of drilling fluid materials: As requested, quality control checks will be carried out on materials, such as betonies and barite. Rig checks should be specific to the mud system and material to be tested. The drilling supervisor must be informed immediately if any material is found to be sub-standard. Additional testing of samples provided for the right will be needed at times; therefore, sample containers should be on the rig and proper handling of samples discussed with the Engineering Manager
• Arrange for samples of drilling fluid to be taken and dispatched to a laboratory designated by the operator or a regulatory authority. This is of particular importance when a regular sampling procedure is specified in the drilling permit.
• Represent the company and the operator's best interest through accurate, professional, in-depth interaction with pertinent personnel by demonstration current industry level of expertise
• Perform complete, accurate and timely well-site analysis of all drilling fluids parameters required by the company and/or operator
• Participate in pre and post well planning and presentations


  • MBPS ARAMCO KSA - Senior Drilling Fluids

    2016 - maintenant
  • EMEC - Senior Drilling Fluids

    2015 - 2016
  • EMEC - Senior Drilling Fluids

    2015 - 2016
  • MI-SWACO - Drilling Fluids Engineer

    ENF-10 ∕ ENF-34 ∕ ENF-29 2012-2014 ENAFOR ∕ SONATRACH Development
  • MI-SWACO - LMP Supervisor

    2004 - 2012
  • LTP-EST - Electronic engineer

    2002 - 2004



  • Université Constantine Mentouri (Constantine)

    Constantine 1996 - 2002


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