En résumé

A creative, enthusiastic and self-manageable personality, I enjoy learning on a daily basis, searching for innovative solutions and working as part of a team.
My objective...
Blend in a stimulating work environment, adress challenges and be part of a common project. Develop, inspire and guide a team.
Off work...
I like to travel, especially to the African continent. I also enjoy singing, cooking and a good glass of wine. I'm engaged in psycho-organic analysis (POA) and Gestalt therapy training.

Mes compétences :
Global media monitoring
Complex-problem solving
Time management and multi-tasking
Public speech, discussion & debate
Leadership qualities
Goal-driven and detail-oriented
Cultural sensitivity


  • Kantar Media - Media Monitoring Officer & Analyst

    Chambourcy 2013 - maintenant Daily monitoring and analysis of all media for global companies
    Creation of topical and strategic press reviews and media reports
    Collaborative work on the development of new products (social media monitoring, audio podcasts)
    Creation of methodological tools for production
    Tender bids
  • Project Education - Consultant on higher education issues

    2011 - 2011 Associate project manager in tenders with higher education institutions (semi-directed ITWs, translation management)
    Writing of articles and public intervention
    Research notes on education-related topics


  • Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle

    Paris Iii 2007 - 2012 Ph.D in American Politics

    Diss.: "William Randolph Hearst: Press & Politics ̶ 1887-1907", 464 pp.
    In multicultural San Francisco and turn-of-the-century New York City, the irresistible rise of the first modern mogul that inspired Citizen Kane. An in-depth analysis of Hearst's innovative media strategy, populist rhetoric and desperate attempts at being elected President of the United States.


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