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Knowledgeable IT leader and strategic planner with extensive experience aligning technical resources with organisational goals to produce outstanding results. Advanced expertise elevating performance of technical infrastructures, software, and security through skilled oversight of advanced systems, networks, and equipment. Talent for managing stakeholder relationships, evaluating and addressing end-user and organisational needs; and recruiting, training, and managing elite cross-functional teams.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Management opérationnel
Microsoft SQL Server
Administration Windows 2008
Active Directory
Team building
Gestion de la relation client
Support informatique
Gestion IT
Risk Assessment
Conseil IT
Gestion de la capacité
Administration réseaux
Travail en équipe


  • Organisation Des Nations Unies - IT Project Manager / Information Manager

    Genève 10 2016 - 2018 ❖ Coordinate and manage information during Hurricane Matthew's emergency response
    ❖ Analyze media information and implement map projections
    ❖ Develop and implement information management frameworks for partners
    ❖ Coordinate the design and implementation of information management strategies
    ❖ Software used: MS Excel, Drupal Web applications, MYSQL & PHP, Open Data Collect mobile kit, Arc SIG, Google Fusion Tables.
    ❖ Coordinate all IM services and information management systems deployed in the field.
    ❖ Manage multisource data.
    ❖ Manage relationships with focal points and key stakeholders to facilitate the efficient exchange of information.
    ❖ Train and supervise a team of 32 specialists
  • Organisation Des Nations Unies - IT Advisor / Head of IT Development Unit

    Genève 10 2013 - 2016 ❖ Coordinate the design and implementation of computer systems
    ❖ Manage IT projects of the National Police, including coordination of the project life cycle.
    ❖ Control time, costs, performance management, and prerequisites for deploying applications or IT systems
    ❖ Conduct risk assessments when implementing systems and applications
    ❖ Lead and coordinate the implementation of the overall IT strategy
    ❖ Participate in the recruitment of national police officers, including conducting interviews and coaching
    ❖ Coordinate the design and implementation of a computerization plan for the National Police.
    ❖ Manage a team of 45 computer scientists
  • United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees - IT Manager / System Administrator

    Genève 2 2010 - 2013 ❖ Administrate IT systems, including databases, network and coordinate IT projects
    ❖ Ensure the security of communications and data exchange between remote offices
    ❖ Assess and mitigate security risks related to data and information management
    ❖ Train and provide Level 3 IT support to multidisciplinary IT teams
    ❖ Coordinating multidisciplinary IT teams during the repatriation operation of 35,000 Burundian refugees
  • Ominium des Telecommunications et de l'Internet, SA - IT Project Manager - Technical Center Manager (Consultant)

    2008 - 2010 ❖ Develop customized solutions and provide technical advice for IT projects
    ❖ Manage and audit the performance of deployed IT projects
    ❖ Monitor strategies and procedures when deploying IT projects
    ❖ Ensure the security of servers, computers and networks.
    ❖ Manage the design and launch of virtual infrastructures and environments such as VMware, Alfresco, GroupWare, EggCRM
    ❖ Manage technical center staff (4 employees) and consultants.
  • Prestation Multi Services - IT Manager (consultant)

    2006 - 2010 ❖ Manage IT department including operations, budget and personal
    ❖ Participate in the design of the staff profile and recruitment
    ❖ Evaluate and monitor the company's IT policies and procedures
    ❖ Evaluate training needs and strengthen IT capacity building for technical staff
    ❖ Coordinate the design and monitor the implementation process of standard hardware versions and
    server, desktop and laptop systems.
    ❖ Supervise data integrity, recovery system, application of backup strategies
    ❖ Assess and mitigate the security risk of the computer system for disaster prevention
    ❖ Administer MS Windows AD, including the monitoring of user access rights and the user account
    usage policy.
    ❖ Provide level 3 technical support,
    ❖ Evaluate the IT needs of the organization, identify suppliers and monitor the procurement process;
  • Organisation Des Nations Unies - IT Support Officer

    Genève 10 2004 - 2006 ❖ Support expansion of technology infrastructure through skilled analysis, management, and
    enhancement of communication technology and capacity.
    ❖ Assess organizational needs and presented proposals for inclusion in future releases.
    ❖ Analyze service needs; selected suppliers and managed supplier performance.
    ❖ Assess training needs and identify appropriate training solutions.
    ❖ Continually assess and ensure optimal performance, policy and procedure management, usage.
    ❖ Coordinate the design and monitor the implementation process of standard hardware versions and
    server, desktop and laptop systems.


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