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With more than 30 years of professional experience, I have been holding both industry and consulting positions (consultant, interim management, operational manager, CEO), specializing in companies management and efficiency. I advise decision-makers and assist operating people in breakthrough changes and sensitive human projects such as: new strategy direction, alternative business model, master plan collegial construction , Restructuring, M&A, …


in the Energy Utilities business, I defined a new international strategy featuring services for a major international utilities, I carried out an organization benchmark and several months later a master plan for the Maintenance division of the French domestic transmission network company, I defined a strategic positioning for a demand/response start-up, I set-up a shared services center for a major energy solution provider, I determined the business KPI for a major international equipment manufacturer,…
in Metallurgy sector, I carried out a merging and a new industrial project design for 2 medium size enterprises, I studied the industrial competitive advantage of a tube manufacturer in order to protect this company know-how in China, I carried out a due diligence of a major metallurgy company for a VC company,…
in Rail transportation business, I drew up a new organization in order to prepare a major merging project, I build a master plan for an infrastructure engineering, I carried out a restructuring project in order to integrate the “driverless metro” BU in the global organization of a major international manufacturer,..
in Aeronautics Defense, I carried out a MRO company turnaround and then proposed a strategic plan of this company for the aeronautics group among several evolution opportunities, I carried out a restructuring project for a large-sized surface vessels and submarines manufacturer,…
in building & civil engineering works, I carried out a major international company restructuring, I drew up a new business positioning and strategy for a medium size company, …
in Telecom, I carried out a risk management study, many re-organizations / BPR projects for different major companies,…
To successfully manage projects, I bring distinctive skills and specially a combination of business expertise, change management approach and managerial behavior


- KPMG Peat Marwick (Organization consulting) : Senior Manager
- Alstom Corporate : Organization Director
- ALCOM Consulting (Management consulting) : Managing Partner
- Creascope (Start-up consulting) : CEO
- 2Eibd (Management adviser) : Managing Partner
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Mes compétences :
interim management
Business Process Reengineering
Projet d'entreprise
Piloage de projet
Analyse de performances
Gestion des risques d'entreprise
Conduite du changement
Formation management


  • 2Eibd - Conseil de Direction

    2013 - maintenant



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